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Only 25% eligible to file BP Claims Have

BP Claims

The numbers are staggering, 75% of the business`s and individuals that were financially impacted by the Oil Spill have not filed  BP Claims or the GCCF Claims. That number is down from 80% just 2 weeks ago. That means that only one quarter of the people eligible to file claims have. If you were impacted by the oil spill and need assistance filing a claim, there are seasoned Oil Spill Attorneys that want to help you with your BP Claims.


BP Can Help!

If you are a business with a BP Claim and need the assistance of forensic accountants to figure out your true losses over time, many Attorneys have Forensic Accountants on staff or relationships with C.P.A. firms. Many Attorneys also have former BP Claims and GCCF Claims Adjusters on hand, to make sure the final packet of information sent to the GCCF will meet their requirements. The Attorneys that we have connected with all work on a contingency basis that means they don`t get paid until you do. The BP Claims process has proven inconsistent at best, if you decide you want to file a BP Claim and would like a free consultation with an Attorney please fill out the form to the right.

The BP Claims process and What I think

This is what I am seeing, mind you I talk to a lot of people during the course of the day. They are people who want to make claims, and the Attorneys preparing for litigation of claims and cases for the most part. I don`t hear from the happy person who received a fair shake from the GCCF. Lets keep that in mind. I think the GCCF is absolutely no holds barred using a delay deny defend strategy when it come to paying BP Claims. I think the best route for ALL claimants is to at the very least speak to an Attorney. I think using an Attorney will get you a higher payout and you may get paid faster. I am seeing and hearing about large and I mean large firms getting ready to close out ALL the BP Claims they have on the books. What does that mean, that means you have another avenue of settling your BP Claim. The GCCF is use to dealing with Attorneys and settling out blocks of cases, this is the way Mr Feinbergs firm often works with Attorneys in other kinds of cases, they are use to it and it is the way their corporate culture operates. The BP Claims process has other avenues for settlement.

GCCF Claims and the Waiting Game

Whats up with GCCF Claims

Well it looks as though the GCCF is saving the Interim Claims for last, most are accompanied by final claim offers. The Interim Claims should have been addressed immediately when the GCCF took over in late November. This would have helped a lot of people NOT go further into debt, and avoid the foreclosures repossessions and other stresses. This is right where BP wants people to be. A flurry of Interim Claims came in the beginning of April, but it seems as though that has come to a halt. We have been receiving many calls from people that want to check their claims status. Many are waiting to see what the offers are before talking to an Oil Spill Attorney, The keyword is WAIT and while we wait to find out how the GCCF is going to treat people. BP has raked in over 7 Billion dollars in profits this quarter and paid out just 4 Billion for the Spill, much of that not in claims, but for clean up and pr. So while people wait, they rake it in, and desperation and indebtedness grows for many. What people need to realize this waiting game only benefits BP. After writing this I looked at current BP Claims news and what do I find, but they are closing yet another office in Gulf Breeze Florida. So I guess we will be waiting on the GCCF a little longer and drive a little farther.

Had enough of the GCCF yet?

BP Claims Process finds some Hope

We care about you BP Claims!

When I have time during the course of the day, I like to randomly select people who filled out the form for BP Claims, and give them a call. Today I called a fishermen from Orange Beach, Alabama. He told me that he, and many of his neighbors had faith that Mr Feinberg would keep his word, and that his claim was being reviewed. I truly hope that he is right, and as time goes by we will begin to see some congruency in the claims process. I received several calls today from people who also had BP claims under review, most were not so skeptical. Orange Beach Alabama was one of the hardest hit areas, and still is. It was however,nice to find someone who had some faith left. Lets all hope that Mr. Feinberg and the GCCF deliver on their promises to get the BP Claims process in order.


The table is tilted for the GCCF

GCCF Strategies

The final review process has been set up to favor the GCCF and BP in every imaginable way.” This is a quote I read about a bartender going through the GCCF process recently, this is why I stress the importance of at the very least, of getting an Attorneys opinion. The GCCF was designed to serve the purposes of BP and Mr.Feinberg. This is their structure, not ours, this was not created by the government to help people, but by BP`s Mr Feinberg to administer claims. Think about it who built the GCCF, think about who runs the GCCF, do you really trust the GCCF to be impartial about your claim.

The GCCF is Delaying

In a nutshell this is what has happened and is happening, the GCCF is using a delay, deny, defend strategy. They promised to start interim and final claims after the emergency claims period was over, November 23. Which basically meant if your claim for interim or final was made Nov 23 you could expect it 90 days later. Didn`t happen, what did happen was the GCCF in their infinite wisdom created the Quick Pay system. They waited for people to get desperate while waiting for their claims and as foreclosure loomed, repossessions mounted, they low balled people with 5k offers for individuals, and 25k for business`s. Almost 100,000 people took them.

GCCF & The Future

This period is just coming to an end, now people are beginning to see the interim offers come in. These Interim offers are often accompanied by Final Offers, they want to close this out as fast as possible in order to limit their liability. Nobody and I mean Nobody knows what the future holds. Hurricanes lobbing balls of Corexit and oil at the shore, devastated oyster beds, shrimp and fish populations decimated, If the lessons from the Valdez hold true the fish populations will not show the effects for a few years to come. Will the tourists come back, all what if`s. My thought is to take the GCCF interim claims until the true extent of the damage is known.

How we Work: Your GCCF Claims Solution

GCCF & the Process

For over a year know, we have written posts about the Oil Spill and the GCCF, and the processes involved, including current trends and forecasts. Denied GCCF Claims and Business Claims information seem to be the most popular categories trending right now. Please remember that we are not Attorneys, though we have connected with Oil Spill Attorneys throughout the Gulf Region that we feel will best serve you. We like to call them Our Dream Team, though they are all separate firms, it seems as though many firms specialize these days. Proximity, Perception and the GCCF If you would like to read more about Us click here.

