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BP Claims and the BP Settlement

The BP Settlement and your BP Claims

BP Settlement and BP Claims

Everything that needs to happen before the BP Settlement can take place is happening, there are a few things that have needed to transpire in order for the settlement to take place, and it looks like they are. It looks like more of a reality each day, news has leaked that they are developing a matrix to help calculate BP Claims for your final BP Settlement. Ken Feinberg`s days look numbered.

The Restore Act is getting closer to passing, the Gulf States would then receive approximately 80% of the money from the settlement. Everyone agrees this must be done before the BP Settlement.

BP is still cutting deals with partners, and the people in the know, say they know. The fact is we will see. Though at this time I don`t think it is a good idea to take any final BP Claims payouts, we are just too close to the trial date, and the high likelihood of a BP Settlement.

Denied BP Claims and BP Claims with Offers

If your BP Claims were denied, been made offers, or or have languished at the GCCF, now is the time to act. Get your claims information together and get it to one of our accredited Consultants, or one of the Law Firms that we have connected with that have proven track records. They will only charge you on the New money they get for you. We have been in this process for a long time now, and we know who talks the talk, and walks the walk. I think we all have had enough of those who talk.
Our network extends from Houston to Key West, and they all know how to get people paid. The new BP Claims matrix will be in place soon and it looks something like this.

The matrix will have different Industry categories to it, with different payouts per geographical area.

Here is an example.
A Fishermen in Louisiana will get 4 x their 2010 loss, while one in the Florida Keys will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Waiter in New Orleans will get 3 x their 2010 loss while a Waiter in Fort Meyers will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Marina in Mississippi will get 4 x their 2010 loss while a Marina in Tampa will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
These are just examples, we don`t know the matrix yet, but aspects have been leaked.

If you are sick from the dispersant Corexit Please contact Us.

It looks like the end for Mr.Feinberg and his role in the BP Claims Process

Mr. Feinberg, you have on the whole failed, you starved out people, and gave them Quick Pays, people lost their houses, their cars, and their families as they waited, and waited, and waited, whole towns were destroyed as you laid in bed with BP. Generations of livelihoods were crushed. You told us in the beginning that you were independent, when you took over the process on November 23rd, 2010, many people had high hopes for you, you promised much, but delivered little, you saved BP a lot of money, you got a raise while others starved. In the end Judge Barbier had to stop you from telling folks you were independent. You created a complex GCCF Methodology that was cloaked in secrecy, and people with master degrees couldn`t decipher. Thank God our people did. Transparency of the BP Claims process was what you promised, but instead did the exact opposite. An audit had to be performed. You made promises Sir, you made lots of promises most of them left un-kept. In the end your legacy will be tainted with oil, it really is a shame, we all wanted you to be for the people, and to help save our ways of life, when in fact all you did was save BP money.

We will help You with your BP Claims and your BP Settlements, Consultants start at 15% and Attorneys at 25%, and they only get paid when they recover your BP Claims money.

BP Claims News: It`a called the BP Global Settlement

BP Claims News and the BP Settlement

BP Claims Settlement

If the BP Settlement for all BP Claims is to take place, it should be called the BP Global Settlement. What is a Global Settlement,  it is a settlement that encompasses all civil claims and criminal charges, and in this case government claims, and occurs over multiple districts. These settlements are used to stem off negative publicity, and to reduce final payouts.

It is a fact that BP is currently negotiating with the Department of Justice, we have been hearing for weeks now that settlement will come in two phases, one for the government, and another for individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill.  Recently we have been hearing from individuals with ties to the GCCF that it will in fact be a Global Settlement and it will take into account all BP Claims, and Government Claims.

The BP Claims process is far from over as we continue to see it evolve. Now is the time to make sure your BP Claims are properly documented and in order, if you are experiencing phone calls from your Attorney telling you to get your paperwork in, now is the time. We have connected with Law Firms that are getting BP Claims paid, and we have in house consultants that are also getting claims paid. If you have not yet filed a claim, or need help with the one you have, we can help you with your BP Claims.

Shrimpers and Crabbers get a second shot for their BP claims

BP Claims Process Evolves

Crabbers and Shrimpers and those involved with processing, that signed the covenant not to sue BP before November 30th have been determined to get a second shot at receiving 4 times their 2010 losses. This is great news for many involved in those industries and something we will most likely see more of as the true effects of the oil spill are disclosed. We saw Feinberg do this as the true effects of 9/11 were finally understood for first responders and those impacted by the fall of the towers when he ran that fund. The BP Claims process is far from over and in many ways very similar to the 9/11 fund. We can Help you get paid.

