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Roman Rector Helps Oil Spill Victims


roman rector  Hi, my name is Attorney Roman Rector.  After recently spending some time with Bill Bohack and watching him closely at  I could see that Bill has a true passion for helping the victims of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. It became very apparent very quickly that Bill was not just running a business but had finally found His ‘higher calling.’

To say that Bill is passionate about helping those so deeply affected by one of the largest oil spill’s in history is an understatement, Bill eats, breathes and lives this stuff.  He has devoted virtually every day of the last two years to understanding how the debacle has not only hurt those millions affected by the oil but the environmental, emotional and mental factors that go along with such a catastrophe. 

Bill has gone to New Orleans, LA, many times and to meet with victims, volunteers, lawyers, sit in on legal proceedings and meet with those operating the relief effort at the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.  Bill went so far as to go out on a cleanup and got the corrosive Correxit on himself (by accident of course), one of the chemical agents used to ‘clean-up’ the oil and which left thousands sick with rashes and other ailments.  It
was because of his zest and zeal for his clients. 

I have spent my entire legal career fighting for the little guy whether it be helping plaintiffs recover the money they deserve from insurance companies in automobile accidents and other major injuries to representing those who received bad advice and ineffective legal representation in a criminal trial to bankrupting billions of dollars for those deep in credit card, mortgage, health care and other crippling debt.  So, I decided to take some time off from my practice in California and come to the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I grew up, to see what I could do to help Bill fight the Goliath BP and if we could recover monies from the settlement fund to try and make those clients somewhat whole from the terrible losses that those along the Gulf coast have sustained.

As an Attorney, from my humble beginings in a 10′ by 10′ windowless office in a strip mall when I first opened the Law Offices of C. Roman Rector to my status as Managing Partner of Attorney Debt Solutions, P.C., an 11 office 200 plus caseload a month debtor bankruptcy firm, I have tried to have empathy for my clients, have tried to put myself in their position, as best I could, to see what it is to walk in their shoes a day-in-the-life.  While this is somewhat easier to do with
those facing a financial crisis than those facing criminal charges; it was absolutely astounding to try to imagine what it is like for those who have lost their entire way of life, a way that has been passed on from generation to generation.  From the oyster bed farmers to the shrimp boat captains, from the ‘mom and pop’ motel owners to the old carriage ride horse and buggy drivers, the whole Gulf Area was economically under assault.

It is for these reasons that I look forward to helping Bill and his clients during their time of need, both theirs and His.  For this reason, I am devoting my time for the next several months to give legal advise to the clients of and the Victims of that horrible event that took place in April of 2010 and that will be etched in minds of those that suffered for decades to come.


C. Roman Rector
Attorney at Law
(and now Lawyer to and Asst. Gladiator for Gulf Coast Residents)