We can help with YOUR GCCF Claim!

If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to email US or call 1-866-900-3434.

All firms work on GCCF claims on a contingency basis, they don`t get paid until you do.

Proximity, Perception and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

GCCF Perception

The GCCF often points out that if they can not connect the loss to the spill, they can not pay the claim. The fact of the matter is the GCCF does not often consider the perception that many areas along the Gulf Coast, whether tainted by oil and dispersant or not, were all affected by the BP Oil Spill.

The GCCF & Proximity

Proximity to the spill is one of the key factors the GCCF takes into consideration when paying a claim, perception is something that the GCCF would rather not factor in. Yet if you ask me, and mind you I am not an Attorney, perception needs to be fully figured in when calculating your GCCF Claim. Many destination areas from the Florida Keys to Houston, and across the Gulf Region were devastated as the reports of tar balls and oil hitting the loop current were on the nightly news feeds.

Denied GCCF Claims

To say the least, the perception of a tainted Gulf of Mexico put a damper on anyone visiting Gulf Side Communities. One of the hardest hit areas was the Florida Keys, who can usually count on a steady stream of tourists. Many GCCF claims have been denied because the GCCF is using proximity, as they choose to forget the perception painted by the nightly news, that their Oil Spill caused.

Casino Claims and the GCCF

GCCF & Casino Workers

From some of the grumblings I hear, the GCCF is getting ready to release a formula for Casino Workers.
Casino workers claims were originally excluded by the GCCF as I understand it, then were given some leeway within the GCCF Claims process, and now are getting their own formula to figure out their estimated loss the GCCF way. Since the GCCF is recognizing the Casino Workers affected by the Oil Spill and creating a methodology for them, it is a plus. In my opinion their claims have been overlooked by the GCCF, and some Attorneys chose not to take them. I like the Attorneys who decided to take them out of the gate, because they saw the connection, and these people needed help. Oil Spill Attorneys that realized the connection, or nexus as they call it have a clearer understanding of what it takes to get a casino workers claims through, as they have more experience doing it. I would expect to see a wave of Attorneys taking casino workers GCCF cases or claims now, what I might ask is if they had been accepting cases since the beginning.

We can help you find an Attorney for you GCCF Claim

GCCF Claims Process Proves Inconsistent

The GCCF is Inconsestent

Just when you think maybe, just maybe the reasonable offers for Interim and final claims being made by the GCCF are going to continue, and we are hopefully entering a new phase of GCCF cooperation, think again.

GCCF, Denials & Questionable Offers

In the last week we saw the beginning of what many saw as some positive movement by the GCCF, only to end up the week with a rash of denials and questionable offers. After speaking to so many of you, and hearing horror story on top of horror story, it is clear to me that this whole process is a crap shoot at best.

BP funds & the GCCF

There really is no consistency as to who gets paid and who doesn`t, the spicket has been turned on, but the flow is anything but steady. Is it because BP only funds the GCCF with 1.25 Billion per quarter, and are juggling the payouts some think so. It seems as though there was just a wave of claims that had reasonable offers to bizzarro world, all with in a week. It would be fabulous if the GCCF instead of provoking a feeling of angst and unsureness with claimants, provided a feeling of confidence and fairness.

If you would like a free claim/case review from a Seasoned Oil Spill Attorney fill out the form to the right.
The GCCF is supposed to serve the victims of the Oil Spill not make more of them.

Was Your BP Claim Denied?

BP Denied Claims

There are options to look at if your BP Claim has been denied by BP or by the the Gulf Coast Claims Fund.

If your claim was denied by BP, your best option would be to contact an oil spill attorney and have them look at your claim to see if they would be interested in taking your BP Claim to a potential lawsuit against BP.

If the oil spill attorney takes your case it would mean they would agree to represent you in your BP claim and they would receive part of your claims payment as payment for their work.

Normally a fee of 20-25% of your final winning would be their fee to take your case. If you do go with an oil spill attorney you would know that they would protect you and work to get your claim paid so they will get paid.

You could also file your own BP Claim lawsuit, in any court in this country. You your can represent yourself with your claim against BP. Its called “Pro Se”, or representing yourself in the court against BP.

You can pick up all the paperwork and forms from the courthouse to file your own lawsuit against BP for the oil spill and the damage you have suffered because of the oil spill. This is one way to get around a BP claim that was denied.

Number of denied BP Claims rises sharply

Denied BP Claims Rise

Denied BP Claims for Gulf of Mexico oil spill victims are rising dramatically, coming in without proper documentation or with no proof at all, the head of the $20 billion BP fund said Monday.

In an interview with The Associated Press, claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg denied allegations the process is beset by chaos. He said the claims facility has sent about potentially fraudulent claims to the Justice Department for investigation, and hundreds more are under review.

Denied GCCF Claims rose sharply in the gulf region.

What Feinberg has to say about BP Claims

“I disagree about disarray,” Feinberg said. “There are discrepancies in BP Claims based on documentation and your ability to demonstrate a connection to the spill and your damage.”
Residents can only file a BP Claim for a final payment, which would be granted only if they sign away their right to sue BP.

Thousands of BP Claims

Thousands are suffering from a summer of lost revenue after BP PLC’s April 20 well blowout off the Louisiana coast spewed more than 170 million gallons of oil into the sea. Fishermen who weren’t working for BP’s cleanup sat idle at the docks with no seafood to sell, while beachside restaurants found themselves with few patrons, and hotels were nearly empty during a time when many depend on high-season revenue to carry them through the slow winter months.

The well was permanently capped on Sept. 19.

Many BP Claims were denied today.