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Voo Claim Paid in 19 Days and BP Settlement News

We are getting BP Claims Paid

bp settlement  The VOO Claim came in August 1st and was immediately processed and presented to the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund August 8th.

An offer was received on August 27th, the claimant accepted the offer.

The Claimant was notified that all of his economic claims would then be handled under the terms of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement and agreed to that. The claim was handled for a 15% contingency fee.

There were several other BP Claims paid by our groups, they included Business Claims and more VOO Claims.

BP Settlement Calculations Dead On

The processing center that handles the majority of our large loss claims figured a BP Claim for approximately $359,540.00 the offer was for $359,410.00 they were off by $130.00.

We are thrilled with the accuracy of their calculations, this group also only charges 15% and only gets paid when the client gets paid.

Franklin County and Apalachicola Oystermen need Help

The more I have been hearing from Oystermen in Apalachicola, the more concerned I am for their future welfare.

It seems as though there is no new growth on the Winter Bars where they harvest Oysters.

The September 1 Oyster Season is right around the corner, Franklin County Commissioners are looking for help from BP and the EPA immediately.

The dispersant Corexit is most likely to blame, it has also caused a spike in Heart Attacks and Strokes in the Oystermen and Women`s communities.

This needs to be addressed immediately, members of the National Institute of Health have been taking hair and nail samples for months, enough sampling already, get these folks and others help now, people need to be made aware of the effects of Corexit.

Hurricane Isaac Stirs up the Gulf and Bays

Hurricane Isaac has pummeled Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi, Oil from the BP Spill will be hitting the shores of Our Beaches. Submerged Oil Mats known as SOM`s will be breaking apart and relocating. These mats still consist of 17% crude oil.

If you see Oil on the Beaches or in the Bays we want to hear about it, and take pictures if you can.

We have spoken to many of you in the last day, we are sorry for your losses and our prayers are with you

October 1 Opt Out Date Extended to November 1

We have been advocating for an Opt Out date extension for sometime now we are glad to see it got done. This will give the Attorneys more time to see how their clients fit into the settlement. The DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund should be able to provide a large amount of offers on claims submitted to provide a sample set, of what we can all expect in the mean time. This will help us all evaluate BP Claims and get a feel for what will fit into the BP Settlement and what will not, and that is about to happen.

Free BP Claims Evaluation

None of the Groups that we work with charge to evaluate your BP claims, there are no upfront charges, there are no extra costs in any way. They don`t get paid until you do. Our CPA and Adjuster groups charge 15%.

Attorneys traditionally charge 25%.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement.

BP Claims Settlement “Your Options”

BP Claims Settlement What you Need to Know

bp claims  The BP Claims Settlement is an opt in or opt out process, what does that mean? That means you are bound by the decision of the BP Settlement Court Supervised Program. If you don`t like the amount you have been awarded you can go to an appeals board that will be set up within the new program.


Your stuck with what they offer you or don`t offer you and can not litigate, but you can appeal. Many attorneys have chosen not to participate because of this, some of those same Attorneys had agendas to litigate from the beginning and are using this new development to hang their hats on.

BP Claims get Easier to Prove

Causation and Calculations were the biggest hurdles for many to overcome, many of the more stringent guidelines have been modified or done away with all together. There will be a clear map that will contain zones explaining what industries within those zones are payable. The calculations will be based on the 3 worst consecutive months of 2010 after the Oil Spill, based upon those same 3 months for the previous years of 2007, 2008, 2009. There are multiple remedies if some of the criteria can not be met. A multiplier and some future trending will be applied to your loss after the 2010 amount is subtracted from the average of the preceding years.


BP Settlement Claims will be easier to get through the system, you will have a clear understanding if you do or do not qualify, the BP Claims Settlement Process is built for Transparency.

Do you need an Attorney to become a part of the BP Claims Settlement

All indications at this point are you do NOT need an attorney, this is just a court supervised claims process. It is not a court process, but it is supervised by Judge Barbier, if indeed people needed an Attorney what would happen to all of the BP Claims that will be transitioning over from the GCCF. Some Attorneys are telling people through various websites that you NEED Attorneys or how much they have had in awards. What they fail to tell you is that those awards have nothing to do with the BP Claims process, be careful. Some Attorneys will put a lien on your file for just signing up with them.

If you decide to litigate your BP Claims you will clearly need the Assistance of an Attorney. If your claim has issues, you may need an Attorney. Attorneys are very much a part of this process, but you need to deal with honorous, upright firms. There are sharks in these waters, but there are also life gaurds, you just need to know who is who.


