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BP Settlement: Its time to get YOUR BP Claims Paid

The BP Settlement is for Real

bp settlement We are happy to report that claims of ALL sizes and Industries that are covered under the BP Settlement are either getting offers, or going Under Review.

One of our Consultants/Adjusters that has around 300 claims submitted under the Settlement, has had over 15 come under review in the last week, others are getting offers on a consistent basis.

This time Under Review is certainly a step in the Right direction, under the GCCF it was a joke. Claims sizes ranged from 10k-700k, and covered individual claims,fishermen claims, Voo Claims, and business claims.

This is great news, we thought the new BP Settlement fund would just start at the smaller claims and work their way up, there were early indications that`s what they were doing, a few weeks into it there are new signs, all sorts of claims are receiving offers, and they are coming in on a regular basis.

Have you updated your GCCF claim so it meets the requirements of the BP Settlement

Under the terms of the BP Settlement, if you had a BP Claim under the GCCF, you will need to update some information and pass some financial tests. It is important to update this information so your claim can meet the new requirements. If you would like help we have Access to a fantastic group of Claims Adjusters and CPA`s who specialize in the BP Settlement.

They have over 300 trained CPA`s and a whole division specializing in the BP settlement led by the Best BP Claims Adjuster in the Country, at least in my estimation.

Their fess are 15%.

They Can Help You With

  • Claims that were still at the GCCF and not updated for the Settlement
  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Voo Claims
  • Property Claims
  • New Claims

The BP Settlement still has along way to go

Its still going to take awhile for people to become believers. There are still some major obstacles, and many of them have merit.

Pam Bondi has a valid point that more of Florida should be covered.

Quick Pays need to be readdressed because what happened there was heinous.

Attorneys looking to opt out their entire case loads, especially if the opt out deadline is not extended. Lets face it it takes time to put these claims together.

We all want this to work,  Mr. Juneau and his staff have a lot of work ahead of them.

This all pales in comparison to what happened to the people, well it`s time for folks to get paid, and the time seems to be now.

Our Ajuster/CPA Group charges a 15% contingency fee to help you with your BP Settlement.

1,100 Offers sent on Friday by the BP Settlement Fund

The BP Settlement sent out it`s first Offers

bp settlementIt has been reported that over 1,110 BP Settlement offers went out Friday, this is big news. It looks as though The New BP Settlement Fund headed by Patrick Juneau and supervised by Judge Barbier are actually going to make sure the job gets done.

In our estimation they are ahead of schedule, there were a few errors in the beginning, but the numbers look promising.

The average BP Settlement offer was around 44k.

We are not jumping for joy just yet, but it is promising.

If you would like Help filing your BP Claims we can Help you, we usually charge just 15% of what you recover, we are not related to the Court Supervised Settlement in any way.

We Can Help You File Your Claims if:

  • You have never Filed a Claim
  • Your Claim is Stalled at the GCCF
  • Your Claim has been Denied

Is the BP Settlement going to be a Gulf Coast Stimulus Package

If you all remember the economic shape our region was in after the real estate bubble burst in 2006, 2007, 2008,and 2009, were tough years, it wasn`t till the  beginning of 2010 that the Gulf Coast began to feel an uptick in the overall economy. The BP oil spill on 4/20/10 put an end to that recovery for many.

It would not be till mid 2012 that many would get the sense the economy was moving in the right direction  again. The BP Settlement by many is looked at as a Gulf Coast Stimulus Package, and indeed it could serve as such for the businesses that survived, and make it right for the ones that did not.

In all reality the BP Oil Spill thwarted the comeback our economy was making in 2010, and should pay for what they did.

Quick Pays, Quick Pays, Quick Pays and the BP Settlement

We all know that Quick Pays have not been addressed in the BP Settlement, they need to be.

We have heard from more then 20,000 people and businesses since this site has been up, over 200,000 people took Quick Pays.

Quick Pays were presented under Feinberg, when we all expected Interim Claims to begin. Interim Claims would have paid people while the true extent of the damage was equated, Quick Pays, a mechanism that was never mentioned until Feinberg took over, became the standard.

