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BP Claims Settlement

BP Claims Settlement News

BP Claims Settlement and The D.O.J

BP Claims Settlement news hit the wire according to a recent report. BP may settle all oil spill claims for 25 Billion Dollars according to Morgan Stanley. Analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that the Department of Justice and BP will come to terms before the February 27th trial date. It appears that it will be announced before February 7th when BP is suppose to release it`s fourth quarter results.

This is very significant for everyone that was affected by the BP Oil Spill. Please note this is just the beginning of this hitting the news, we predicted it would be 30 Billion back in late September. BP is trying to avoid the trial in February, it is obvious that for a number of reasons things will not bode well for BP, if in fact they go to trial. BP personnel are now facing criminal charges. If you look at all the news surrounding BP and the GCCF, the audit the GCCF is currently undergoing, the upcoming trial date for BP, and now the criminal charges, the best thing for BP is to prepare for a BP Claims Settlement.

BP Claims Settlement and What to do Next

If you have had issues with the GCCF, or if you have not put forth your BP claim and want to be a part of the BP Claims Settlement, now is the time to cure any and all deficiencies in your claims, and if you are having difficulty, call us at 1-800-BP-Claim. The initial consultation is free, even if you want to try to do it yourself.

We have had one goal from the very beginning, and that still holds true today, We just want to help as many people as possible. We have true BP Claims Experts to help you, they have Juris Doctrates, we have a great track record of getting people and businesses paid. We even have folks that worked for the Firm contracted by the GCCF to process your claims working for Us now, and they know exactly what needs to be done to get your BP Claims Paid. We do all of this for 15%, half of what many attorneys charge, if you need the help of an Attorney we have them too, and your total fee will be no more then 25%-33.3%. We can Help you prepare for a BP Claims Settlement.

How will the BP Claims Settlement take place

We have heard rumors around a BP Claims Settlement for months, in the last few weeks they have been more abundant. It seems that there are several different formats that your BP Claims will get paid out. One rumor is that the GCCF will stay in place, but with a new methodology and new oversight, the other possibility is it will be setup as they do after a Hurricane with some sort of tribunal format, and another is that people will get paid through one of several court methods, possibly even set up at the local level. What do all of these have in common, you will need to have your claims properly organized and calculated, and that`s what we specialize in. So if you want to get ready for the BP Settlement make sure you are prepared, if you need help. We will help you with your BP Claims Settlement.