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Moratorium BP Claims get some Hope

Moratorium BP Claims get Support

BP Claims

BP Moratorium Claims get some Help

A large news syndicate has just reported that a member of congress, Rep. Joseph Landry of Louisiana, is calling for the New Settlement Agreement to accept BP Moratorium claims. The New Settlement Agreement is the Settlement Agreement that had been authored by the Plaintiff Steering Committee. Also, BP Moratorium claims have been historically denied by the GCCF, which we are sure you are all familiar with that policy by now.

As we advocate for different classes to be included in the BP claims settlement process, we are noticing a few changes. First, there is a medical class, now there is news breaking for the BP Moratorium claims, we wonder what will be next; Quick Pay Victims?

We’re working on it.

BP Claims and the Moratorium

This is a new development in the BP claims process, however, and it is big. This class of claims, BP Moratorium claims, now have a new ally in Rep. Landry. It would seem that, in regards to this class of BP claims, common sense is on the rise for BP Moratorium claims. After all, as you all know, the Spill occurred 4/20/10, President Obama ordered the Moratorium in May of 2010.

The legal justification that BP used to deny these particular BP claims? The President’s order issuing the Moratorium was an act of intervening cause that severed BP’s liability towards Oil Industry Workers. In other words, BP Moratorium claims were not being paid because of the President’s Moratorium. And, BP was allowed to deny these BP claims, and has been able to do so, without recourse or rebuttal, except from us, and some PSC members.

As you may not know, BP was able to exercise strong control over Feinberg/Rosen and the GCCF. It was most likely BP’s call to deny BP Moratorium claims. Another fund was setup to pay the claims but it was not easily understood or very successful. If it wasn’t BP’s decision to deny these BP claims, could it have been Feinberg’s? Possibly.

Fortunately, from what we are seeing with the new BP Settlement Agreement for BP claims, needed issues are being addressed and it should work for most claimants.

We would like to say that, ‘it’s all water under the bridge,’ but we cannot. There are thousands of Oil Industry Workers who have not been able to receive reimbursement for their losses after filing a BP claim. They were denied and many were laid off because of the Spill. This would mean that these workers have suffered, and have suffered, with BP’s policies towards BP Moratorium claims.

The news broke today. Moratorium BP claims have a fighting chance now and are being advocated for by a congressman. Please feel free to call us to discuss your BP claims.

Our stance on Moratorium BP Claims

Simply said, they should get paid, it is our position, everyone should be made whole, businesses, individuals, anyone that accepted Quick Pays, that were economically forced into it. We will not settle for less then the full economic restoration of the People of the Gulf, and Full Environmental Restoration. That is it, and that is our position.

If you need help with your BP Claims we advocate using Adjusters and Attorneys that have your best interests at Heart.

Adjusters start at 7.5% for large loss claims on up to 15%, and Attorneys start at 20%. If you would like to connect with them please fill out the form to the Right.

We would like to give a special shout out to our Friends at Deadliest Catch and the start of their new season, specifically the Guys on the Time Bandit and the Northwestern and for their help with the Survive the Spill Program we set up with their help and Catholic Charities, if you need charitable assistance by all means fill out the form to the right and we will get help to you. Please mention in the comments box, need help now.

We will Help You with your BP Claims.