They were a travesty, and many are feeling it now, especially the fishermen.

  • Catches of Brown shrimp are down over 90%,
  •  Blue Crabs are dying on their way to the market,
  • Oyster harvesters are harvesting just 15%-25% of what they would usually bring in.
  • These people were the first target of the Quick Pays, and they are experiencing the greatest ramifications.

We have often been told that representatives of the GCCF would meet these people at the docks and tell them they needed to sign these documents to get the 25k or 5k from the GCCF, many did, not realizing that they gave up their rights to sue BP for future damages. Many business owners took the Quick Pay so they could stay in business or pay the mortgage. People were held economic hostages by the GCCF.

The BP Settlement or some other mechanism needs to address this. Quick Pays preyed upon people, Feinberg worked for BP, he proclaimed himself independent, it took a Judges order to stop him saying he was independent.

Doesn`t it make sense that a Claims Administrator declaring himself INPEPENDENT when in fact he was paid by BP, and starving people out, forcing them to take Quick Pays, caused more then just confusion.

Feinberg has caused an ongoing economic disaster for many, and it needs to be fixed.

BP Settlement Solutions

We at, just want to make sure that your BP Settlement Claims gets into the best possible hands. As this has unfolded different groups have distinguished themselves in handling specific types of claims.

We have been involved in this process for a long time.

There are groups that specialize in:

  • Business Claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Claims that may need to be litigated.

We even process some BP Claims in house, and process for Attorneys and CPA`s.

Fees range from 15% for CPA`s and Claims adjusters, up to 25% for Attorney Assistance.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Begins to Pay

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement has Begun to make Offers

deepwater horizon settlementIt has been reported by several sources that the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund has begun to make offers, most of these have been made to people with Vessels of Opportunity Claims.

We told you last week we suspected that they would start with these, they have.

Also known as VOO Claims, these are for the boats that were under Master Charter Vessel Agreements, that went out to help clean up the oil spill. It has been reported that over 7,000 people signed these agreements. Many of the people that manned these vessels are also sick from the dispersant Corexit 9500, and have multiple claims.

Many Businesses in Southwest Florida now Qualify under the DeepWater Horizon Settlement

With the exit of the GCCF, and the entrance of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement, many Businesses and Individuals in SW. Florida are finding that they do indeed qualify under the new BP Settlement.

It is being referred to by some as “The Gulf Coast Stimulus Package”.

Businesses particularly that show a dip in 2010 after the oil spill, and an uptick in 2011, can most often claim their piece of the BP Claims Pie, and who doesn`t like pie.

Many of the Islands in South West Florida are labeled Zone A, that means that the individuals and businesses in these zones qualify for a 3.5 x their 2010 losses. The DeepWater Horizon RTP is 2.5 for these areas.

If your county touches the Gulf, and you or your business was impacted by the Oil Spill different multipliers will apply depending upon what type of business you are in or worked for.

The terms of the BP Settlement are much more clear then when the GCCF was in charge. Remember this is a Court Supervised Settlement, Judge Barbier and Patrick Juneau ” The Claims Administrator” are taking this very seriously. This go round people and businesses are going to be PAID. brings on a new Team Member for the BP Settlement

We are very pleased to announce a NEW relationship with one of the largest CPA firms in the country. With over 350 registered CPA`s in the firm, a leadership that is well versed in the BP Claims process. They have assembeled a Team of BP Claims Experts formerly with the GCCF, and from the private sector.

They also have  one of the Best, if not the best Claims Adjuster specializing in BP Settlement Claims in the country.

As always we will get your BP Claims in the best hands possible.

What we see happening and firmly believe will happen, is that when the DeepWater Horizon Settlement begins to pay, there will be an all out RUSH on the New Settlement Fund.

Keeping that in mind we wanted to Team up with a group that could expedite your BP Claims and know how to process claims and had a deep understanding of the process.

BP Claims are handled at 15%.

