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BP Settlement now has Stuctured Settlements

bp settlement Judge Barbier recently released an order that allowed for Structured Settlements within the BP Settlement.

Before being eligible for the Structured Settlement, your claim will have to be deemed eligible by the folks that run the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.

It seems that many people will benefit from this because they will be able to defer their taxes, for people and businesses that have very large claims, this could be very beneficial.

BP Settlement Claims begin to Stream in

The BP Settlement has begun to run on all cylinders recently. We have seen BP Settlement Claims begin to receive offers on a very consistent basis. Now I can only report what we, and  groups within our network  have experienced. What we have seen lately is all types of BP Settlement Claims are getting paid.

This is what we have seen begin to trend:

  • Individual Claims have begun to see payments more consistently
  • Business Claims have been steady
  • VOO Claims receiving offers in 5 Business days
  • The BP Settlement Appeals System is going to see many more BP Claims come into the process
  • BP Appealing Claims that were made offers has become more common

We can assist you with

  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims

We are not attorneys, but do work with them when needed, we are experienced BP Claims Processors and CPA`s, we process claims between 15%-25% of what you recieve, we don`t get paid until you get paid.


GCCF Claimants circle back to the BP Settlement

What we have also seen, is that many claimants have begun to circle back into the BP Settlement process that had given up after the GCCF debacle. Many times we can get their paperwork from the Settlement. The GCCF was a mess, it left people disheartened and disillusioned, the BP Settlement may have some issues, but it is far less arbitrary then it`s predecessor. If you have not updated your claim for the BP Settlement, you need to, and we can help.

Current Issues with the BP Settlement

  • Some claimants still have not seen any progress of their claims through the claims review steps, this is unfortunate, but we have seen the process just recently begin to speed up, and I mean very recently.
  • The customer mix test is still an obstacle for many businesses that are in Zone D, that don`t qualify under the standard V-Test model.
  • Naics codes are being rumored to change or BP has asked to set aside those claims in the building field, not sure how this is going to unfold, but we are keeping a close eye on this development, again let me reiterate these are rumors at this point. automates the BP Settlement Process

We have recently undergone sweeping internal changes on how we handle claims for the BP Settlement, we have instituted a document upload center so claimants can upload the necessary documentation at their own pace. All files are now digital, and when you call for assistance, anyone in our office can check your status, and tell you right where you are at in the process. We look forward to continuing to innovate our process in order to better serve you.

We have also heard from several Accounting offices and law firms recently that they are not taking on any new BP Settlement Claimants, the Accountants have tax season in full swing, and are beginning to realize how time consuming this process can be. This process is not for the faint of heart.

If you need assiatance call 1-800-BP-Claim or go to our intake center click here.

We will help you with your BP Settlement.