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BP Claims: BP Business Claims

BP Claims and your Business

BP Claims

BP Claims

BP Claims for Businesses have had an uncertain path as they navigate the waters of the GCCF. Most BP Business claims have had great difficulty receiving proper compensation through the GCCF and the BP Claims process. The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has paid smaller claims with some ease lately, but substantive business claims have had a much more difficult time receiving the compensation they deserve. With greater frequency we are seeing business owners come through our site that have been made a 25k offer, even though they can prove that their BP Claims are much higher. We have yet to see one BP Business Claim that received the 25k offer not at least doubled. Most often the offer is raised between a multiple of 3-7.

BP Claims get stalled at the GCCF

Many BP Claims are stalled at the GCCF, there is a number of reasons these claims get stalled. First and foremost we know that claims get mislabeled at the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. This will result in letters of deficiency or a BP Denied Claim. Claimants are often bewildered when they are asked for paperwork that they know they have already sent in. Oil Spill Claims are also held up at the GCCF because they were prepared improperly. Just because you own the business or your bookkeeper or accountant has prepared your claim, most often then not they have left out critical factors of properly calculating your losses and accounting for the proper trending. Worst of all there are persistent accusations of the GCCF telling their staff to slow things down as they are processing claims in order for them to keep their jobs.

BP Claims Solutions for Businesses

At we have organized the BP Claims Dream Team. We have several different Law Firms for you to speak with regarding your BP Claims, We have several different Claims Adjusting and Consulting Firms for you to speak with. It is our goal to match your claim and your considerations with the company that will best suit your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider during this process. This formula has been highly successful, we are seeing people who came through our website get paid at a record rate. We only have members on our Team that are at the apex of their field. They all have the ability to run shotgun on your claims and pressure the GCCF when appropriate. All BP Claims Team members work on a contingency fee, they don`t get paid until you do. They will help you organize and maximize your claims starting at 15% -33.3%. We will help you with your BP Claims.


Article Source: BP Claims
Article: BP Claims: BP Business Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims the History and the Reckoning

BP Claims the Tragic Truth

The BP Claims process was better handled by BP then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. When BP decided to make things right for the business and individuals affected by the BP Oil Spill, they utilized the Emergency Advanced Payment system. Commonly referred to as EAP`s people scrambled to receive EAP`s from BP and many were paid. Though the EAP system was far from perfect, and many got left on the sidelines, many were indeed paid. Then the reigns of the BP Claims payment system were handed off to Ken Feinberg on November 23rd 2010. Interim payments were suppose to come from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility first. Those economically injured by the Oil Spill were filing their Interim BP Claims and Final BP Claims with the GCCF and through Attorneys. The fact is they were not paid for several months and then it was only a trickle of claims getting paid. Ken Feinberg had unveiled a new BP Claims system at Christmas time called the BP Claims Quick Pay.

The GCCF uses Quick Pays to Pay BP Claims

The BP Claims process at Christmas time morphed into the the BP Claims Quick Pay system. Instead of paying Interim and final BP claims as promised the Gulf Coast Claims Facility put all of their energies behind the Quick Pay System. After not being paid for many months, some since April when the spill began, many took these Quick Pays so they could put food on the table, save the home, or the business. The fact is that the 5k offered to individuals, and the 25k for businesses offered temporary relief for many at best. Over 100,000 people took these Quick Pays and the majority regret that now.

Interim BP Claims were Shelved

BP Claims that were promised to come first , in the form of Interim Claims, were in essence shelved in favor of getting Quick Pays paid by the GCCF. In speaking with the Attorneys that we have connected with, it was not until mid March that the first Interim claims started coming in. That is 11 months from the date of the Oil Spill. How many people and businesses have a reserve of 11 months, not many. The aftermath of those decisions by the GCCF has been felt through out the Gulf. We hear daily from people who lost their business after trying their best to keep it afloat, then lost their homes and cars, and then had to move in with in-laws or friends. Many families disbanded.

GCCF and BP Claims Dirty Tricks and Stall Tactics

We are seeing a lot of BP Claims finally being made offers, many were waiting for over 6 months, until they got into Team members hands. The one thing and probably the most troubling is that there is a reoccurring pattern, they were stalled after the GCCF, letters of deficiency were often issued, some were denied, then the GCCF would offer the businesses 25k making it seem like they were doing them a favor. This has happened over and over again, and at this point it seems to be a GCCF strategy. The GCCF is still stalling claims, and recently a BP Claims Adjuster that was working with the GCCF has gone public about her experiences while working there, and yes she along with others was told to to stall BP claims.