We are seeing a RUSH of Attorneys advertising on the web and T.V. before the BP Claims Settlement Fund actually announces their process, this will lead many people to be bound to Attorneys and pay a higher percentage then they may have had to. The BP Claims Settlement Fund is setting it`s offices up in Hammond, Louisiana with a major call center in Sarasota, Florida. If indeed you needed an Attorney they most likely would not be setting up the call center.

If you want to use the Assistance of an attorney they should be charging you from 20-25% to guide you through the process. Some Attorneys will actually charge much less for large loss claims, as little as 15%.

Who are the Winners in the BP Claims Settlement.

It`s actually difficult to write about who the winners are, as I don`t believe there really are any, but some will see a financial windfall that suffered less long term damage then others.

Businesses and Individuals that are not dependent on the Gulf`s natural resources, that can show a loss and are within covered zones, are the biggest winners.

Business Owners and those with multiple Businesses
Service and Hospitality Employees
Any individual that has an economic loss
Waterfront Property and wetlands that had oil on it, had a contract that was canceled, and quite possibly experienced diminished value
Subsistence BP Claims, people that lived off the Gulf`s resources
Vessels of Opportunity Claims
Medical Claims

Seafood Harvester BP Claims, people that work in the Fishing, Shrimping, Oyster and other Seafood Industries should do well in the BP Claims Settlement. The issues here are that many of you had taken Quick Pays, because you were starved out, or took them for a number of other reasons. The Health of the Gulf and the future of your livelihood also needs to be considered, there are so many questions regarding the true state of the Gulf. Please remember that it took 3 years to find out the extent of the Damage after the Valdez Oil Spill.

The Losers in the BP Claims Settlement

Moratorium Claims
Government Employees
Oil and Gas Industry Claimants
Insurance Companies
Financial Advisors
Quick Pays

Just because these are not being addressed in the BP Claims Settlement, that does not mean that your claims won`t be compensated under the threat of litigation, or under actual litigation. There may be an amended list of BP claims groups that will be considered under the settlement. is Independent

It all depends upon your BP claim or claims as many of you may have multiple claims. Some may be able to do their BP claims on their own, Some may need the assistance of a claims adjuster or an accountant, while others will need the help of an Attorney. We will always send you to the Best group that fits your BP claims. We have an extensive network of Attorneys and Adjusters from Key West to Houston, we know who gets the job done, and we know those who just want to sign you up and do little else. We have been at this from the beginning, before there was a BP claims process, our original sites helped people get to Catholic Charities and they were highly successful in getting aid to many.

To date we are the only truly Independent site helping people with their BP Claims

We have affiliates that handle Large Loss Claims in excess of 20 Million Dollars for less the 5%.

We also have affiliates that will help people with their smaller claims, from 10-25%

There is no One Size fits All Firm or Group, they just don`t exist, therefore we have created a service to help Guide you to the Best in the BP Claims Business.

Call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM

We will help you with your BP Claims and the BP Claims Settlement

The BP Claims Settlement is On

bp claims has had one of it`s main affiliates speaking with the new leadership of the BP Settlement. This is very exciting news as we are being given the opportunity to more fully understand how the BP Settlement process is going to work, and how it will fully benefit the people that come through our site, and desire to become a part of the BP Claims Settlement Process. The nice difference here is we are actually being asked for some input regarding the BP Settlement under the new leadership, unlike the GCCF. The BP Claims Settlement will be an opt in or opt out process.

Becoming a part of the BP Settlement

If you would like your BP Claims to be a part of the BP Settlement now is the time for you to fill out the form to the right, we are now taking in files for the Settlement and beginning to assemble them for the BP Claims Settlement. We are at the forefront of the BP Claims Settlement, as we engage with the new leadership we will keep you updated.

The GCCF and the BP Claims Transition

We are hearing that a lot of BP Claims are being denied for causation issues, and others are not receiving any future trending considerations under the BP Claims Settlement transition. Many of our claimants are electing to be a part of the BP Settlement, and have asked that we wait before sending in their paperwork.

BP Claims Settlement Eligibility

So, who can file BP claims in the Settlement, the information below is subject to change. There are a number of common factors shared by Business and Individual BP claims. They are the following:

– Any Individual/ Business that are eligible class members AND suffered an economic loss
can submit a claim.
– Eligible BP claims class members will be subject to several different types of specific
– These BP claims methodologies will take into account such factors as type of
business/employment,  geographic location and the nature of economic loss sustained.
– Upon determining these factors, a loss will be calculated and a specific RTP will be
applied to each type of claim.

