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Judge Edith Clement and Big Oil


BP Claims and Judge Edith ClementOn Thursday morning, January 16, I was sent a link to an article written by James Gill of The Advocate in Baton Rouge.
The article was on  Judge Edith Clement, who is the 5th Circuit Judge that originally sided with BP, and will hear more of BP`s appeals in the very near future. 

The article points out that there may be a good reason that this judge, who seems to be very friendly to BP with her written opinions, is making the decisions that greatly benefit BP, and not the people that were financially harmed by the worst man-made disaster in U.S. history.

Judge Clement and FREE

The article points out that Judge Clement has for years been a board member one of the most active front organizations, for Big Oil and Energy. She is a board member of  The Foundation for Research into Economics and the Environment (a.k.a. FREE). This organization seems to be very pro big oil, as its chairperson, John Baden, is a past member of the National Petroleum Council.

As the article points out, Judge Clement’s picture is on the website, she is a board member. This group is funded by Big Oil and takes luxurious junkets yearly, one of the last ones being to Montana, it was estimated by an independent group that the cost per individual of that trip was 10,000 dollars a head. It is not clear where all of the funding for this group comes from but it is clear that, at least in part, it is funded by big oil. One of the major financial contributors is Exxon/Mobil.

Apparently sometime in 2005, Judge Andre M. Davis was a board member of this same group and someone filed a formal complaint citing the obvious conflict of interest. Judge Davis requested an opinion from the Committee on Codes of Conduct of the Judicial Conference of the United Stated District Court. Their opinion was issued on March 30, 2005 and it clearly explained that the honorable judge was violating several rules by being on the board of FREE. In a nut shell, the opinion was that the judge’s service on the board of this group calls into question the judge’s partiality on certain issues. Since the group is funded in part by “Big Oil” who would you think the judge would favor in a court case?

 The article goes on to explain that Douglas Kendall, the President of the Constitutional Accountability Center in Washington, DC, wrote to Clement pointing out the Judicial Conference of the United States had ruled that joining FREE’s board was against its code of conduct, she did not respond. Click here to read the letter to Judge Clement dated December 9, 2010.

She is still a member to this day and you can see a picture of her here, she is on the Board of DirectorsJUDGE EDITH CLEMENT FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES AND BP STOCK

If you look at Judge Clements 2011 financial disclosures here is a l link to them you will see how vested she is an energy stocks, specifically Vanguard which is as I understand is one of the largest stockholders of BP stock in the United States. Please understand, I am not saying any of the Vanguard mutual funds she owns has BP Stock in them, but should`nt this and her relationship with FREE at the very least be looked into.

Top Mutual Fund Holders of BP Stock according to Yahoo Finance.

Franklin Custodian Funds-Income Fund
Vanguard/Wellington Fund Inc.
Vanguard/Windsor II 15,549,869
Vanguard Specialized-Energy Fund
DFA International Value Series
American Mutual Fund Inc
Invesco Comstock Fd 4,826,424
American Beacon Large Cap Value Fd
Hartford Capital Appreciation Fund
Vanguard/Windsor Fund Inc


 Why does this matter?

In the judicial system of the United States, judges are required to recuse themselves (remove themselves from participating in a case), not only when they are biased, but even when they may appear biased to a neutral observer. This appearance-based recusal standard is intended to ensure the judge’s impartiality in resolving disputes, to protect the judiciary’s reputation, and to instill public confidence in the fairness of the courts.

 Just a side note here, George Busch appointed her, we know who he stands with, and that is Big Oil. Judge Clement also owned BP stock as late as 2009.

At this point, it appears many are questioning the impartiality of Judge Clement with regard to the BP case.

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BP Settlement has Been Approved

BP Settlement Judge Barbier Signs the Settlement

bp settlementThe Court Supervised BP Claims Settlement is officially moving forward. Judge Barbier signed off yesterday. There were no major changes to the BP Settlement leaving seafood processors, and people who were forced into quick pays holding the proverbial bag. The Seafood Settlement is also still capped at 2.3 Billion.

