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BP Claims and Haliburton Claims


bp claimsBP Claims on the whole still seem to be picking up speed again as they are clearly trying to put the remaining BP Claims to bed.

If you are getting hit with incomplete notices, take them seriously, if you are asking for extensions they are not as easy to obtain, it seems that the patience and understanding of DHECC is coming to an understanding end in some cases.

If you need help we will see what members of our Network can do for you based upon your specific needs. Just call 1-800-BP-CLAIM or 1-800-272-5246.

It is even more helpful if you can fill out the form to the right so your information can be sent directly to the participating partner best suited for you.

Haliburton or HESI Claims are coming soon,

We will be devoting a full page or 2 that outlines the new program and gives you an overview of who is viable, and what to do, or what not to do in many cases.

We are also hearing from many people who are seriously sick and frustrated with the BP Medical Settlement. The number of people that we have been talking with, have different types of cancer, many of these cancers are not at all common and has greatly increased, and I think it will for some time. If you have a Medical Claim you can reach them directly at 1-877-545-5111.

As the BP Claims continue to settle we are seeing many attorneys and others involved begin to squabble or settle amicably over payments owed between the parties. Many attorneys and others involved in the BP Settlement deferred payments to each other until the claims were paid.

A certain Attorney based out of Venice, Florida, not only fired many of her clients, but cut a side deal with another law firm to still get paid from claimants she had released, now that`s shady.

For us We always put people before profits, the job is nearing an end for many economically, but environmentally I think we have just begun to see the true ramifications.

We lo0k forward to hearing from you, please don`t hesitate to email


1-800-BP-CLAIM DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Overview

deepwater horizon settlementIt has been a week since the DeepWater Horizon Settlement has officially begun. What can we say except we told you this was going to be a mess, and it is.

There are over Forty different claims forms, many of you have multiple claims, and are finding the mountain of data needed overwhelming.

Not to worry, we have been hard at work, in an effort to make this easier for you.

We have created Alliances with different Law Firms, Adjusters and Properly Staffed Consultant Groups all with different areas of expertise.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement should be handled by professionals that have a very high degree of competency with DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims.

They Specialize in:

  • Business Claims
  • Denied BP Claims and Claims that are Stalled
  • Medical Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Individual Economic Loss Claims

We will be helping them put together the paperwork and documentation for your DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims. Most of you will have one point of initial contact to assemble your Claim, and that will be the team at,  we are available from 9-5 p.m. everyday.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of assembling BP Claims. Team members charge from 7.5% for large loss claims to 33.3% for Medical Claims that include a medical screening. Most economic claims run between 15-20%.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement  Pyramid

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement is just another mechanism to glean out valid BP Claims and get them paid. Think about the BP claims process like a Pyramid.

This is how the BP Claims Pyramid Works, we know this because it is based on a model that Insurance companies  have used for years.

  • They will first get the people that are most desperate to cash out first, here they used Quick Pays over 200,000 people and Businesses took these.
  • They will work up the Pyramid and take out the people and Businesses that have solid claims but are ready to settle hence the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Program, most of these will be small to midsize claims.
  • Expect a new mechanism here that has yet to be identified, that will take out the larger claims.
  • Finally some claims will move into the Litigation phase but most will be settled before they reach court.

This is how Settlements like this have moved forward for years don`t expect the Deepwater Horizon Settlement to be much different. Those who can hang in there the longest will reap the largest rewards.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement News

Lets remember they are just getting this ramped up, but the overall consensus is that this settlement will not last. There will be too many people opting out, too many law firms not opting their case loads in, and if you follow the pyramid example, the DeepWater Horizon Settlement is just one more mechanism to get claims settled.

The big question is will they settle out the larger claims, if they do, the DeepWater Horizon Settlement has a chance of making it, if they wait these claims out, to when the deadlines come up, it will most likely fail.

As it stands now, we advocate that you at least have all of your Claims well documented, and if you have not filed a claim, consider running it through the BP Claims Program that also just opened up. Yes there are now 2 separate funds to get compensated from. There is the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund and The BP Claims Program run by BP.

We can Help you with the New BP Claims Program and the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.






