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BP Settlement: Its time to get YOUR BP Claims Paid

The BP Settlement is for Real

bp settlement We are happy to report that claims of ALL sizes and Industries that are covered under the BP Settlement are either getting offers, or going Under Review.

One of our Consultants/Adjusters that has around 300 claims submitted under the Settlement, has had over 15 come under review in the last week, others are getting offers on a consistent basis.

This time Under Review is certainly a step in the Right direction, under the GCCF it was a joke. Claims sizes ranged from 10k-700k, and covered individual claims,fishermen claims, Voo Claims, and business claims.

This is great news, we thought the new BP Settlement fund would just start at the smaller claims and work their way up, there were early indications that`s what they were doing, a few weeks into it there are new signs, all sorts of claims are receiving offers, and they are coming in on a regular basis.

Have you updated your GCCF claim so it meets the requirements of the BP Settlement

Under the terms of the BP Settlement, if you had a BP Claim under the GCCF, you will need to update some information and pass some financial tests. It is important to update this information so your claim can meet the new requirements. If you would like help we have Access to a fantastic group of Claims Adjusters and CPA`s who specialize in the BP Settlement.

They have over 300 trained CPA`s and a whole division specializing in the BP settlement led by the Best BP Claims Adjuster in the Country, at least in my estimation.

Their fess are 15%.

They Can Help You With

  • Claims that were still at the GCCF and not updated for the Settlement
  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Voo Claims
  • Property Claims
  • New Claims

The BP Settlement still has along way to go

Its still going to take awhile for people to become believers. There are still some major obstacles, and many of them have merit.

Pam Bondi has a valid point that more of Florida should be covered.

Quick Pays need to be readdressed because what happened there was heinous.

Attorneys looking to opt out their entire case loads, especially if the opt out deadline is not extended. Lets face it it takes time to put these claims together.

We all want this to work,  Mr. Juneau and his staff have a lot of work ahead of them.

This all pales in comparison to what happened to the people, well it`s time for folks to get paid, and the time seems to be now.

Our Ajuster/CPA Group charges a 15% contingency fee to help you with your BP Settlement.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Begins to Pay

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement has Begun to make Offers

deepwater horizon settlementIt has been reported by several sources that the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund has begun to make offers, most of these have been made to people with Vessels of Opportunity Claims.

We told you last week we suspected that they would start with these, they have.

Also known as VOO Claims, these are for the boats that were under Master Charter Vessel Agreements, that went out to help clean up the oil spill. It has been reported that over 7,000 people signed these agreements. Many of the people that manned these vessels are also sick from the dispersant Corexit 9500, and have multiple claims.

Many Businesses in Southwest Florida now Qualify under the DeepWater Horizon Settlement

With the exit of the GCCF, and the entrance of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement, many Businesses and Individuals in SW. Florida are finding that they do indeed qualify under the new BP Settlement.

It is being referred to by some as “The Gulf Coast Stimulus Package”.

Businesses particularly that show a dip in 2010 after the oil spill, and an uptick in 2011, can most often claim their piece of the BP Claims Pie, and who doesn`t like pie.

Many of the Islands in South West Florida are labeled Zone A, that means that the individuals and businesses in these zones qualify for a 3.5 x their 2010 losses. The DeepWater Horizon RTP is 2.5 for these areas.

If your county touches the Gulf, and you or your business was impacted by the Oil Spill different multipliers will apply depending upon what type of business you are in or worked for.

The terms of the BP Settlement are much more clear then when the GCCF was in charge. Remember this is a Court Supervised Settlement, Judge Barbier and Patrick Juneau ” The Claims Administrator” are taking this very seriously. This go round people and businesses are going to be PAID. brings on a new Team Member for the BP Settlement

We are very pleased to announce a NEW relationship with one of the largest CPA firms in the country. With over 350 registered CPA`s in the firm, a leadership that is well versed in the BP Claims process. They have assembeled a Team of BP Claims Experts formerly with the GCCF, and from the private sector.

They also have  one of the Best, if not the best Claims Adjuster specializing in BP Settlement Claims in the country.

As always we will get your BP Claims in the best hands possible.

What we see happening and firmly believe will happen, is that when the DeepWater Horizon Settlement begins to pay, there will be an all out RUSH on the New Settlement Fund.

Keeping that in mind we wanted to Team up with a group that could expedite your BP Claims and know how to process claims and had a deep understanding of the process.

BP Claims are handled at 15%.

We will Help you with Your DeepWater Horizon Settlement.