The BP Settlement Bonanza

The Settlement for some is incredible news, property owners that border the gulf of Mexico can file claims for a number of reasons, especially if there is or was oil along the shore. Individuals and Business owners under the Settlement have a more concise methodology to figure their BP Settlement Claims. There are several factors that will bolster BP Settlement Claims, such as Industry and Zones. There are several other calculations after you establish the base line claims for your BP Settlement that can greatly enhance your bottom line. The BP Settlement is a windfall for those that qualify in most instances.

The BP Settlement Fund

Supposedly the new BP Settlement Fund will be open for business sometime early June. Though it maybe relatively easy to establish your baseline loss, the other multipliers and factors that increase the loss are by no means easy, and in many instances they hard to understand, go figure.

BP Settlement Example

We had a gentlemen who had a dredging business come to us for help to file his claim. Initially it looked like it was pretty cut and dry, he had a 4 million dollar loss, and had lost his business. By the time the Claims Adjusters we had sent it to got done figuring his claim, his estimated Settlement will be over 12 million dollars.

Our BP Settlement Process

We work with Licensed Claims Adjusters.  Adjusters charge from 7.5%-15% to handle your Claims.

We are here to maximize your BP Claims we do not give legal advice.
We have in house CPA`s and Claims Adjusters with over 30 years of experience.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement.

The BP Settlement and Who We can Help

The BP Settlement is Under Review

bp settlement  For many of you the words under review are reminders of the GCCF, but the fact is the BP Settlement is being reviewed by Attorneys, Adjusters and Advocacy Groups. The BP Settlement on the whole is favorable for the people it was meant to serve.

The general idea of the BP Settlement is meant to serve the greatest good for the largest amount of people possible.

Our major concern under the BP Settlement continues to be the 2.3 billion dollar cap for Seafood Harvesters, they of all should not have a cap under the BP Settlement.

BP Settlement who we can Assist

The BP Settlement covers economic losses in zones and in regards to Industry. There are maps, there are multipliers, there is trend analysis, and to top it all off it is over 100o pages.We will be publishing everything as we go through the BP Settlement.

The BP Settlement is complex but it does cover more individuals and businesses and due to its nature there will be many more people with Multiple Claims.

We can Help you if you fall into the following BP Settlement Categories:

  • Your business suffered losses due to the BP Oil Spill
  • You are an individual that suffered losses due to the Oil Spill
  • You make a living from the Gulf of Mexico ( Seafood Harvesters)
  • Your property or the value of your property was impacted
  • You have a Subsistence Claim
  • You got Sick from the Oil or the Dispersant Corexit
  • Your BP Claims were Denied or are still sitting at the GCCF
  • If you need help from Catholic Charities and need immediate aid

BP Settlement Attorneys or Adjusters

We work with Attorneys and Licensed Adjusters that will help you with your BP Settlement Claims, in many instances we recommend using an Adjuster because of their expertise and history of documenting claims as the first step, if during the process of putting together your file for the BP Settlement they think their could be issues,  they may recommend the services of an Attorney.

We are not anti Attorney in anyway, we just feel strongly that Licensed Adjusters have more experience documenting these types of claims, it`s what they do for a living.

When a Hurricane comes through the first people in are the Adjusters that begin to document the economic and physical losses in its aftermath. Due to the nature of the Oil Spill it closely resembles the aftermath of a hurricane. Think of the BP Settlement Fund as an insurance company, do you need an Attorney to handle your insurance claim, only if you are having an issue getting paid by the insurance company. Even though the Settlement is court supervised our Licensed Adjusters have made arrangements for Attorney Representation if needed. So unless it looks like you are going to have issues with your BP Settlement, why pay for the  services of an Attorney. Our Licensed Adjusters have retained the services of Attorneys and have CPA`s on staff.

Though in certain circumstances BP Settlement Attorneys are needed and we are happy to utilize them.

Adjusters Charge from 7.5% -15%, (large loss claims over 1 million dollars start at 7.5%)

Attorneys charge from 20%-40%

All fees are contingent

We will help you with your BP Settlement.

BP Settlement Agreement

BP Settlement Agreement

bp settlement agreementBREAKING NEWS: is the first internet source to post the BP Settlement Agreement in its complete entirety and it is posted for your viewing. You can view the entire agreement here.

Please stay tuned to this website for the latest news and information on this BP Settlement Agreement.

This just came out within the last hour and it explains the new guidelines and process they will be using to get your BP Claims processed and paid.

