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BP Claims Attorneys wrangle for Percentage

BP Claims put on Hold are now Unlocked

bp claims

BP Claims get Halted

BP Claims Attorneys heading up the Plaintiff Steering Committee for the MDL, want 6% of all oil spill claims paid to victims of The Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GCCF is waiting to reformulate the GCCF payments before paying ANY more GCCF claims. All oil spill claims are at a stand still. If the Attorneys who run the Plaintiff Steering Committee have their way, and according to Judge Barbier`s December 28th ruling they got it, anybody filing a BP Claim with the GCCF whether or not they use an Attorney will have to pay the 6% fee. This is bad news for 1000`s upon 1000`s of people. It is astonishing that the attorneys who are suppose to represent the people are trying to further profit at the peoples expense. For a change it is not thoroughly Ken Feinberg`s fault. After a very upsetting day for many the BP Claims process has been unlocked. Read Article

Not all BP Claims Attorneys Agree with this.

We have been receiving quite a few emails today from BP Claims Attorneys at the epicenter of the litigation today. Most are declaring neutrality on the subject of the extra 6%, and have gone on to state that this is an unusual and unfortunate circumstance. Some attorneys are just dead set against it, and we applaud them. They have also said that this is not a normal type of litigation and in most instances the members of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee usually get paid by the Attorneys that bring them the cases to get settled. Due to the nature of the BP claims process some attorneys feel that the people directly handling their own claims are benefiting by the work of the PSC Attorneys and should pay the extra 6%. Many claimants we have spoken to today are fed up with the BP claims process, and especially angry at the Attorneys involved with the PSC who are taking money out of their pockets.

BP Claims Insiders at the GCCF Report

Many of the attorneys who have filed claims with the GCCF did so without providing evidence of their clients’ claims, often this is the fault of the client for not producing the paperwork required. Now the attorneys heading up the PSC are seeking a 6 % fee for allegedly solving many of the problems in the GCCF claim process. This is absurd, especially after many of these attorneys perpetuated their clients’ problems by filing incomplete claims delaying their clients’ desperately needed rewards. The heads of the GCCF did suggest that the attorneys file all claims regardless of how complete they were, so they could potentially make offers on these claims, for the most part this has not been effective, though that could change. Individuals and businesses should have some sense of how complete their claim is, if it is incomplete they should do their best to cure their BP Claims. If the PSC is going to charge an extra 6% and if there is still 14 billion dollars to get paid out, that is over 750 Million Dollars, maybe some of that should be allocated to Claims preparers that could help people and Attorneys properly prepare their claims

Does it now cost 40% to get your BP Claims Paid: It Doesn`t have to

If the BP Claims Attorneys at the PSC are receiving 6% from the GCCF, and your BP Claims Attorney is receiving 331/3% plus other expenses for handling your BP Claims, are they in fact getting almost 40% of your BP Claims money, that seems to be the real question on everyone`s mind on our BP Claims hotline today. If your Attorney is charging you 331/3% plus other expenses, and the GCCF is deducting 6% from your BP Claims, 40% of your BP Claims money is the going to the Attorneys. Many of our Attorneys start at 25% to handle your BP Claims, and our BP Claims consultants charge 15%. That`s a savings of almost 20%-10% after the new 6% fee is factored in.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.