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Number of denied BP Claims rises sharply

Denied BP Claims Rise

Denied BP Claims for Gulf of Mexico oil spill victims are rising dramatically, coming in without proper documentation or with no proof at all, the head of the $20 billion BP fund said Monday.

In an interview with The Associated Press, claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg denied allegations the process is beset by chaos. He said the claims facility has sent about potentially fraudulent claims to the Justice Department for investigation, and hundreds more are under review.

Denied GCCF Claims rose sharply in the gulf region.

What Feinberg has to say about BP Claims

“I disagree about disarray,” Feinberg said. “There are discrepancies in BP Claims based on documentation and your ability to demonstrate a connection to the spill and your damage.”
Residents can only file a BP Claim for a final payment, which would be granted only if they sign away their right to sue BP.

Thousands of BP Claims

Thousands are suffering from a summer of lost revenue after BP PLC’s April 20 well blowout off the Louisiana coast spewed more than 170 million gallons of oil into the sea. Fishermen who weren’t working for BP’s cleanup sat idle at the docks with no seafood to sell, while beachside restaurants found themselves with few patrons, and hotels were nearly empty during a time when many depend on high-season revenue to carry them through the slow winter months.

The well was permanently capped on Sept. 19.

Many BP Claims were denied today.

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