This new process is much different than the GCCF process and is aimed to get people the money they lost due to the BP Oil Spill.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-BP-Claim.

To view a synopsis of the BP Settlement agreement click here.

We have claims adjusters that are filing claims on a contingency basis for 15%.  If you don’t get paid they won’t get paid.  These Claims Adjusters are at the top of their game and are getting people paid the compensation they truly deserve.

We also have attorneys working on the same contingency basis for between 20%-25%.   Our Attorneys will fight to get your settlement compensated quickly and for the correct amount of what you deserve.  These groups like us our out to help as many people as possible collect the losses people suffered due to BP’s negligence.

They are determined to get you rewarded and work on a contingency basis.  In order for them to collect fees they know they have to get you paid.  These BP Claims Experts know what documents are needed to prove the losses you suffered and get your BP Settlement approved and compensated.

These BP Claims Experts are standing by and are here to help you today.  We will help you get your BP Settlement.  Again our goal is to get you paid.  Please stay tuned for the newly released BP Settlement Agreement news and explanations.  We will keep you up to date on all new information and BP News.

For immediate assistance please fill out the free claim evaluation form to the right or call us now at 1-800-BP-Claim.  We will contact you today and get you signed up with the a BP Claims Expert who is ready to  get you the compensation you deserve.

BP Settlement Agreement Help

Our Claims Adjusters work on a contingency basis for 15%.  If you don’t get paid they won’t get paid.  These Claims Adjusters are at the top of their game and are getting people paid the compensation they truly deserve.  We also have attorneys working on the same contingency basis for between 20%-25%.

Our Attorneys will fight to get your settlement compensated quickly and for the correct amount of what you deserve.  These groups like us our out to help as many people as possible collect the losses people suffered due to BP’s negligence.

They are determined to get you rewarded and work on a contingency basis.  In order for them to collect fees they know they have to get you paid.  These BP Claims Experts know what documents are needed to prove the losses you suffered and get your BP Settlement approved and compensated.

These BP Claims Experts are standing by and are here to help you today.  We will help you get your BP Settlement.  Again our goal is to get you paid.  Please stay tuned for the newly released BP Settlement Agreement news and explanations.  We will keep you up to date on all new information and BP News.

For immediate assistance please fill out the free claim evaluation form to the right or call us now at 1-800-BP-Claim.  We will contact you today and get you signed up with the a BP Claims Expert who is ready to  get you the compensation you deserve.


We will help you Understand the BP Settlement Agreement

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims: Who do They Apply to?

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims:

Mind you until we see the settlement this is conjecture, but educated conjecture.

bp settlement waterfront claimsOf all the claims, these BP Waterfront Claims are possibly the most valuable out of the whole Property Claims Program. The BP Settlement Waterfront Claims regard the properties along the coast line. These properties will be the ones that will have a Zone A connotation. BP Settlement Waterfront Claims, though seemingly a narrow class, are actually expansive under the BP Settlement.

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims will expand the class to all waterfront claims along the rivers, estuaries and bays from just west of New Orleans to just east of Pensacola, FL. Essentially, BP Settlement Waterfront Claims will open up the category from strictly beachfront property owners to property owners who had property among river banks and bays.

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims and zone A

Furthermore, the Zone A category expands up to 0.5 miles from the coast line and beaches for BP Settlement Waterfront Claims. This would mean that BP Settlement Waterfront Claims do not have to be directly on the beach, but it does mean that they would have to be close, within a few blocks from the beach, to qualify for Zone A standing.

Your BP Settlement Claims multiplier, as previously mentioned, will be factored in bare in mind that this multiplier for BP Settlement Waterfront Claims is not set, yet, as the Settlement Agreement has not been accepted by BP and has not been approved by the Eastern District Court.

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims expand to properties that suffered from oil spillage resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Incident of 4/20/10. BP Settlement Waterfront Claims also expand to loss of sales price. Where the Claimant had sold the property AFTER the Spill, than what the property was appraised for before the Spill. BP Settlement Waterfront Claims will also include cancelled contracts to buy your waterfront property.

BP Settlement Waterfront Claims and Contracts

On cancelled purchase contracts, BP Settlement Waterfront Claims will pay a percentage of the Pre-Spill sales price. There is some speculation as to what sales price to use in calculating BP Settlement Waterfront Claims’ loss from a cancelled contract, but it appears that the higher, Pre-Spill appraisal price will be used.