BP Claims Settlement on Monday

BP Claims Settlement should be Monday

bp claimsWell here we go again, the BP Claims Settlement has everybody`s hopes up, just like when Feinberg opened the GCCF, it is eerily reminiscent. The BP Claims Settlement promises to be better though, more transparent, easily understood, and fair. The devil is going to be in the details, experts will comb through it for days, we do have some inkling of what it will contain, but continue to hear that terms of the settlement are changing from day to day.

BP Claims Settlement pros and cons

Your Claims are finally going to get paid, or at least we think so. There are going to be generous multipliers for people in specific zones such as zone A, along the shore, there will be larger multipliers for the ones most affected such as folks in the Seafood Harvesting and Tourist Business. What appears to be a windfall for many has some strings, it is a Settlement, you get paid and your done. The biggest draw back about settling Claims at this point continues to be the unknown Health of the Gulf. The Wall Street Journal today wrote an article all about it. see here

If you choose not to settle your BP Claims

Well if you decide to litigate your BP Claims we are looking at potentially years of litigation before you get paid. Personally I am not opposed to litigation, if you can afford to wait them out, and we have plenty of good lawyers that we are in contact with that would love to help you. Personally I don`t believe we should even be talking about a BP Claims Settlement until we know what the facts are about the health of the Gulf. That being said we have developed a system with different groups of Attorneys and Adjusters that can and will help you with your BP Claims. Different groups specialize in different sorts of Claims.

BP Claims and You

The biggest thing you need to remember is that the BP Claims process was meant to make you whole, or as whole as you can get. There are a lot of people with very large losses through out the Gulf, whether it is a large business loss, the loss of your health, the loss of a job, or the loss of how you made a living for generations. In the end, how you handle your BP Claims is up to you, as a friend of mine would say Pause, Pray, and Proceed, I think it is a good time to do that.

We will help you with your BP Claims.




BP Claims News: It`a called the BP Global Settlement

BP Claims News and the BP Settlement

BP Claims Settlement

If the BP Settlement for all BP Claims is to take place, it should be called the BP Global Settlement. What is a Global Settlement,  it is a settlement that encompasses all civil claims and criminal charges, and in this case government claims, and occurs over multiple districts. These settlements are used to stem off negative publicity, and to reduce final payouts.

It is a fact that BP is currently negotiating with the Department of Justice, we have been hearing for weeks now that settlement will come in two phases, one for the government, and another for individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill.  Recently we have been hearing from individuals with ties to the GCCF that it will in fact be a Global Settlement and it will take into account all BP Claims, and Government Claims.

The BP Claims process is far from over as we continue to see it evolve. Now is the time to make sure your BP Claims are properly documented and in order, if you are experiencing phone calls from your Attorney telling you to get your paperwork in, now is the time. We have connected with Law Firms that are getting BP Claims paid, and we have in house consultants that are also getting claims paid. If you have not yet filed a claim, or need help with the one you have, we can help you with your BP Claims.

Shrimpers and Crabbers get a second shot for their BP claims

BP Claims Process Evolves

Crabbers and Shrimpers and those involved with processing, that signed the covenant not to sue BP before November 30th have been determined to get a second shot at receiving 4 times their 2010 losses. This is great news for many involved in those industries and something we will most likely see more of as the true effects of the oil spill are disclosed. We saw Feinberg do this as the true effects of 9/11 were finally understood for first responders and those impacted by the fall of the towers when he ran that fund. The BP Claims process is far from over and in many ways very similar to the 9/11 fund. We can Help you get paid.

We want to help you even if you took a QuickPay

Though the process does not YET allow for people in the industry who have taken quick pays to address the issue and circle back for money, we believe that is more of a paperwork issue, as many quick pays given to crabbers and shrimpers did not have to have all their paperwork together. If you took the quick pay and are in the shrimping/crabbing/wholesale industry and need help putting your paperwork together we want to help you. It is our belief you deserve a second shot as well. If the GCCF really wants to true up this matter, all should be included.

BP Claims Team Members Helping others in the Industry

We are very pleased that we have been helping other Attorneys and processors, learn the in`s and out`s of assembling and processing BP Claims that will pass muster with the GCCF and get paid. We have been involved with the BP Claims process since the beginning,  we have been honored to work with Attorneys and Consultants, and over time took the best practices we learned, shared them with others, and brought them in house, and created what we think is one of the best BP Claims preparation services there is, we have established relationships BP Claims Attorneys and BP Claims Consultants stretches from Key West to Houston.

