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BP Settlement a Few Thoughts

The October 1 Opt Out date needs to be Extended

bp settlement  There has been a lot of conversations lately about the BP Settlement. A number of High Powered Attorneys would like to see the opt out date of October 1 to be extended. Personally I think it makes sense. The BP Settlement is just becoming better understood by so many. It wasn`t very long ago that we all got the terms of the settlement and got a handle on how to process BP Claims for the Settlement.

Everybody has had a pretty fast learning curve to grasp, new processing methods, new formulas, and more documentation. Do you all know what it is like to collect documentation, let me tell you all from first hand experience, it is not easy.

That being said, The GCCF has such an inconsistent methodology, rule changes when ever it suited them, a number of Attorneys and others decided to take a wait and see approach, and after a lot of disappointments with the GCCF, many were thinking more about going to trial then submitting anymore claims that were just not going to see the light of day under the GCCF. Initially I had some real issues with this, I went head to head with a number of Attorneys over this issue,  but can now see the logic and their point of view, and to a few of them I apologize, you know who you are.

Then came the Settlement, new leadership, new guidelines, new timelines. The Settlement was granted preliminary approval on May 2, basically 3 months ago. Some of the Attorneys in this litigation have over 10, 000 claims some even more then 20,000 claims, that`s a lot of claims. There is no way on God`s green earth that with all of the claims the Attorneys have in house, and many are now processing in house, they can handle these kinds of caseloads in that amount of time, and if they are not granted more time the New BP Settlement Fund can be assured that these Attorneys will be opting out the MAJORITY of their case loads, and I don`t think any of us want that.

BP Settlement and Transparency

On a different note but in the same vein, we get a lot of calls from people that want to know where their claim is at with their Attorney, we tell them to call their Attorney, some Attorneys choose not to return phone calls, it would be a wonderful mechanism if people who had Attorneys could check on their claims without having to call their attorneys. This would eliminate a lot of problems, people would know where their claims were at, they may even be able to find out what documentation they need to provide, and it would help make the process more transparent all the way around. Some Attorneys have tackled this problem head on and created client portal so the clients can see exactly where their claims are at, we think that`s a heck of an idea, but also think it would be great if this was spearheaded by the leadership of the Settlement and it was done for all claimants, sorry guys, I know you have a lot on your plate but it would HELP a lot of people.

Corexit and The Oil Spill

Since I am on my soap box for this particular blog, lets talk about Corexit, sick people getting sicker and what we are hearing from you. There are two very alarming trends out there one is the amount of people that work in the water like oystermen dieing from strokes. Blood pressure spikes seem to be a common theme from everyone we talk to who has been in contact with Corexit. These men and women and particularly clean up workers, voo workers and oystermen are experiencing an exceptionally high amount of strokes and heart attacks. The National Institute of health is running around the Gulf taking hair and nail samples, this should speak volumes.

The other trend we are hearing about is the amount of women and families that are experiencing miscarriages and babies that have been born sick and not making it. Many of these people had direct contact with Corexit, and worked on the Oil Spill. this is a tragedy at the highest level, and why more has not been done to help All of these people I have no idea.

Quick Pays

You didn`t think I wasn`t going to mention quick pays, anyone who reads this blog knows that of all the screwing of the people worst hit by the oil Spill, Quick Pays were the worst thing to happen to most of the fishermen and businessmen affected by the spill. Nobody ever even knew Quick Pays were going to be a part of the process, we all were told people would be able to take Final pays and Interim claims, which actually made sense. When Feinberg unleashed the Quick Pay Scam and suckered people into taking this blood money so they could save their houses, boats, cars and families he did the biggest disservice to The People of the Gulf, people did not even know how long their livelihoods would be affected, and for a messily 5k or 25k many gave up their right to Sue BP, this needs to be fixed and fixed soon.

Just a few thoughts and by the way I am for the BP Settlement we just have a few things that need to be addressed.

Best of Luck to All, and Gods Speed,


Help for the BP Settlement and the BP Settlement

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We follow the current events of the claims process and are active in advocating for victims rights, we helped identify the medical issues many were experiencing, and brought them to the Attorney who would later create the Medical Class Settlement.

Our organization has immense experience with the BP settlement, and its predecessor the GCCF, and we have helped many victims of the oil spill.

We are EXPECTING the BP Settlement to begin Paying out in Mid July.

We are here to help you and make sure you get the necessary settlement in regards to the damage done by the disaster. Please take the opportunity to fill out the form at our website and get involved with the BP settlement to get the money you deserve.

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BP Settlement News

As of March 2, 2012, BP agreed to a Settlement under the supervision of the courts to compensate claims. It is estimated to cost BP about 7.8 Billion Dollars. However, there is no cap to this amount, so if that money is not sufficient to properly pay the individuals and businesses affected by the spill, more money will be added towards the BP settlement. The new mechanism for settling these cases is the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.

This is a huge victory for all of the victims, because now the BP settlement will be faster and most importantly the legitimate claims will no longer be unfairly denied. Also, the offers that will now be made will be a lot higher.

We now believe that that this new process for the BP settlement will treat the victims far more fairly and give proper amounts of money to compensate all of their losses. Contact us now, this is a golden opportunity. There have been some hurdles in the new BP Settlement, we can help you overcome them.

How we can Help you through the BP Settlement

What we can do for you
The process of getting your BP settlement can be a little daunting. To help you, you need people with experience in handling these types of situations to help you file your claims. Our professionals will assist you with your BP settlement and will:

  •  Properly prepare your claim and submit it in an acceptable fashion.
  •  Negotiate and resubmit if the offer is unfair and too low.
  •  File a lawsuit if there is no possible reachable agreement.
  •   Ensure that you are fairly paid.

We truly care about the future of the victims of the oil spill. We will stop at nothing to make sure that the BP settlement fits your needs and properly restores everything that was ruined by this unfortunate tragedy.

BP Claims Issues We are Watching,

  • Will Quick Pays get a second shot, they should
  • The environmental damage done to the Gulf, Bays and Bayous. The News is not good.
  • Medical Issues around the use of Corexit 9500
  • Moratorium Claims

Contact us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM or head over to our website and fill out a FREE case review and start the path to rebuilding the damage done by BP and getting the compensation that you deserve. Our professionals charge from 7.5% for large loss claims, and on average charge from 15-20%, if you need the help of an Attorney they charge 25%. They don`t get paid until you get paid.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement.

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers not Ready

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers not ready for Business

deep water horizon settlement  In another crushing blow to the people hurt by the BP Oil Spill, what was thought to be a banner day for the new BP Settlement turned out to be more of the same. People were turned away in droves when they went to the new Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers. We predicted they would not be ready, we had no idea it would be this bad. People that showed up at the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers on Monday, were told that the centers would not be open for business for at least one week, and many people were told two weeks.

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers Claimants Angry

When Claimants arrived at the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers they were asked for their name , a copy of their i.d., and if they are were represented by an Attorney. They were then told that the Deep Water Horizon Settlement Centers would be open for business in a week or two.

This has left many business owners, individuals and people who make a living from the Gulf highly irritated and frustrated with the whole process once again.

Deep Water Horizon Settlement Help

If you have had enough, and many of you have, call 1-800-BP-CLAIM, or fill out the FREE CASE REVIEW form to the right. Our Attorneys and Adjusters Charge from 7.5% for large loss claims over 1 million dollars, to 30% for complex medical claims. The average fee is usually 15-20%, they only get paid when you get paid.

We will Help you with your Deep Water Horizon Settlement