Keep in mind that the Settlement Agreement, and issues involving BP Settlement Waterfront Claims, have not been settled, yet. This will happen on 4/16/12, so be patient, we will release the facts as soon as they are presented to us. Thank you.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement Waterfront Claims.

BP Settlement Individual Claims

BP Settlement Individual Claims

bp settlement individual claimsThe BP Settlement about to be released will open the doors to many Claimants who were previously excluded, perpetually denied and had no hope. Though perfection cannot be preached, there is a noted improvement under the new System for BP Settlement Individual Claims. What will be discussed here is who can qualify and how to qualify.

First of all, the BP Settlement has broken up the Gulf Region into 4 Zones: A, B, C, D. BP Settlement Individual Claims are covered under these zones. Where Zone A is the closest, Zone D is the farthest away from the actual coast line. BP Settlement Individual Claims have opened to any individual with an economic loss, and evidence required to prove your claim will be based on in which you Zone YOU WORK. The location of your employer will govern which Zone you qualify in and will affect the multiplier that is applied to your damages.

BP Settlement Individual Claims zone break down:

•Zone A – 1/2 mile from the beach and high impact areas. BP Oil Spill Caused All Damage presumed, meaning that Causation will not hinder your BP Settlement Individual Claims.
•Zone B – Within 1.0 mile, but ½ mile from the beach. Seafood And Tourist places to work. Causation on these BP Settlement Individual Claims who work for employers in the seafood/tourist businesses will be presumed. All other BP Settlement Individual Claims will have to show an actual, Post-Spill, 4/20/10 loss.
•Zone C – Over 1.0 mile from the beach, but less than 2.0 miles. Seafood harvesters and processors. Causation for these types of BP Settlement Individual Claims will be presumed. On all other BP Settlement Individual Claims, even if they rely upon seafood and/or tourism, will have to show a reliance on tourism to the GULF and seafood from the GULF. These BP Settlement Individual Claims will also have to show an actual, Post Spill loss.
•Zone D – Over 2.0 miles from the beaches. These are all other claims over 2.0 miles from the beach. You must show a dependency on fishing and/or tourism through causation documentation. In addition to showing causation, you must show an actual loss after the Spill, but a trend upwards in 2011. The OPA imposes a duty to mitigate damages, and this will have to be shown in your financial data, payroll records, etc.

BP Settlement Individual Claims may look like this.

Zone A + Direct reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = a damage multiplier of 3.5
Zone A + Indirect reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = a DM of 3.0. These types of BP Settlement Individual Claims would be employees of companies that served the tourism and fishing industries. For example: an employee of a Marketing publisher that publishes pamphlets for a Hyatt on the beach, will now be able to get paid, but at a slightly lower multiplier.  Zone B + Direct reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 3.0 because you are not directly on the beach, it will be assumed that these BP Settlement Individual Claims did not suffer as great a loss as those BP Settlement Individual Claims located on the beach.
Zone B + Indirect reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 2.5, for these types of BP Settlement Individual Claims. At least you will not be a pre-determined denial while being told that you still qualify.
Zone C + Direct reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 2.5, for these types of BP Settlement Individual Claims.
Zone C + Indirect reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 2.0 for these BP Settlement Individual Claims originating from Zone C.
Zone D + Direct reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 2.0 for these types of BP Settlement Individual Claims.
Zone D + Indirect reliance upon Tourism and/or Fishing = 1.5 for these BP Settlement Individual Claims.

These multipliers are theoretical, at best, at this point for BP Settlement Individual Claims. The Settlement is not set in stone, yet, but this information is based on what we are hearing. Furthermore, the calculation of your damage will look like this:

[YOUR 2010 Damages] + [Your 2010 Damages X Multiplier] = Total award for your BP Settlement Individual Claims. The System will be more generous this time around and it does not automatically deny people. This is a great improvement for BP Settlement Individual Claims.