We want to help you even if you took a QuickPay

Though the process does not YET allow for people in the industry who have taken quick pays to address the issue and circle back for money, we believe that is more of a paperwork issue, as many quick pays given to crabbers and shrimpers did not have to have all their paperwork together. If you took the quick pay and are in the shrimping/crabbing/wholesale industry and need help putting your paperwork together we want to help you. It is our belief you deserve a second shot as well. If the GCCF really wants to true up this matter, all should be included.

BP Claims Team Members Helping others in the Industry

We are very pleased that we have been helping other Attorneys and processors, learn the in`s and out`s of assembling and processing BP Claims that will pass muster with the GCCF and get paid. We have been involved with the BP Claims process since the beginning,  we have been honored to work with Attorneys and Consultants, and over time took the best practices we learned, shared them with others, and brought them in house, and created what we think is one of the best BP Claims preparation services there is, we have established relationships BP Claims Attorneys and BP Claims Consultants stretches from Key West to Houston.

If you need help with your BP Claims we will help you, if you would like the help of a consultant fees start at just 15%, if you need the help of an Attorney their fees start at just 25%.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Process Spurs D.C. March

BP Claims Discontent Grows

bp claims

BP Claims Protestors

People upset with the BP claims process marched on D.C. Monday as they showed their discontent towards Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The protestors were organized by former comedian/actor turned activist Dick Gregory and Art Rocker chairman of Operation People for Peace. The coalition wants President Obama to answer the needs of its members as they think Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility have not met the needs of the people affected by the BP Oil Spill.

GCCF Closes doors to BP Claims Offices

All of this is happening as the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is closing 8 more GCCF offices, making it even more difficult for people to file for their BP Claims. The people of St. Bernard Parish are rallying to keep their GCCF office open so they can file their BP Claims, receive updates and get answers. St. Bernard Parish Councilman Frank Auderer,  said the fishermen “are already struggling, so we need to have an office in our area to service those people that have not been serviced yet.” Many of the people of St. Bernard Parish make a living from the resources of the Gulf of Mexico, the people of the parish for the large part have not been paid, does it really make sense for the GCCF to close their office.

There is Help for your BP Claims

We at are consistently working to improve your chances of getting your BP Claims paid by the GCCF. We have helped many groups of Claims Adjusters, Consultants and Attorneys, get a better understanding of the BP Claims process. We believe you should have an option of choosing Adjusters, Consultants or to be represented by an Attorney. The choice is yours, it is our job to help to make sure what ever group you choose, they are the best at what they do, and they are. Adjusters have been getting smaller claims paid within 3 weeks of filing them with the GCCF, larger bp business claims may take  longer, but are getting paid. No matter what size your claim is we have the right group to handle it.

Our Main goal has always been and Will always be to Help as many as possible.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Process Spurs D.C. March
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims get Paid

BP Claims Expert get Claims Paid

BP Claims

BP Claims

In an effort to get your BP Claims Paid, will continue to innovate, and create relationships with Claims Professionals and Attorneys that are passionate about getting BP claims paid from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The main goal has always been, and will always be, to help as many people as possible. This has led us to share information about the BP Claims Process that we have gathered with numerous groups. About 2 months ago we began a relationship with one such Group. Last week Mark Schwartz and his group, got numerous claims paid by the GCCF , and we at are very proud of him. Mark listened, he learned, and he got people paid. Mark`s dedication to people hurt by the spill, and his tenacity for getting people paid ALL they are owed,,, awesome.

” You have Multiple avenues to settle your BP Claims”

We at believe that you should have multiple options for settling your BP Claims. Many people don`t want to litigate their BP Claims, they just want to get paid. We have selected different groups of BP Claims Adjusters and Consultants to help you achieve just that. We also have fantastic attorneys such as Brent Coon if you choose the services of an Attorney. Mark Schwartz the gentlemen I just wrote about, specializes in waiter/waitress claims and charges anywhere from 10-15% of what he recovers, it all depends upon the work involved, on several occasions Mark has done peoples claims for free. We are also helping several different Claims Groups across the Gulf Region get a better understanding of the BP Claims process, so they may better serve you.

BP Claims Pioneers

As I write this I am up in the panhandle meeting with some folks that have been getting people their BP Claims Paid since the beginning, they are the true pioneers of BP Claims Consultants.  It has been my privilege to get to know these guys and to work with them. They have consistently had one of the best records of ANYONE getting BP Claims paid. These guys get Claims Paid.  They have helped many of the businesses in the Panhandle area get what they deserve from BP and the GCCF. In the last few days we have shared ideas, talked about trends we are seeing, and what should be considered as a future course of action.

The GCCF and BP has had numerous opportunities to “make this right”, the pledge BP used in the beginning, we don`t hear that ad on  TV anymore because they decided not to “Make this Right.” We can help you make this right, just fill out the form on the right and someone will contact you.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Get Paid
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack