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BP Claims News: It`a called the BP Global Settlement

BP Claims News and the BP Settlement

BP Claims Settlement

If the BP Settlement for all BP Claims is to take place, it should be called the BP Global Settlement. What is a Global Settlement,  it is a settlement that encompasses all civil claims and criminal charges, and in this case government claims, and occurs over multiple districts. These settlements are used to stem off negative publicity, and to reduce final payouts.

It is a fact that BP is currently negotiating with the Department of Justice, we have been hearing for weeks now that settlement will come in two phases, one for the government, and another for individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill.  Recently we have been hearing from individuals with ties to the GCCF that it will in fact be a Global Settlement and it will take into account all BP Claims, and Government Claims.

The BP Claims process is far from over as we continue to see it evolve. Now is the time to make sure your BP Claims are properly documented and in order, if you are experiencing phone calls from your Attorney telling you to get your paperwork in, now is the time. We have connected with Law Firms that are getting BP Claims paid, and we have in house consultants that are also getting claims paid. If you have not yet filed a claim, or need help with the one you have, we can help you with your BP Claims.

Shrimpers and Crabbers get a second shot for their BP claims

BP Claims Process Evolves

Crabbers and Shrimpers and those involved with processing, that signed the covenant not to sue BP before November 30th have been determined to get a second shot at receiving 4 times their 2010 losses. This is great news for many involved in those industries and something we will most likely see more of as the true effects of the oil spill are disclosed. We saw Feinberg do this as the true effects of 9/11 were finally understood for first responders and those impacted by the fall of the towers when he ran that fund. The BP Claims process is far from over and in many ways very similar to the 9/11 fund. We can Help you get paid.

We want to help you even if you took a QuickPay

Though the process does not YET allow for people in the industry who have taken quick pays to address the issue and circle back for money, we believe that is more of a paperwork issue, as many quick pays given to crabbers and shrimpers did not have to have all their paperwork together. If you took the quick pay and are in the shrimping/crabbing/wholesale industry and need help putting your paperwork together we want to help you. It is our belief you deserve a second shot as well. If the GCCF really wants to true up this matter, all should be included.

BP Claims Team Members Helping others in the Industry

We are very pleased that we have been helping other Attorneys and processors, learn the in`s and out`s of assembling and processing BP Claims that will pass muster with the GCCF and get paid. We have been involved with the BP Claims process since the beginning,  we have been honored to work with Attorneys and Consultants, and over time took the best practices we learned, shared them with others, and brought them in house, and created what we think is one of the best BP Claims preparation services there is, we have established relationships BP Claims Attorneys and BP Claims Consultants stretches from Key West to Houston.

If you need help with your BP Claims we will help you, if you would like the help of a consultant fees start at just 15%, if you need the help of an Attorney their fees start at just 25%.

We will help you with your BP Claims.