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BP Claims and BP Restaurant Claims

BP Claims News:

BP Restaurant Claims Soaring

BP Restaurant Claims are on the rise and the financial wind fall for waiters, waitresses and the owners of restaurants affected by the BP Oil Spill continues to gain momentum. We have seem a dramatic rise in waiter and waitresses getting their BP Claims paid. From Key West to Houston and all along the Gulf Coast, waiters and waitresses seem to be some of the quickest paid by Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

BP Claims and Waiters and Waitresses

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been paying many of the BP Claims submitted by waiters and waitresses. I have personally seen oil spill claims for restaurant staff over 50k in recent weeks. It seems that more then any other claim, the GCCF likes to pay these claims quickly as longs as they are prepared correctly. The fact is the restaurants up and down the Gulf Coast were decimated. Many restaurants went out of business and the staff`s could not find a job elsewhere do the lack of tourism. I recently saw first hand one of our BP Claims consultants improve a waitresses claim from 12,500 dollars to 27, 500 dollars in three days.

BP Claims and Restaurant Owners.

Many restaurant owners tried to keep their restaurant afloat and reached into their own pockets to pay staff and for supplies. When their restaurants closed they were left penniless. Restaurant owners often look at their staff as an extended family and many owners did whatever they could to leave that family intact, often at their own detriment. I can`t tell you how many restaurant owners I have spoken to who have literally lost everything due to BP`s negligence. They can recoup their losses through the BP Claims process.

BP Restaurant Claims Experts.

I am proud to announce that we have new members on the BP Claims Dream Team, a consulting group that specializes in handling BP Restaurant Claims, that is all they do. They will handle your BP Claims from 15-20% depending upon how well your paperwork is put together. These guys have gotten great results for people in the restaurant industry throughout the Gulf Coast. If you would like to reach them please fill out the form to the right or call 1-800-BP-Claims


We will help you with your BP Claims: 1-800-BP-CLAIM



Article: BP Claims and BP Restaurant Claims
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