If you need help with your BP Claims we will help you, if you would like the help of a consultant fees start at just 15%, if you need the help of an Attorney their fees start at just 25%.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims: Yes your GCCF Claims can get Paid

Our BP Claims System is Working

BP Claims

BP Claims are getting Paid

We are very proud to announce that BP Claims are getting paid and the system we introduced and innovated is working. If you read this blog we introduced a new system where your information is gathered by BP Claims consultants, some of our consultants were formally working for the law firm the GCCF contracted to process the claims.

The claim is evaluated after an interview process with the claimant, then the claimant is given clear direction of what they need to do if they want their claim paid. If you follow these directions given by our in house experts, and allow them to package and organize your claim, they are seeing an exceptionally high success rate. Our BP Claims Team members know how to do this, because at one time they were working for the other side, and they know the in`s and out`s of the claims process, because they were the ones processing the claims.

They know why claims are denied, stalled, labeled deficient, and how to cure causation issues. Most of our in-house advisers have their Jurist Doctorates, and have extensive claims preparation knowledge.

BP Claims Recent News

The GCCF historically pays BP Claims in waves. We are very happy to tell you that in this most recent wave we have had great success in getting your BP Claims get paid. In fact many individual claims were paid within 45 days of submission, claims that we asked to be re-reviewed were paid within 7 days, and multiple business claims were paid with in 60 days of submission.

The key when you are working with our Consultants is to listen very carefully, and furnish the paperwork they ask for in a timely manner. The biggest issues many have had with processing your BP Claims has been chasing the paperwork, and not being familiar with the BP Claims process. It is up to you to furnish the paperwork we request, we will help you.

We are serious about getting your BP Claims paid, and request that the people we work with are serious too. If your claim is at the GCCF we can help you, claims that are denied or stalled can be re-reviewed and set back on track through our system.

BP Claims Business Specialists

BP Business Claims are very different from individual claims, many of the supporting documents needed to substantiate a BP Business Claim greatly impact the likelihood of your claims getting paid. Showing causation is a key factor. We have handled Business Claims from $15 million to $5,000 dollars and treated them all with the thoroughness and the due diligence they deserve. It is important to link the Oil Spill with the down turn in Business, and that can be done in a number of ways.

Other factors that need to be included are any tax records, profit and loss statements, and contracts that were cancelled due to the spill. These components can all have substantial impact and carry different degrees of weight. When these are all organized in the proper manner and calculated they are the trended.

Trending is perhaps the most misunderstood application when one is figuring their BP Claims, it is also the reason many claims are denied. If you need Help our fees start at just 15%, if we need to get an Attorney involved, your total fee will be no greater then 25%, and all fees are contingent upon you getting paid, there is no upfront cost.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Attorneys wrangle for Percentage

BP Claims put on Hold are now Unlocked

bp claims

BP Claims get Halted

BP Claims Attorneys heading up the Plaintiff Steering Committee for the MDL, want 6% of all oil spill claims paid to victims of The Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GCCF is waiting to reformulate the GCCF payments before paying ANY more GCCF claims. All oil spill claims are at a stand still. If the Attorneys who run the Plaintiff Steering Committee have their way, and according to Judge Barbier`s December 28th ruling they got it, anybody filing a BP Claim with the GCCF whether or not they use an Attorney will have to pay the 6% fee. This is bad news for 1000`s upon 1000`s of people. It is astonishing that the attorneys who are suppose to represent the people are trying to further profit at the peoples expense. For a change it is not thoroughly Ken Feinberg`s fault. After a very upsetting day for many the BP Claims process has been unlocked. Read Article

Not all BP Claims Attorneys Agree with this.

