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BP Settlement News

The BP Settlement and Individual Claims

bp settlement  We have been in touch with Attorneys that have asked us to take over their individual claims, if the claims have merit, we will take them over. We think that individual claims have languished until lately in the BP Settlement. We have seen an influx of them get paid however, and that is something I think we are all happy to see. The claims are averaging between 1k-6k, not a lot but it is a start. We will be taking on these claims between 15-25% depending upon the level of work involved.

BP Business Claims and appeals

We have seen a variety of Business Claims get paid, some of them will be heading towards appeal as their¬† locations should have made them tourism based, but they were labeled non-tourism due to NAICS codes greatly impacting their awards. If you are finding that you need to appeal your claim, please don`t hesitate to call us and we will see what we can do. For many the ” Customer Mix Test ” is also coming into play more often and for many Business Claims it makes it about impossible to get through that final hurdle.

It is strongly recommended that when one starts their Business Claims for the BP Settlement they need to know exactly what they are up against and what type of scrutiny they will encounter under the terms of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Agreement. We also think that instead of the Settlement Fund handing out incompleteness notices they furnish the claimants and claims preparers with one check list so that the claimant can figure out if they can even provide the documentation that is needed.

BP Medical Claims

The Judge has signed off on the Medical Settlement, we are now taking on those claims and preparing them for presentation. If you have a medical claim, please don`t hesitate to call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM or fill out the form to the right.

BP VOO Settlements

We are still seeing these claims get processed faster then any of the others, yes we did get an offer in less then 5 days recently, and it was subsequently paid in a matter of about 2 weeks. gets Automated

Over the last several months we have been working on a system that would allow users to upload their own documents, about 2 weeks ago we initiated the system, and it has seen great success, it allows us to process your claims with more expedience, and it allows the individual or businesses to upload BP claims at their own pace. It has greatly increased the number of claims we are uploading to the DeepWater Horizon Settlement. Since revamping this has also allowed us to pay more attention to customer service, when you call you will get to one of several people who will be able to tell you exactly where your claim is in the system, and what exactly you need to finish processing your claim.