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BP Settlement has been approved by Both Sides

BP Settlement is Finalized Almost

That’s it, That’s all She Wrote, Goodbye to Ken Feinberg and the GCCF, it`s Official and well over due.

The NEW And IMPROVED BP SETTLEMENT and What it Means for YOU!

BP Settlement Architect Attorney Joe Rice

Great news this early Saturday, March 03, 2012; the process appears to have gotten a little easier. There is no cap on the BP Settlement, document requirements have lessened slightly, delays will be near over, greater pay-outs are quite possible, BP will lose control over the fund, and the attorneys at the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC) and the Judiciary will have a greater role.

It’s a win-win situation, and BPClaims.Org affiliates will assist you in your filing. We have been working closely with Attorneys on the PSC since the beginning, they represent may of the clients who have filled out our Free Case Review Form.

We have an extraordinary group of consultants/adjusters, and Attorneys ready to help you with your BP Settlement.

The BP Settlement will be Transparent

The new system is much simpler than the notorious GCCF highly guarded Methodology. You all know what we mean, it is the reason why your co-worker went to the Bahamas and you went to the in-laws for a weekend, even though you both had similar claim.

Those days are over.  The PSC’s system appears much more transparent and easy to understand.  There is a greater emphasis on 2010 income, pre vs. post Spill. What you COULD HAVE made or SHOULD HAVE made will be taken into greater consideration. What you actually lost in the months of the spill will be calculated.

Under the Old GCCF Methodology, 2010 was included into the average, Why? This did not make a whole lot of sense because your 2010 income was already suppressed by BP’s negligent spill. This means that under the GCCF system, BP’s infliction of injury to your earning capacity was taken into account, thus, making a lower pay-out when (and if) it was made.

So, BP essentially used their fault in such a way to lower its own liability to you. THEN the GCCF began demanding 2011 income and used your 2011 increase to wash-out your 2010 losses in a fallacious application of ‘duty to mitigate damages.

Our legal system does not work this way under these circumstances. The GCCF, Feinberg/Rozen and BP would have liked to have us  have thought so. The BP Settlement means those days are over.

The BP Settlement seeks Justice

One Size” no longer fits all. This will be interesting to see. We’ve all heard about or experienced the GCCF Methodology mesh of certain Claimants into un-fitting, inaccurate economic categories. The PSC will execute a Risk Transfer Premium (RTP), which will be the new multiplier used to determine damages.

Details about the RTP will be coming out soon, though some of our affiliates have already created the new calculator factoring in what they thought would be the new multipliers. The multiplier will be based on the location and nature of your employer, or business.

The BP Settlement will help people that are sick from the dispersant Corexit, and the Oil, we at have long advocated for these people as they were overlooked for far to long. We have established relationships with members of the PSC and top Law Firms that were the only people that would take these cases. We know who the pro`s are in this area because we have been working very closely with them since the beginning, if you are sick we want to hear from you.

If you have currently filed and have a pending claim with the GCCF, DO NOT BE ALARMED! The GCCF will institute programs to transition your claim from the GCCF System to the New One.

Currently, there is one final step to this New Settlement. We will be watching the progress of this Settlement Process. The last step is yet to be approved. The Settlement is out, accepted by BP, but will have to be approved by the court.

BPCLAIMS.ORG will be glad to help you through the new process with our expert affiliates!

We have been gearing up for this for months, we are ready.

Good Bye GCCF, Good Bye Mr. Feinberg, we bid you all farewell.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement


BP Claims Predictions for 2012

The Future of the BP Claims Process ?

bp claims

BP Claims Predictions

What to expect in 2012 with the BP Claims Process, what you are about to read is conjecture, but if you look at our track record we have been pretty dead on when we forecast the future of the GCCF and the BP Claims process thus far. There are certain facts that are coming to light that will support the following statements regarding the future of the BP Claims process. There are many rumors surrounding the GCCF, the fate of Ken Feinberg, coinciding with developing news around the BP Claims Audit, and the strong possibility of BP personnel facing criminal charges. Mind you, these are predictions.

Predictions for BP Claims in the New Year

1. In the very near future BP Claims will begin to get paid at a very high rate, one that we have never seen before.

The reasoning for this is several reasons, the BP Claims Audit is underway, and what is going to be disclosed is not pretty, it will show dysfunction at a very high level, and an organized systematic ineptitude by the GCCF,  it will lead investigators and others at the Department of Justice to believe this was done on purpose. This will be compounded by the February 27th trial date that will lay the blame of the explosion squarely at the feet of BP, it will be disclosed that BP engineers clearly knew about a pocket of gas, and they did not alert it`s partners. As BP and the GCCF have done in the past, they will stem off the negative publicity by paying lots of claims. They may very well do this before the trial date, so that they are less likely to face the wrath of  all the Individuals and Businesses that still have BP Claims pending at the GCCF.