As always we have Attorneys or Adjusters that will help you with your BP Settlement Individual claims

BP Claims Settlement on Monday

BP Claims Settlement should be Monday

bp claimsWell here we go again, the BP Claims Settlement has everybody`s hopes up, just like when Feinberg opened the GCCF, it is eerily reminiscent. The BP Claims Settlement promises to be better though, more transparent, easily understood, and fair. The devil is going to be in the details, experts will comb through it for days, we do have some inkling of what it will contain, but continue to hear that terms of the settlement are changing from day to day.

BP Claims Settlement pros and cons

Your Claims are finally going to get paid, or at least we think so. There are going to be generous multipliers for people in specific zones such as zone A, along the shore, there will be larger multipliers for the ones most affected such as folks in the Seafood Harvesting and Tourist Business. What appears to be a windfall for many has some strings, it is a Settlement, you get paid and your done. The biggest draw back about settling Claims at this point continues to be the unknown Health of the Gulf. The Wall Street Journal today wrote an article all about it. see here

If you choose not to settle your BP Claims

Well if you decide to litigate your BP Claims we are looking at potentially years of litigation before you get paid. Personally I am not opposed to litigation, if you can afford to wait them out, and we have plenty of good lawyers that we are in contact with that would love to help you. Personally I don`t believe we should even be talking about a BP Claims Settlement until we know what the facts are about the health of the Gulf. That being said we have developed a system with different groups of Attorneys and Adjusters that can and will help you with your BP Claims. Different groups specialize in different sorts of Claims.

BP Claims and You

The biggest thing you need to remember is that the BP Claims process was meant to make you whole, or as whole as you can get. There are a lot of people with very large losses through out the Gulf, whether it is a large business loss, the loss of your health, the loss of a job, or the loss of how you made a living for generations. In the end, how you handle your BP Claims is up to you, as a friend of mine would say Pause, Pray, and Proceed, I think it is a good time to do that.

We will help you with your BP Claims.




Moratorium BP Claims get some Hope

Moratorium BP Claims get Support

BP Claims

BP Moratorium Claims get some Help

A large news syndicate has just reported that a member of congress, Rep. Joseph Landry of Louisiana, is calling for the New Settlement Agreement to accept BP Moratorium claims. The New Settlement Agreement is the Settlement Agreement that had been authored by the Plaintiff Steering Committee. Also, BP Moratorium claims have been historically denied by the GCCF, which we are sure you are all familiar with that policy by now.

As we advocate for different classes to be included in the BP claims settlement process, we are noticing a few changes. First, there is a medical class, now there is news breaking for the BP Moratorium claims, we wonder what will be next; Quick Pay Victims?

We’re working on it.

BP Claims and the Moratorium

This is a new development in the BP claims process, however, and it is big. This class of claims, BP Moratorium claims, now have a new ally in Rep. Landry. It would seem that, in regards to this class of BP claims, common sense is on the rise for BP Moratorium claims. After all, as you all know, the Spill occurred 4/20/10, President Obama ordered the Moratorium in May of 2010.

The legal justification that BP used to deny these particular BP claims? The President’s order issuing the Moratorium was an act of intervening cause that severed BP’s liability towards Oil Industry Workers. In other words, BP Moratorium claims were not being paid because of the President’s Moratorium. And, BP was allowed to deny these BP claims, and has been able to do so, without recourse or rebuttal, except from us, and some PSC members.

As you may not know, BP was able to exercise strong control over Feinberg/Rosen and the GCCF. It was most likely BP’s call to deny BP Moratorium claims. Another fund was setup to pay the claims but it was not easily understood or very successful. If it wasn’t BP’s decision to deny these BP claims, could it have been Feinberg’s? Possibly.

Fortunately, from what we are seeing with the new BP Settlement Agreement for BP claims, needed issues are being addressed and it should work for most claimants.

We would like to say that, ‘it’s all water under the bridge,’ but we cannot. There are thousands of Oil Industry Workers who have not been able to receive reimbursement for their losses after filing a BP claim. They were denied and many were laid off because of the Spill. This would mean that these workers have suffered, and have suffered, with BP’s policies towards BP Moratorium claims.

The news broke today. Moratorium BP claims have a fighting chance now and are being advocated for by a congressman. Please feel free to call us to discuss your BP claims.

Our stance on Moratorium BP Claims

Simply said, they should get paid, it is our position, everyone should be made whole, businesses, individuals, anyone that accepted Quick Pays, that were economically forced into it. We will not settle for less then the full economic restoration of the People of the Gulf, and Full Environmental Restoration. That is it, and that is our position.