We have been receiving quite a few emails today from BP Claims Attorneys at the epicenter of the litigation today. Most are declaring neutrality on the subject of the extra 6%, and have gone on to state that this is an unusual and unfortunate circumstance. Some attorneys are just dead set against it, and we applaud them. They have also said that this is not a normal type of litigation and in most instances the members of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee usually get paid by the Attorneys that bring them the cases to get settled. Due to the nature of the BP claims process some attorneys feel that the people directly handling their own claims are benefiting by the work of the PSC Attorneys and should pay the extra 6%. Many claimants we have spoken to today are fed up with the BP claims process, and especially angry at the Attorneys involved with the PSC who are taking money out of their pockets.

BP Claims Insiders at the GCCF Report

Many of the attorneys who have filed claims with the GCCF did so without providing evidence of their clients’ claims, often this is the fault of the client for not producing the paperwork required. Now the attorneys heading up the PSC are seeking a 6 % fee for allegedly solving many of the problems in the GCCF claim process. This is absurd, especially after many of these attorneys perpetuated their clients’ problems by filing incomplete claims delaying their clients’ desperately needed rewards. The heads of the GCCF did suggest that the attorneys file all claims regardless of how complete they were, so they could potentially make offers on these claims, for the most part this has not been effective, though that could change. Individuals and businesses should have some sense of how complete their claim is, if it is incomplete they should do their best to cure their BP Claims. If the PSC is going to charge an extra 6% and if there is still 14 billion dollars to get paid out, that is over 750 Million Dollars, maybe some of that should be allocated to Claims preparers that could help people and Attorneys properly prepare their claims

Does it now cost 40% to get your BP Claims Paid: It Doesn`t have to

If the BP Claims Attorneys at the PSC are receiving 6% from the GCCF, and your BP Claims Attorney is receiving 331/3% plus other expenses for handling your BP Claims, are they in fact getting almost 40% of your BP Claims money, that seems to be the real question on everyone`s mind on our BP Claims hotline today. If your Attorney is charging you 331/3% plus other expenses, and the GCCF is deducting 6% from your BP Claims, 40% of your BP Claims money is the going to the Attorneys. Many of our Attorneys start at 25% to handle your BP Claims, and our BP Claims consultants charge 15%. That`s a savings of almost 20%-10% after the new 6% fee is factored in.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida

BP Claims Group gets client paid in 3 weeks.

bp claims

BP Claims

The client came into one of our BP Claims Team members offices on November 16th, she is a nail technician in an area with a high rate of tourism. She lost a tremendous amount of business due to the lack of tourism. She had all of her paperwork prepared, and the file was calculated, and needed paperwork was added. Her BP Claim was submitted days later.

On Tuesday of last week she received an Interim offer of $22,500, and a final offer of $22,500. Her claim was clearly out of the area directly impacted by the Spill, but did suffer do to the lack of tourism, a stigma from the spill. She was also part of a new group of claims that were submitted after creating a new processing program, this should ensure a much higher rate of success. We will keep you updated. We will continue to innovate and create new relationships to better serve.

BP Claims are getting paid by the GCCF

The GCCF will often pay your BP Claims if they are valid, and put together in a way that is understandable to the people processing the claims, the key here is to format your BP Claims in such away that they are easily understood. We have been told by the people that are actually processing your BP Claims exactly how to do this. One of our consultant groups we work with now has it`s own representative in the offices Brown Greer, the law firm that is actually processing your BP Claims. This new relationship with an Insider at Brown Greer has proved most useful.

There is a strict set of criteria that the claims must meet, these include financial tests, show causation, proper trending, and the calculations to substantiate the claims. We have also learned that about 75% of the claims that are submitted, fail one or more of these prerequisites, these are not just claims submitted by Individuals and Businesses, but by Attorneys, Accountants, and other Claims Groups. If the BP Claims process was more transparent this would not be the case.

The problem here is that the GCCF has never been completely transparent on how the claims processors need the claim formatted, so it can be understood in a clear and concise manner then processed. Many people believe that the more information one puts in the claim the better. This only allows for more errors while processing. BP Claims need to be put together in a simple and concise format.

The GCCF has been difficult from the beginning, it is our goal to ease these issues, and get to the root of the matter, which is getting your BP Claims paid. If this proves to be an impossible task, more litigious avenues will be utilized.

BP Claims Free Review.