BP Claims Where are we at Now

BP and the GCCF are on the ropes, after over a year since the Oil Spill the truth is coming out. Whether it was the report about BP being guilty for all of its carelessness being released last week, or the audit that is coming up for the GCCF, the news is not going to be good. The BP Claims process is coming under scrutiny, the BP Claims process needs to be righted. We have seen thousands of claims come through our sites many of them have gotten help here. The GCCF is paying BP Claims that are prepared correctly. We can help you with your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims the Tragic Truth
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims the Tragic Truth

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BP Claims and BP Restaurant Claims

BP Claims News:

BP Restaurant Claims Soaring

BP Restaurant Claims are on the rise and the financial wind fall for waiters, waitresses and the owners of restaurants affected by the BP Oil Spill continues to gain momentum. We have seem a dramatic rise in waiter and waitresses getting their BP Claims paid. From Key West to Houston and all along the Gulf Coast, waiters and waitresses seem to be some of the quickest paid by Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

BP Claims and Waiters and Waitresses

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been paying many of the BP Claims submitted by waiters and waitresses. I have personally seen oil spill claims for restaurant staff over 50k in recent weeks. It seems that more then any other claim, the GCCF likes to pay these claims quickly as longs as they are prepared correctly. The fact is the restaurants up and down the Gulf Coast were decimated. Many restaurants went out of business and the staff`s could not find a job elsewhere do the lack of tourism. I recently saw first hand one of our BP Claims consultants improve a waitresses claim from 12,500 dollars to 27, 500 dollars in three days.

BP Claims and Restaurant Owners.

Many restaurant owners tried to keep their restaurant afloat and reached into their own pockets to pay staff and for supplies. When their restaurants closed they were left penniless. Restaurant owners often look at their staff as an extended family and many owners did whatever they could to leave that family intact, often at their own detriment. I can`t tell you how many restaurant owners I have spoken to who have literally lost everything due to BP`s negligence. They can recoup their losses through the BP Claims process.

BP Restaurant Claims Experts.

I am proud to announce that we have new members on the BP Claims Dream Team, a consulting group that specializes in handling BP Restaurant Claims, that is all they do. They will handle your BP Claims from 15-20% depending upon how well your paperwork is put together. These guys have gotten great results for people in the restaurant industry throughout the Gulf Coast. If you would like to reach them please fill out the form to the right or call 1-800-BP-Claims


We will help you with your BP Claims: 1-800-BP-CLAIM



Article: BP Claims and BP Restaurant Claims
Ariticle Source: BP
Author: BP Claims

Resources: BP Business Claims; BP`s negligence



BP Claims Solutions and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

BP Claims and Our BP Claims Dream Team

Get paid for Your BP Claims

The BP Claims process has best been understood by people that have studied the process, and are aware of what the proper calculations are to elicit a positive response from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The methodology behind how the GCCF calculates your BP Claims has been hard to understand for many, and it is tilted in their favor. When oil spill claims calculations have been done by members of our Dream Team, BP Claims are often 50% or more then if you did them the GCCF`s way. Many denied BP Claims have also gotten paid by our Gulf Coast Claims Team.  They will help you put together any paperwork that may be needed,  reorganize and maximize your BP Claims, all while it is still sitting with the GCCF.

BP Claims that have been Denied, Paid in 9 Days

If you have had your BP Claims Denied it very well could be a blessing in disguise. There are members of our Dream Team that specialize in BP Denied Claims. The good news is that most of your paperwork is already together, and sitting at the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. This allows members of our Team to analyze the documents while at the GCCF, and add any necessary documents, and go over your numbers once again. Often they will find that your calculations were off, and that BP owes you more then you originally thought. They have had denied BP Claims paid within 9 days. This is not typical, but it has been done.

Are your BP Claims Still Under Review or Awaiting Documents

Often BP Claims are under review for several reasons, sometimes they just haven`t gotten to them, but often they are lacking the proper paperwork, this is usually followed by a Deficiency Letter. Most often BP Claims that lack the necessary paperwork are denied by the GCCF. Members of our Team can access your paperwork while it is at the GCCF, fix whatever is wrong and speed up the BP Claims process. They will also keep you up to date regarding the status of your BP Claims.