Geographic factors for you BP claims will be divided into four zones. Causation will be applied depending on the locale your BP claims are based, or where your loss occurred, where your business or employer is located. More factors are applied by the new BP claims system,  but the positive side of this is that more people will get paid more money. Your BP claims award amounts will be more significant under the new BP claims system. The zones will most likely be applied in this manner:

– Zone 1: Will be most likely within 0,5 miles from the beaches of the entire Gulf Region,
from Key West to Galveston, TX.
– Zone 2: Not on the beach, but within 0.5 miles from the beach. Your BP claims will depend
upon these scenarios:
– Zone 2-A: You are a business or individual whose business or employer relies
directly upon the two Gulf resources, tourism and/or seafood. If you are a business, or
employed by a business that relies upon both resources, then chances are, your RTP
will tick-up, increasing the value of your BP claim.
– Zone 2-B: You area business not on the beach, not traditionally reliant upon tourism
or seafood. Perhaps you are a car dealership, real estate agent or catering services.
Causation will be your main issue, but at least you will not be denied so readily. If
you can say that you lost business because of the Spill, that you had cancellations
because of the Spill, can you document it? We can help you with the evidentiary
requirements for your BP Settlement claim.
– Zone 3: You are none of the pre-determinately denied business types within a mile from
the beaches, or coastline. Causation will be an issue for your BP claim. If you can claim
that your losses were caused by cancellations, lack of business, can you document it? Just
because you say it does not make it true. You must prove it. Causation did not disappear
with the new BP claims system.
– Zone 4: You are over a mile from the coast line. You must show a dependency upon the
Gulf Resources of seafood and/or tourism and must be able to document it.

BP Settlement Claims for Seafood Harvesters

A BP claim for economic loss available to commercial fishermen, crabbers, oyster harvesters and leaseholders will be a separate BP claim. BP has set aside $2.3 Billion to fund commercial fisherman BP claims. This particular fund excludes the processors of seafood, but it looks like it will include all the fishermen of the Gulf Region from Texas to Key West. BP Settlement Claims will cover the following types of commercial fishing industry business, or employment types:

– Vessel owners.
– Captains.
– Deckhands and crew.

These BP claimants must be able to prove that they fish in the Gulf or within specified Gulf waters.

BP Property Claims

1. Coastal Real Property Damage Claims: This class of BP Claim includes owners and
lessees of real, coastal property, boat slips and privately owned docks owned during the
time of the Spill from 4/20/10 through 12/31/10. The property must be within defined
geographical regions, or inside areas that were touched by oil.
2. Wetlands Real Property Damage: This is a new category of BP claims. The GCCF was
not inclined to pay BP claims for wetland owners because BP was reluctant to pay, in
the first place. The same standard of ownership time will apply to this BP claim. The
property must have been owned on 4/20/10 through 12/31/10, at the very least.
3. Real Property Sales: For the BP Settlement Claim program, for your BP claims, you must
have owned the property on 4/20/10 and the sale MUST HAVE occurred on, or after,
4/21/10 through 12/31/10. You must have suffered a loss on the sale, or below appraisal
4. A New Potential Class: People With Reduced Property Values After the Spill: In the BP
Claim Settlement negotiations process, there has been some mention and support that
property owners, who owned their property on and after 4/20/10, would be able to recoup
property value loss from 4/21/10 through 12/31/10.

BP Claims Settlement (Medical)

BP claims regarding BP medical claims under the BP Settlement system will be divided into three categories of qualification:

1. Clean Up Workers: These BP claimants have been previously and consistently denied by
the GCCF. However, the fact that many of the individuals who participated in the Clean
Up Project have been harmed by exposure to Corexit and oil is now beginning to surface.

2. Some Zone-A Residents: The BP Settlement will regard these BP claims to qualify if
they are approximately on-half mile of the beach, or coastal areas. These are areas with
sandy beaches or firm shoreline. These BP claimants must have resided on the coast for at
least 60 days from 4/20/10 to 12/31/10. Currently, the BP Settlement will include Zone-A
residents from Grand Isle, LA to the Florida Panhandle.
3. Zone-B Residents: The BP Settlement will include Zone-B Residents to be those who
Reside near the beaches, greater than one-half mile, but within one mile. These potential
BP claims can also include residents of the wetland areas and residents from Grand Isle to
the Panhandle.

BP Claims Settlement Solutions

We at have been at the forefront of this Disaster since the beginning. We can help you get your BP Claims paid. Our consultants charge just 15% of what you you receive, and if you need the help from Attorneys their fees range from 20-25%. We are dedicated to helping those affected by BP Oil Spill, we initially teamed up with Catholic Charities to get people aid, even before there was a BP Claims process. We look forward to helping you through this next phase of the BP Claims Settlement Process.