Many of the team members will review your BP Claims for free. If you have received an offer that you think is too low, or if you claim has been denied, found deficient, or is still stalled at the GCCF, the BP Claims Experts that we have connected with will review your BP Claims at no charge. If they can get you more then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has offered you, they will only charge you for the extra money received. That charge is 15% if you use a consultant, and 25%-33.3% if you need the services of an Attorney.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



BP Claims Process Spurs D.C. March

BP Claims Discontent Grows

bp claims

BP Claims Protestors

People upset with the BP claims process marched on D.C. Monday as they showed their discontent towards Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The protestors were organized by former comedian/actor turned activist Dick Gregory and Art Rocker chairman of Operation People for Peace. The coalition wants President Obama to answer the needs of its members as they think Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility have not met the needs of the people affected by the BP Oil Spill.

GCCF Closes doors to BP Claims Offices

All of this is happening as the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is closing 8 more GCCF offices, making it even more difficult for people to file for their BP Claims. The people of St. Bernard Parish are rallying to keep their GCCF office open so they can file their BP Claims, receive updates and get answers. St. Bernard Parish Councilman Frank Auderer,  said the fishermen “are already struggling, so we need to have an office in our area to service those people that have not been serviced yet.” Many of the people of St. Bernard Parish make a living from the resources of the Gulf of Mexico, the people of the parish for the large part have not been paid, does it really make sense for the GCCF to close their office.

There is Help for your BP Claims

We at are consistently working to improve your chances of getting your BP Claims paid by the GCCF. We have helped many groups of Claims Adjusters, Consultants and Attorneys, get a better understanding of the BP Claims process. We believe you should have an option of choosing Adjusters, Consultants or to be represented by an Attorney. The choice is yours, it is our job to help to make sure what ever group you choose, they are the best at what they do, and they are. Adjusters have been getting smaller claims paid within 3 weeks of filing them with the GCCF, larger bp business claims may take  longer, but are getting paid. No matter what size your claim is we have the right group to handle it.

Our Main goal has always been and Will always be to Help as many as possible.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Process Spurs D.C. March
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims get Paid

BP Claims Expert get Claims Paid

BP Claims

BP Claims

In an effort to get your BP Claims Paid, will continue to innovate, and create relationships with Claims Professionals and Attorneys that are passionate about getting BP claims paid from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The main goal has always been, and will always be, to help as many people as possible. This has led us to share information about the BP Claims Process that we have gathered with numerous groups. About 2 months ago we began a relationship with one such Group. Last week Mark Schwartz and his group, got numerous claims paid by the GCCF , and we at are very proud of him. Mark listened, he learned, and he got people paid. Mark`s dedication to people hurt by the spill, and his tenacity for getting people paid ALL they are owed,,, awesome.

” You have Multiple avenues to settle your BP Claims”

We at believe that you should have multiple options for settling your BP Claims. Many people don`t want to litigate their BP Claims, they just want to get paid. We have selected different groups of BP Claims Adjusters and Consultants to help you achieve just that. We also have fantastic attorneys such as Brent Coon if you choose the services of an Attorney. Mark Schwartz the gentlemen I just wrote about, specializes in waiter/waitress claims and charges anywhere from 10-15% of what he recovers, it all depends upon the work involved, on several occasions Mark has done peoples claims for free. We are also helping several different Claims Groups across the Gulf Region get a better understanding of the BP Claims process, so they may better serve you.

BP Claims Pioneers

As I write this I am up in the panhandle meeting with some folks that have been getting people their BP Claims Paid since the beginning, they are the true pioneers of BP Claims Consultants.  It has been my privilege to get to know these guys and to work with them. They have consistently had one of the best records of ANYONE getting BP Claims paid. These guys get Claims Paid.  They have helped many of the businesses in the Panhandle area get what they deserve from BP and the GCCF. In the last few days we have shared ideas, talked about trends we are seeing, and what should be considered as a future course of action.

The GCCF and BP has had numerous opportunities to “make this right”, the pledge BP used in the beginning, we don`t hear that ad on  TV anymore because they decided not to “Make this Right.” We can help you make this right, just fill out the form on the right and someone will contact you.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Get Paid
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims Unsolicited 25k Offers


BP Claims receive Unsolicited Offers

BP Claims

The GCCF is making unsolicited offers for your BP Claims. As it turns out they are calling people with valid BP Claims, and offering them BP Claims Quick pays in many instances. Many of these people are business owners who lost more then the 25k they are being offered for their Oil Spill Claims. If you receive any of these offers, and want to speak to an expert regarding your Gulf Coast Claims, we can help you get straight answers regarding your BP Claims.