We will Help you with Your DeepWater Horizon Settlement.

BP Settlement News…Judge Barbier Orders Us to Post Disclaimers

A recent order coming from Judge Barbier has ordered us to post Disclaimers stating that: This is not the Official Court Authorized Website. Go to to make a claim directly with the Court Authorized Program. We have been talking and working with Pat Juneau`s office for the last week on this issue.

We put up a disclaimer on as soon as the issue came to light. That evidently was not good enough for them or the Judge. So in the next day or so we will be putting their disclaimer on all of our websites.

It was never intention to be mistaken for the their website, if you read our websites and many do on a regular basis, the idea that we are trying to mislead people into thinking we are their website is preposterous. Just read the websites, there is no way that people can mistake us for them.

We have taken the strongest stands for people that have been hurt by BP, the GCCF, some Attorneys, and have been vocal and I mean very vocal about what is really happening to all of us on an economic, environmental, and medical level. We will continue to fight for businesses, individuals and the environment.

We know the groups  that are getting the job done for the people, often they are not Law Firms, but Claims Adjusters and Accountants. We have built a network from Key West to Houston and forward claims to the best group that handles that particular claim. Their are some Attorneys out there that are not very fond of us, but what do you expect when our CPA`s or Claims Adjusters are charging 15% to what was once their 33.3%, until Judge Barbier had to order them to only charge 25%.

That being said we are fond of some Attorneys that are getting the job done, and know how to process claims. If you want to reach them just go to DeepWaterHorizonSettlement and they will get right back to you. If you want to work with our chosen Team of Claims Adjusters and CPA`s just fill out the form to the right, and we will be happy to help you.

1-800-BP-CLAIM DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Overview

deepwater horizon settlementIt has been a week since the DeepWater Horizon Settlement has officially begun. What can we say except we told you this was going to be a mess, and it is.

There are over Forty different claims forms, many of you have multiple claims, and are finding the mountain of data needed overwhelming.

Not to worry, we have been hard at work, in an effort to make this easier for you.

We have created Alliances with different Law Firms, Adjusters and Properly Staffed Consultant Groups all with different areas of expertise.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement should be handled by professionals that have a very high degree of competency with DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims.

They Specialize in:

  • Business Claims
  • Denied BP Claims and Claims that are Stalled
  • Medical Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Individual Economic Loss Claims

We will be helping them put together the paperwork and documentation for your DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims. Most of you will have one point of initial contact to assemble your Claim, and that will be the team at,  we are available from 9-5 p.m. everyday.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of assembling BP Claims. Team members charge from 7.5% for large loss claims to 33.3% for Medical Claims that include a medical screening. Most economic claims run between 15-20%.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement  Pyramid

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement is just another mechanism to glean out valid BP Claims and get them paid. Think about the BP claims process like a Pyramid.

This is how the BP Claims Pyramid Works, we know this because it is based on a model that Insurance companies  have used for years.

  • They will first get the people that are most desperate to cash out first, here they used Quick Pays over 200,000 people and Businesses took these.
  • They will work up the Pyramid and take out the people and Businesses that have solid claims but are ready to settle hence the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Program, most of these will be small to midsize claims.
  • Expect a new mechanism here that has yet to be identified, that will take out the larger claims.
  • Finally some claims will move into the Litigation phase but most will be settled before they reach court.

This is how Settlements like this have moved forward for years don`t expect the Deepwater Horizon Settlement to be much different. Those who can hang in there the longest will reap the largest rewards.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement News

Lets remember they are just getting this ramped up, but the overall consensus is that this settlement will not last. There will be too many people opting out, too many law firms not opting their case loads in, and if you follow the pyramid example, the DeepWater Horizon Settlement is just one more mechanism to get claims settled.

The big question is will they settle out the larger claims, if they do, the DeepWater Horizon Settlement has a chance of making it, if they wait these claims out, to when the deadlines come up, it will most likely fail.