BP Business Claims and Multiple BP Claims

Very often when members of the BP Claims Team begin to analyze your case, and find out more about you, and what revenue streams were affected by you or your business, they often find that you can make multiple BP Claims. These BP Claims need to be substantiated with various paperwork that they will help put together. BP Business Claims are often very complex, we have members on the team that are currently handling BP Claims in excess of 100 million dollars. There are no BP Claims to big or to small.

BP Claims Dream Team: How it Works and How Much

All members of the BP Claims Dream Team work on a contingency basis, they don`t get paid until you do. They are all at the apex in their respective fields. They are highly respected by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Each member of our Team is it`s own separate entity. It is the goal of to place you with the member of the Team that best suits your needs. We have helped over 10,000 Individuals and Business`s get the help they deserve. Over 125,000 people have gone to our website since it started in May of 2010. Members of our Team charge from 15% on up to 33.3% if you need the help of an Attorney. All fees are done on a contingency basis. When you fill out the form to the right, we will immediately call you, to insure that your information is forwarded to the member that best suits your needs on our BP Claims Team.



Getting your BP Claims Paid

BP Claims and how to get Paid

Getting Your BP Claims Paid

You can make BP claims with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility created by BP and Ken Feinberg, who promised to ” Make it Right.” They also said your BP Claim would be handled within 90 days after the Emergency Claims deadline of November 23, 2010, but many who filed right after the deadline are still waiting. It is mid-June now and individuals and businesses have been waiting 9 months for their BP Claims money, only to hear we need more documents or their case is under review. Even worse, many people waiting for their BP Claims money, were told they were denied or simply offered the 5k quick pay for individuals or the 25k quick pay for businesses as long as they agreed not sue BP.

The best results I have seen for people going through the BP Claims process has been to hire a BP Claims Attorney. Instead of the GCCF being able to use bullying tactics, good oil spill attorneys will handle them for you. Instead of being offered for 1- 2 years of losses from BP, which I still have not heard of happening, oil spill attorneys will ask for 3-5 years of losses and handle negotiations for your BP Claims money for you. They will also push for interim payments so that you have some time to evaluate the true impact of the oil spill on you or your business.  Many interim claims payments have been accompanied by final settlement offers. It is up to you to accept or reject your final BP claims settlement.

If your BP claim was denied, it may be a blessing in disguise, as you probably have all of your paperwork available, and when you give it to an Attorney they may be able to point out that you should have filed multiple BP Claims, or other things you may have overlooked. Having all your documents in order will certainly expedite your BP Claims.

BP Claims: How Long does it Take

If you are still waiting for the GCCF to “Make it Right,” your BP Claims money may have to wait until February of 2012 when the litigation is scheduled to begin.  They may make an offer between now and then, but I would not bet on it unless it is a quick pay, or a low ball final settlement. Now mind you the GCCF could have a change of heart between now and then, and become immensely fair and truly try to make it right, but again I wouldn`t bet on it; it just doesn`t fit the present corporate culture when it comes to handling BP Claims.

BP Claims Attorneys that we have connected with have gotten their BP claims paid within 2 months recently. These attorneys know how to deal with the GCCF and they know how to organize your BP Claims and maximize your BP Claims. They are also quick to point out that you and your family or business may have multiple BP Claims. There is also an accelerated BP Claims process that I have been recently told about that helps large employers avoid laying off employees. Though there is no set time table to get your BP Claims paid, it does seem attorneys get them done much faster.


BP Claims: The Trickle Down Effect

If large segments of a community lose the ability to work, it’s natural that they stop spending money for other things.  If they had received BP Claims money from the beginning it would have encouraged spending in those areas. Instead, businesses and the employees that work in those businesses bore a large brunt of the economic hardship and often the BP Claims process tries to overlook them. Beauty parlors, lawn services, general contractors, restaurants, many in the service areas of the Gulf economy were severely impacted by the Gulf Oil Spill. Any non-essential business was hit hard when people stopped spending in the Gulf Region, though BP has made it difficult for many in these businesses to file BP Claims, often citing that there is no correlation between the spill and the economic downturn, though we all know differently. The Oil Spill did have a direct economic impact for many and they should be compensated through the BP Claims process.