2. Ken Feinberg will be stepping down as the Head of the GCCF

With all of the news that is about to come out of the BP Claims Audit, BP is going to have no choice but to distance themselves from Ken Feinberg. They again are going to try to lay the blame for the failings of the GCCF on someone else. BP has had quite a history during the BP Oil Spill of blaming it`s partners, it has blamed Halliburton, it has blamed Transocean, and now it will blame Ken Feinberg and other officials at the GCCF.

3. A new Apparatus to pay BP Claims will replace the GCCF, at the very least there will be major changes at the GCCF

After it is discovered by BDO the new consulting group engaged by the Department of Justice to audit the BP Claims process and the GCCF, it will come to fruition that  a new mechanism to pay all of the BP Claims will have to be established. At the very least a complete overhaul of the GCCF, and it`s hierarchy will be constituted. Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Bonner and Senators Wicker and Rubio are seeking justice for all of those betrayed by the GCCF.  The audit will be completed no later then March of this year, on the heels of the February trial that will find BP as the most responsible party for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

4. Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and others will continue to get sick, Nalco and the EPA will come under fire

It will be confirmed that those exposed to Corexit and the the oil that spewed from the the Deep Water Horizon, are indeed sick and getting sicker. It will be further verified from evidence from the Exxon Valdez that a spike of certain cancers will start showing up in those exposed. As we have seen, blood tests will become increasingly more used to determine the levels of contamination in people. Volatile active compounds in the blood will be directly traced to the Gulf Oil Spill and the dispersant Corexit 9500. Lawsuits will be instituted against Nalco the maker of Corexit and the EPA for letting them use it, while other alternatives were readily available.

5. Areas of the Gulf will be in complete collapse.

It will become increasingly clear that certain species in the Gulf and bayous will enter a severe state of decline, as noted this year the catches were way down for shrimp, crab and other fish both pelagic and reef dwellers. There are just so many signs that things are not right in the Gulf of Mexico, it will become most evident at the end of 2012 that the Gulf will need decades to recover. Twenty plus years after the Valdez oil spill only 15% of the Herring have ever returned. With all of the Oil and Corexit sitting on the Gulf floor killing things at the molecular level, it will be understood how this bio accumulates in the  different animals that call the Gulf of Mexico home, and how it will affect the food chain. This will drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico`s economy and the Gulf Seafood Industry.

BP Claims Solutions found Here

Whether you need an Attorney or a seasoned Claims Consultant, all you have to do is fill out the form to the right. We are not allied with one particular attorney, or one particular consulting group, we insist on matching potential claimants with the group or firm that will best serve them. The results speak for themselves, we have had clients recently paid in 16 days and large business claims paid within 60 days. We will help you with your BP Claims even if you have been denied or your claim is stalled. If you would like to call us directly please call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We can help you with your BP Claims.



Article: BP Claims and what to Expect in 2012
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


BP Claims and Sick People

Feinberg is evading BP Claims for Illness

BP Claims and Sick People

A few months a go Feinberg said he had not seen any BP Claims for illness related from the BP Oil Spill. Then Mr. Feinberg said he had only heard of a few hundred BP Claims resulting from the the Oil Spill. The folks that worked on oil spill clean up, and the bathed in the water, or lived close to the coast and breathed in airborne Corexit are sick. We have received numerous calls from people who filed BP Claims going over their illness all with very similar stories and none getting relief from the BP Claims process.

BP Claims Process and Illness Claims

Feinberg is under heavy fire for not taking action within the BP Claims process for illness claims. His record supporting people that have illness claims in the past regarding agent orange and 9/11 is strong. Knowing that these sorts of claims were going to be raised again in the BP Claims process should have been taken into consideration. It took years to act upon the Agent Orange and 9/11 claims, and we should have all learned from that. Feinbergs excuse is that it is going to take time to know the true extent of the damages as it did in prior cases. The fact is people affected by the Corexit and oil don`t have that much time, and need help now, and not just monetary help but Medical Care, though some ongoing financial help in the form of BP Claims would help.