As it stands now, we advocate that you at least have all of your Claims well documented, and if you have not filed a claim, consider running it through the BP Claims Program that also just opened up. Yes there are now 2 separate funds to get compensated from. There is the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund and The BP Claims Program run by BP.

We can Help you with the New BP Claims Program and the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.






DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help Free Assistance 1-800-BP-CLAIM

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Begins Tomorrow

deepwater horizon settlement  Tomorrow is the day many have been waiting for. The DeepWater Horizon Settlement finally gets underway.

If you need any Help getting your questions answered we are here to help you, just call us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We have expanded  our staff for as long as needed to assist in the DeepWater Horizon  Settlement. Our BP Claims Experts are standing by awaiting your call.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement has many facets to it. They includes zones, industry types and different sets of multipliers. It also includes a great number of multiple claims for sole individuals.

If you need our assistance in any of the above mentioned issues, we would be happy to assist you. We here at BP Claims can not give you legal advise, since we are not attorneys, but we can help you make up your own mind and tell you the truth and what you qualify for under the BP Settlement.  If you need to speak to an attorney or claims adjusters we will assist you, and to get you to the industry experts with proven track records in the field.

The DeepWater Horizons Settlement will just be emerging out of its infancy tomorrow – June 4th. Expect issues with their processing capabilities for the first few weeks. We have heard form several sources that there will be quite a few oversights until they finally “hone their own process.” If you experience any difficulties with DeepWater Horizons Settlement or the facilitation there of, please call us.

We will do what we can to help you and will express your concerns to the leadership of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement if needed.

We are the Advocate for you the Client. In order for us to process claims quickly and maximize them, it is in our  best interest.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Solutions

If you are an individual that has been effected by the BP Oil spill, we can help you. We have attorneys and claims adjusters standing by. There charges range from 7.5% over $1,000,000 to 30% for complex medical claims. The average rate per claim is between 15-20% and they do not get paid until YOU get paid. No out of pocket expenses.

For your convenience and those of our DeepWater Horizon settlement teams we will be your liaison for gathering all documentation and creating your claim packet. Therefore, if you want to know where your claim stands, you just have one phone number to call…. 1-800-BP-CLAIMS

We will help you with your DeepWater Horizon Settlement

1-800-BP-CLAIM DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help Line

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help

deepwater horizon settlementIf you have questions regarding your claim, we will do our best to help you.

We are not Attorneys, we are Advocates.

We don`t give advice we give you the TRUTH, no holds barred as we see it.

We have no allegiance to one particular Law Firm or group. We know who will fight for your BP claims and those won`t.

We will only work with groups that will do Battle for you and your Claims.

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement is meant to do the most good for the most amount of people. The problem here is it is so complicated it makes the GCCF look like a walk in the park.

This was written by lawyers, for  lawyers, because of this development we will more often be utilizing Attorneys, however we will be organizing your claim or claims and handing them off to DeepWater Horizon Settlement Experts. Our Experts include Attorneys and Claims Adjusters that will Fight for your Rights.

We found the biggest challenge was document collection, and we have 7 people in house from 9-5 to help in that effort. After your claim is ready to go it will go to a member of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Network.

The rates range from 7.5% for large loss claims to 30% for complex Medical Claims. The average rate is usually between 15-20% for Help with your BP Settlement Claim.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Business Claims

Members of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Team specialize in Business claims in all affected zones. We are hearing that there is a lot of cherry picking going on as many other groups only want to take claims in Zone A.

Our DeepWater Horizon Settlement Team members are able to help you with all DeepWater Horizon Economic Settlement Claims in all zones. DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims are quite often multiple claims, our Team understands that. Quite often a business may have multiple locations in multiple zones, and they know how to calculate those claims.