BP Claims Experts

All BP Claims experts are not the same, there are law firms, accounting groups, claims adjusters, all trying to get a piece of the Oil Spill Claims pie. I am proud to say that hands down we have put together the best people in the country to handle your Oil Spill Claims. They are known in the Industry, and yes their is now an Industry around the BP Claims process, as the preeminent experts in their respective fields. We have a BP Claims Calculations expert, we have a BP Claims litigation expert, and a firm specializing in people that have gotten ill during the oil spill. The Claims Team that we have assembled is truly at the apex of their respective fields. Remember that all members of the BP Claims Team are separate entities, but many of them are now collaborating together to get your BP Claims paid.

BP Claims Paperwork

When you are preparing for the BP Claims process have your tax records, w-2`s, and bank records ready for 2008, 2009, 2010. If you are a business, have a P and L ready for 2009 and 2010, they are now asking for 2011. Get all the paperwork together you can to substantiate your loss. If you were layed off as a result of the BP oil spill, as the financial effects trickled down through the economies, get a letter from your boss. If you are a business that lost a contract due to the oil spill, ask for a letter from the client who had to cancel the contract. Do not overburden the GCCF or people handling your Gulf Coast Claims with extra un-needed paperwork. It slows down the process and allows for more error, we are very well aware of the fact that the GCCF mislabels paperwork in your file, less documentation can be a benefit, overwhelming the process with lots of irrelevant paperwork will not help your BP Claims.

Our BP Claims Solutions


BP Claims at the GCCF

If your BP Claims are filed with the GCCF and you are tired of waiting for the decision, or have received deficiency letters and would like your claims troubleshooted and recalculated members of the Team can do that for a 15% fee of what is recovered. BP Claims Adjusters are best utilized here.

Denied BP Claims

If your Oil SpillClaims have been denied there are a number of options available. Members of the Team can reorganize and recalculate your claims all while it is sitting at the GCCF. People who have tried to handle their claims themselves and been denied 3 times have utilized members of our Team, and gotten their claims approved, one within 9 days, though that is not the norm, it usually takes about 45 days. If your Claims have other issues such as causation, moratorium, or other legal challenges it maybe best to speak with one of our noted Claims Attorneys. Claims Adjusters, and or Attorneys should be considered here.

GCCF makes you a BP Claims Settlement Offer

If the GCCF makes you an offer on your Oil Spill Claims, our  Claims Experts will review the settlement at no charge and tell you if you should receive more. They will only charge you for the extra monies you receive above the original offer. BP Claims Adjusters are best utilized here.

Your BP Claims lack paperwork or has other Issues

In some cases, where there is a lack of necessary documentation or other issues are at hand, it may be best to place your BP Oil Spill Claims with an Attorney. An Attorney specializing in the BP Claims process has several different tools at their disposal in-order to help you get your BP Claims settled. They may choose to litigate your Oil Spill Claims, they may put your BP Claims in a pool of other similar Oil Spill Claims, they may directly negotiate with GCCF on your behalf, all in-order to get your BP Claims paid. BP Claims Attorneys are best utilized here.

BP Claims that have not been filed yet

If you think you can handle your Oil Spill Claims by yourself, and want to give it a try by all means do. Do not let the GCCF tell you how to calculate your BP Claims though. If you think that you have a grasp on all the necessary calculations and their ever changing trending( this is why most BP Claims are denied), my hat is off to you. If you want the help of Claims Experts that have been there, done that, and are the most respected BP Claims Experts in the country, you may want to consider using a Claims Adjuster or a BP Claims Attorney.

How much does it cost to handle your BP Claims

All BP Claims professionals that we work with, work on a contingency basis, they don`t get paid until you do. BP Claims Adjusters and Consultants charge 15%, and BP Claims Attorney`s that handle a myriad of oil spill claims and legal issues charge from 20%-33 1/3% to handle your BP Claims.