If you need help with your BP Claims we advocate using Adjusters and Attorneys that have your best interests at Heart.

Adjusters start at 7.5% for large loss claims on up to 15%, and Attorneys start at 20%. If you would like to connect with them please fill out the form to the Right.

We would like to give a special shout out to our Friends at Deadliest Catch and the start of their new season, specifically the Guys on the Time Bandit and the Northwestern and for their help with the Survive the Spill Program we set up with their help and Catholic Charities, if you need charitable assistance by all means fill out the form to the right and we will get help to you. Please mention in the comments box, need help now.

We will Help You with your BP Claims.

Denied BP Claims Flowing from the GCCF

Denied BP Claims hitting an All Time High

BP Claims

BP Claims Get Denied

If your BP Claims were recently denied you were not alone, we are seeing well documented, well organized BP Claims getting denied at the GCCF at a record rate. It seems that the GCCF is clearing out all of the BP Claims that it has been holding on to.

We can Help You if you have been denied.

At this point there will be very few claims left with the GCCF before the Fund transitions into the BP Settlement process. The Denial rate is utterly astounding, we have NEVER seen this rate of denied BP Claims come out of the GCCF since it`s inception.

Are BP Claims being forced into the Settlement Process

When you step back and look at the strategies displayed by the GCCF, you just can`t help but think that they are just making way for the upcoming BP Settlement. This is part of the Delay, Deny, and Defend tactics, and is meant to dishearten the people from pursuing their BP Claims.

They are just trying to wear down people with legitimate BP Claims. As we have told you before, this is a common tactic that has been used through out the BP Claims Process, this strategy was originated by unscrupulous insurance companies. The GCCF is making one last effort to thwart paying legitimate BP Claims, even while in transition.

Look for all of the present employees at the GCCF to be replaced in the very near future.

Do not let them make you loose heart for your economic justice. We can and will Help You.

BP Claims and the BP Settlement

We are hearing from a large number of you that are concerned that there will not be a major shift in attitude from the GCCF to the new BP Claims Settlement Fund. As I see it there will be a DRAMATIC shift and it will be coming from the top down. As I said above they are getting ready to get rid of all GCCF employees as the new regime is about to take charge, and it couldn`t be happening soon enough for many of us. Judge Barbier is running the show with Patrick Juneau, and everything I have heard about Mr. Juneau, and much of this from people that know him, all say the same thing, stand up, no nonsense guy, with a an over all concern for people. Let`s hope that carries through. Time will tell. If you would like to connect with Attorneys or Adjusters that can help you with your BP Claims for the settlement, please fill out the form to the right.

BP Claims and our Stance

We at have only had one goal in mind since this all began, to help people. We started with sites that got people to charities, and that morphed into following the BP Claims process, The BP Claims process under Feinberg and the GCCF was AWFUL, people were duped into Quick Pays when they were promised Interim payments, many took these and agreed not sue BP, and are now struggling once again with no remedies in site. We will continue to fight for these people, and will continue to organize them.

We will continue to help individuals and businesses that were denied, we are actively helping people with medical claims. When nobody wanted to take these cases we found a group that would, and I am happy to say that same Firm helped get them into the BP Claims Settlement, and they are now going to be compensated.

If you need help with Your BP Claims even if they were denied, we can and will help you, Consultants and Adjusters start at 15%, Attorneys start at 20%, Large Loss Business Claims can be handled for 7.5%.

We are not allied with any particular Firm or group, but simply will get your claims to the best possible Group that specializes in those particular claims.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Settlement “Your Options”

BP Claims Settlement What you Need to Know

bp claims  The BP Claims Settlement is an opt in or opt out process, what does that mean? That means you are bound by the decision of the BP Settlement Court Supervised Program. If you don`t like the amount you have been awarded you can go to an appeals board that will be set up within the new program.


Your stuck with what they offer you or don`t offer you and can not litigate, but you can appeal. Many attorneys have chosen not to participate because of this, some of those same Attorneys had agendas to litigate from the beginning and are using this new development to hang their hats on.

