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BP Settlement News on Facebook and Beyond

Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims and Thoughts

bp settlement  One of the best things we did recently was put up a Facebook site called DeepWater Horizon Settlement Updates. It has fostered spirited discussions, and led me to more fully understand the frustrations shared by so many. It has also educated me and others in many ways.

The Leadership of the Fund could learn a few things from the contributors, and I invite them to join the discussions.

Trending BP Settlement Conversations

  • Attorneys are preparing for a mass exodus from the Settlement, especially if Claims don`t get paid soon, and I mean real soon.
  • People are seeing the same patterns with the GCCF and The Settlement.
  • If this continues people will be mobilizing and seeking retribution from BP
  • The Media has chosen to Opt Out for the most part, and people feel there is a conspiracy going on.
  • People are tired of waiting, and who can blame them.

My Thoughts on what is Trending and Beyond

  • Many people have individual claims and they have been underserviced in the Settlement.
  • Fact: many Attorneys and Processors prioritized their claims for the BP Settlement by dollar value and businesses went in first.
  • The paperwork needed initially was to intensive, hopefully the new rules and sworn statements will help.
  • People need to give the New Fund more time, but they NEED to step it up.
  • The Media has not Paid enough attention to the struggles after the spill, specifically sick people.
  • Data around catches is false, specifically the last news article about the rebound read it here
  • We will see a full environmental collapse in some areas
  • We are being fed a highly orchestrated stream of p.r. from our government, media, and BP.
  • Where is Anderson Cooper when we really need him.
  • People who received Quick Pays need to come back to the table.
  • Medically things are much worse then we know.
  • We need more time to evaluate the true environmental aftermath of the spill.
  • BP is playing for time and always has been.
  • For some the Settlement is wonderful, specifically businesses outside of the area directly impacted by oil.
  • For others it just won`t work, people who make a living from the Gulf and folks with real Medical Issues.
  • Most people don`t realize they needed to completely update their claim if it was with the GCCF for the Settlement.
  • Attorneys need to be totally transparent as to where a claim is at, even with the new login that allows a claimant to see status, they still don`t know how well documented the claim is. People need to know if their claim is actually complete or were just a few papers filed as is often the case.
  • The whole process needs more time, we should not be bound to 3 years per OPA because we didn`t know what actually happened until year 4 with the Valdez and that is just STUPID.
  • Too many people put profit before people throughout this whole process.

I am sure there is more, but these thoughts came to the forefront, as always we will help you with your BP Settlement Claims, we can help you get to Attorneys that actually walk their talk if needed, or process your claims ourselves, and we remain committed to helping you all any way we can.

Some Good news lately, we did get a few claims paid recently, and our Calculations were less then 1% off.

Non Attorneys charge 15%, and Oil Spill Attorneys charge 25%, one way or another we will get you the help you need.

Best of Luck with your BP Settlement.


DeepWater Horizon Settlement News “Cha Ching”

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Paid Claims Last Night

deepwater horizon settlement  After a dismal start regarding BP Business Claims and Individual Claims, we saw the flood gates open up a touch last night. Lets hope they stay that way.

Checking in this morning with other Claims Processors and Attorneys that we are connected with, every single processor saw BP Claims receive offers, and more come into review.

We saw Business Claims and BP Realtor Claims receive the majority of the offers, and they were healthy.

Our calculations were less then 1% off from the offers.

Why are they paying Now

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement Leadership has to pay these claims, before there is a mass exodus opting out, and they have to do it NOW. We were told it would start on the 10th, well it started on the 17th.

The numbers they released on the 4th were dismal at best. I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time, many of you had lost faith in the whole process, I am here to tell you. This is for Real.

I have had the opportunity to speak with some of the leadership of the Settlement, these guys are for real, and yes there are seriously real issues plaguing them, and the process.

One processor that had issues in the past, seems to have the same issues again, telling people their files are incomplete when in fact they are not. I have been told by reliable sources the problem will be fixed, one way or another.

Juneau told the Judge he wanted to have 1/3 of the claims have Letters of Determination or offers by the 1st of October.

If you want to get your BP Claims Paid Now is the Time.

If you are thinking of opting out, I would wait to see if this trend continues.

If you want to get Paid, fill out the form to the Right.

Our processors charge just 15%,

If you decide to Opt Out or need the Help of an Attorney they will charge 25%, there are certain types of claims that should definitely consider this option.

We will help you with your BP Settlement.

The Choices are Yours.