BP Claims vs. Litigation for Sick People

As it stands the only recourse as I understand it, is for people to sue BP for exposure to Corexit and oil. We have been forwarding your information to Attorneys that are taking action on the behalf of people that have gotten sick, and many of these people have found solace that they are being represented by one of the best Law Firms in the country. The BP Claims process is broken in so many places, and the inability for the process to take into consideration the people who have gotten sick from BP`s carelessness is a testament to it`s inadequacies. I call on Mr. Feinberg to fix, evolve, do so something for these people, other then making them part of a study, because people are dying here, this is about medical help now, and some sort of money that can help them as they can`t work, this needs to be figured into the BP Claims process. This process need to evolve so they can be considered into the BP Claims Process




Corexit, Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and Blood Tests

Oil Spill Clean Up

As many of you know we follow Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and the challenges they face. I received a phone call last week from a knowledgeable lady who gave us all kinds of great information about testing for Corexit and other Oil Spill toxins in your Blood. The test that seems to be used the most is called a Volatile Solvents Profile.  The test runs about $300.00 and is available up throughout the Gulf  Region.

Oil Spill Toxins

In speaking with clinicians this morning at a variety of locations I kept hearing the same thing. Those who were tested, all had dangerous levels of toxins in their bodies, and some were well above FDA guidelines. Literally one practitioner had 100% of those tests come back positive for elevated toxins, 3- methylpentane and 2-methylpentane. Ethyl Benzene, m-p xylene and Hexane were also detected.

It seems as though the majority of people that they have been testing all have Bronchial and Respiratory conditions, that are not responding to normal care. According to one nurse I spoke to this morning, they have never seen anything else like it. They are recommending kelation, in conjunction with drinks, meant to help you detoxify your body. If you would like more information about this, or to find the Doctor nearest you, please fill out the form to the right and  mention Corexit Tests in the description.



Corexit, the BP Oil Spill and Clean Up Workers

My experience with Corexit

From the very beginning of this project I have felt  most drawn to helping BP Oil Spill Clean Up Workers. I was out on Grand Isle in June 2010 and the smell of Corexit filled the air, within hours I was coughing. In my infinite wisdom I picked up a piece of Corexit in my hand, I had it on the tip of my finger when it broke like an egg, and it suddenly covered my hand, seconds later my hand was burning, and when I tried to wipe it off, I only proceeded to spread it up my arm. A nice lady on the boat had baby wipes that removed it, regular towels were useless. The way the Corexit bonded with Oil and coagulated it created something that resembled the texture of the yolk of an egg. but more firm, until it broke then it was a gooey mess.

Clean up Workers & Corexit

Cleanup workers were ill equipped to handle the oil spill from the very beginning, lacking both basic equipment and the knowledge of just what they were dealing with. Corexit poses health risks at the molecular level. Corexit bio-accumulates in one`s body. The lungs, kidneys and liver are most affected, and it does cause cancer.

This is from Wikipedia: Mind you, this is about Corexit 9527 not 9500, less is known about the after effects of 9500 on Humans.

Corexit 9527, considered by the EPA to be an acute health hazard, is stated by its manufacturer to be potentially harmful to red blood cells, the kidneys and the liver, and may irritate eyes and skin. The chemical 2-butoxyethanol, found in Corexit 9527, was identified as having caused lasting health problems in workers involved in the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, the use of Corexit during the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused people “respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders”. Like 9527, 9500 can cause hemolosys (rupture of blood cells) and may also cause internal bleeding.

Clean Up Workers Exposed to Corexit Seek Help

We get phone calls daily from people that are sick from the Corexit and worked on clean up crews. If you are sick, please fill out the form to the right and we will get you in touch with  law firms that specializes in Helping people that are truly ill from the Clean Up of the Gulf Oil Spill. There are programs being put in place, and medical monitoring becoming available. There are certain medical tests you can also have done, that will measure the levels of exposure. If you think you are sick or know someone who is, please let us know.

BP Oil Spill Clean Up Crews and Vessels of Opportunity

BP Oil Spill Clean up

Good news finally for BP Oil Spill Cleanup Workers:If you became ill by working on the BP Oil Spill Clean up, were a member of the V.O.O. program, you have rights.
If you were promised work, or received your Hazwopper cerification and were subsequently let go, Attorneys want to hear from you. It seems as thought there is good news to report that your cases are going to be taken more seriously. Many Attorneys did not want to take these cases until recently.

BP Oil Spill Breach

People were made promises of work for a year or more by BP and it`s subcontractors, then suddenly let go. Much of the work that was promised was handled by breaking up the plumes with large trawlers out at sea, while on some beaches the Oil just got buried.Hence the force that was once thought to be needed was not, but promises were made, and Attorneys believe this was a breach of contract.

Health Risks & the BP Oil Spill

The health risks that many did not understand, because they were not explained or not equipped, were and are many. Corexit the dispersant used, rips through the body attacking liver and kidney functions, along with bronchial and other associated ailments.I am very happy to hear that these cases are being taken seriously.
If you were affected, or know someone who was by the BP Oil Spill please fill out this form.