BP Claims get Easier to Prove

Causation and Calculations were the biggest hurdles for many to overcome, many of the more stringent guidelines have been modified or done away with all together. There will be a clear map that will contain zones explaining what industries within those zones are payable. The calculations will be based on the 3 worst consecutive months of 2010 after the Oil Spill, based upon those same 3 months for the previous years of 2007, 2008, 2009. There are multiple remedies if some of the criteria can not be met. A multiplier and some future trending will be applied to your loss after the 2010 amount is subtracted from the average of the preceding years.


BP Settlement Claims will be easier to get through the system, you will have a clear understanding if you do or do not qualify, the BP Claims Settlement Process is built for Transparency.

Do you need an Attorney to become a part of the BP Claims Settlement

All indications at this point are you do NOT need an attorney, this is just a court supervised claims process. It is not a court process, but it is supervised by Judge Barbier, if indeed people needed an Attorney what would happen to all of the BP Claims that will be transitioning over from the GCCF. Some Attorneys are telling people through various websites that you NEED Attorneys or how much they have had in awards. What they fail to tell you is that those awards have nothing to do with the BP Claims process, be careful. Some Attorneys will put a lien on your file for just signing up with them.

If you decide to litigate your BP Claims you will clearly need the Assistance of an Attorney. If your claim has issues, you may need an Attorney. Attorneys are very much a part of this process, but you need to deal with honorous, upright firms. There are sharks in these waters, but there are also life gaurds, you just need to know who is who.


We are seeing a RUSH of Attorneys advertising on the web and T.V. before the BP Claims Settlement Fund actually announces their process, this will lead many people to be bound to Attorneys and pay a higher percentage then they may have had to. The BP Claims Settlement Fund is setting it`s offices up in Hammond, Louisiana with a major call center in Sarasota, Florida. If indeed you needed an Attorney they most likely would not be setting up the call center.

If you want to use the Assistance of an attorney they should be charging you from 20-25% to guide you through the process. Some Attorneys will actually charge much less for large loss claims, as little as 15%.

Who are the Winners in the BP Claims Settlement.

It`s actually difficult to write about who the winners are, as I don`t believe there really are any, but some will see a financial windfall that suffered less long term damage then others.

Businesses and Individuals that are not dependent on the Gulf`s natural resources, that can show a loss and are within covered zones, are the biggest winners.

Business Owners and those with multiple Businesses
Service and Hospitality Employees
Any individual that has an economic loss
Waterfront Property and wetlands that had oil on it, had a contract that was canceled, and quite possibly experienced diminished value
Subsistence BP Claims, people that lived off the Gulf`s resources
Vessels of Opportunity Claims
Medical Claims

Seafood Harvester BP Claims, people that work in the Fishing, Shrimping, Oyster and other Seafood Industries should do well in the BP Claims Settlement. The issues here are that many of you had taken Quick Pays, because you were starved out, or took them for a number of other reasons. The Health of the Gulf and the future of your livelihood also needs to be considered, there are so many questions regarding the true state of the Gulf. Please remember that it took 3 years to find out the extent of the Damage after the Valdez Oil Spill.

The Losers in the BP Claims Settlement

Moratorium Claims
Government Employees
Oil and Gas Industry Claimants
Insurance Companies
Financial Advisors
Quick Pays

Just because these are not being addressed in the BP Claims Settlement, that does not mean that your claims won`t be compensated under the threat of litigation, or under actual litigation. There may be an amended list of BP claims groups that will be considered under the settlement. is Independent

It all depends upon your BP claim or claims as many of you may have multiple claims. Some may be able to do their BP claims on their own, Some may need the assistance of a claims adjuster or an accountant, while others will need the help of an Attorney. We will always send you to the Best group that fits your BP claims. We have an extensive network of Attorneys and Adjusters from Key West to Houston, we know who gets the job done, and we know those who just want to sign you up and do little else. We have been at this from the beginning, before there was a BP claims process, our original sites helped people get to Catholic Charities and they were highly successful in getting aid to many.

To date we are the only truly Independent site helping people with their BP Claims

We have affiliates that handle Large Loss Claims in excess of 20 Million Dollars for less the 5%.

We also have affiliates that will help people with their smaller claims, from 10-25%

There is no One Size fits All Firm or Group, they just don`t exist, therefore we have created a service to help Guide you to the Best in the BP Claims Business.

Call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM

We will help you with your BP Claims