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Proximity, Perception and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

GCCF Perception

The GCCF often points out that if they can not connect the loss to the spill, they can not pay the claim. The fact of the matter is the GCCF does not often consider the perception that many areas along the Gulf Coast, whether tainted by oil and dispersant or not, were all affected by the BP Oil Spill.

The GCCF & Proximity

Proximity to the spill is one of the key factors the GCCF takes into consideration when paying a claim, perception is something that the GCCF would rather not factor in. Yet if you ask me, and mind you I am not an Attorney, perception needs to be fully figured in when calculating your GCCF Claim. Many destination areas from the Florida Keys to Houston, and across the Gulf Region were devastated as the reports of tar balls and oil hitting the loop current were on the nightly news feeds.

Denied GCCF Claims

To say the least, the perception of a tainted Gulf of Mexico put a damper on anyone visiting Gulf Side Communities. One of the hardest hit areas was the Florida Keys, who can usually count on a steady stream of tourists. Many GCCF claims have been denied because the GCCF is using proximity, as they choose to forget the perception painted by the nightly news, that their Oil Spill caused.

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