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BP Settlement and How we Work

This is not the Official Court Authorized Website.
Go to to make a claim directly with the Court Authorized Program.

We are an Independent Advocacy Group that Assists People in Filing Claims and keeps People Informed.

A 5 Million Dollar Fund is being Set Up for Women being Discriminated against by BP

bp settlementIf you are a woman and attempted to get hired by BP for the VOO program or to work on the Beach Clean Up and did not get a job, there is a good chance you may qualify to receive some money from this new fund. The Groups that we work with want to hear from you. This is a separate fund from the BP Settlement.

The BP Settlement: VOO Cases seem to be getting Paid first

Over the last few days the BP Settlement Fund under the Court Supervised Program has begun making offers to claimants. It seems as though the VOO cases are being paid first. From what we have heard VOO claims are getting paid because they are less substantial then many other claims. There were over 7000 Boats involved with the VOO program. If you were involved with the VOO program we can assist you in getting the money you deserve from BP.

BP Settlement Claims we can Help you With.

  • Business Claims
  • Denied BP Claims and Claims that are Stalled
  • Medical Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Individual Economic Loss Claims

How We Work and How we got into This

This all started when we launched our first website that assisted people getting Help from Catholic Charities. Then a number of beach workers started going to the sites and asking for help. People were actually dying.

We met with some Attorneys and other Activists and became actively engaged in getting people the help they needed and increasing the awareness of the situation. As time went by the Attorneys told us to follow the BP Claims process.

We then launched Under Feinberg the BP Claims process was awful, people were basically preyed upon with Quick Pays, and there was no congruency with the GCCF system. That leads us to today, we are hoping that the new DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund actually lives up to the billing and pays people. The Good News is we are seeing some movement in that direction.

We have a fantastic staff here at that specializes in putting together BP Claims. We are one of the best groups in the business of assembling BP Claims. If we feel we need to send the Claim over to another group we will notify the Claimant.

Some Claims need the help of an Attorney that specializes in that particular type of claim, while other claims maybe so complex that they maybe better served with one of our top tier CPA firms. The idea here is to get your claim into the best possible hands, so you can get what you deserve from BP. It has been a highly successful strategy.

We are not bound to one particular Law Firm, CPA group, or Claims Adjuster. We help assemble your claim and the get it into the Best possible hands.

If you want to speak directly to an Attorney we work with go to

If you would like to discuss your Claim further with Us please fill out the form to the Right.

Fees range from 15%-25%.

We will Help you with Your BP Settlement.




Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers not Ready

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers not ready for Business

deep water horizon settlement  In another crushing blow to the people hurt by the BP Oil Spill, what was thought to be a banner day for the new BP Settlement turned out to be more of the same. People were turned away in droves when they went to the new Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers. We predicted they would not be ready, we had no idea it would be this bad. People that showed up at the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers on Monday, were told that the centers would not be open for business for at least one week, and many people were told two weeks.

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers Claimants Angry

When Claimants arrived at the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers they were asked for their name , a copy of their i.d., and if they are were represented by an Attorney. They were then told that the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers would be open for business in a week or two.

This has left many business owners, individuals and people who make a living from the Gulf highly irritated and frustrated with the whole process once again.

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Help

If you have had enough, and many of you have, call 1-800-BP-CLAIM, or fill out the FREE CASE REVIEW form to the right. Our Attorneys and Adjusters Charge from 7.5% for large loss claims over 1 million dollars, to 30% for complex medical claims. The average fee is usually 15-20%, they only get paid when you get paid.

We will Help you with your Deep Water Horizon Settlement