If you have a DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claim and need answers just call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We will Help You With Your DeepWater Horizon Settlement.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement 1-800-BP-CLAIM

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help Line

deepwater horizon settlement If you have questions about your DeepWater Horizon Settlement call 1-800-BP-CLAIM. Packets were sent out late least week to 100`s of thousands of individuals and business`s that never got paid by the GCCF. Many of you have been calling over the weekend and today. The new process is even more difficult then the old one according to many of the Attorneys and Claims Preparers we have talked to.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Purchasers

There are quite a few groups out there purchasing your BP Settlements right now. We have spoken to several of the firms that offer these services, their terms were quite different. If you decide to let one of these groups buy your settlement, read the fine print. We have heard that large groups of fishermen are being targeted by these groups because of the potentially large payouts, if you don`t need to take these settlements you may just want to wait it out a little longer. You have waited this long to get your BP Claims paid, it looks like you may just have to wait a bit longer, we hope.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement the word on the Street

After talking to the leading Attorneys and Claims Adjusters, the word on the street is, this system, except for a few exceptions is much more difficult then the GCCF system was. Many of them were quite ecstatic knowing that they would be employed for the next several years. Multiple claims and different documentation for each claim combined with different zones and industries makes for a very complex system. Even though Deep Water Horizon Settlement Fund is pitching it`s new electronic form filing as much easier, we will maintain a wait and see attitude on this.

What happens to the business that has several stores in zone A, one store in zone B, and a dozen in zone D, nobody seems to have that answer, yet.

The good news from the DeepWater Horizon Settlement fund is all of the papers previously filed with the GCCF will be available in the new DeepWater Horizon Settlement System.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Thoughts

The DeepWater Horizon Settlement is not going to be the Settlement Solution everyone was hoping for. The mechanisms that will be utilized to figure out the claims was built with needing help in mind, remember this settlement was arranged by the Attorneys of the Plaintiff Steering Committee, do you really think they would ax themselves and the other attorneys out of a job, instead I think they may have insured their work load for a long time.

Voices from Down in the Bayou

Since we hear so much from the people making a living from the Gulf these days, we have decided to start another section to the Blog. We will report what is going on and let you all know what is happening on the front lines. Pogey fishermen are seeing a drastic decline in oil coming from their fish, what was around 14% fish oil pre spill, has declined along with fish size to 4-6%. This is bad news for these men and women, and they fear it is the tip of the iceberg. Also we are hearing that many of the fishermen and shrimpers are seeing a lot of oil out there, the patties and oil are hurting their nets and rigging.

Another fishermen  was telling me that since they are about as broke as broke can be, they are eating most of what they catch,  he went on to tell me they catch the fish that are just coming in, because you don`t want to eat the ones that have been in the bays and bayous to long. This is the same group that was the only group capped under the DeepWater Horizon Settlement at 2.3 Billion, which is ridiculous and still doesn`t make any sense to me.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Help

If you need Help with your DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims we have Attorneys and Claims Adjusters that can help you. They will charge from 15%-25%, only after you get paid.

We will Help You with Your DeepWater Horizon Settlement.


Deepwater Horizon Settlements News

Deepwater Horizon Settlements and You

deepwater horizon settlementsDeepwater Horizon Settlements will be the mechanism for you to settle your BP Claims. The Deepwater Court Supervised Settlement Program will cover economic and medical claims associated with the BP Oil Spill.

The only reason there is a Deepwater Horizons Settlements Program, is because of the dismal failure of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The track record of the GCCF was shameful for many as they preyed upon the fishermen, crabbers, and shrimpers of the Gulf Coast.

Many others were starved into taking Quick Pays, and the buzz around creating a Class Action for those preyed upon has been intensifying in recent weeks.

Who runs the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program

The Deepwater Horizons Settlements will be run as a court supervised program under Judge Barbier and the administrator Patrick Juneau.

The entities processing the claims will remain the same from the GCCF, this is a concern. New guidelines will of course be in place, but after the debacle of the GCCF and knowing what we do about their internal processing methods, we will be watching them like a Hawk, and letting you know how it goes.

Do You Qualify for Deepwater Horizon Settlements

If you did not take a quick pay or a final claim and can prove you were impacted by the BP Oil Spill you most likely qualify.Individuals and Businesses that took final claims that were only paid 60% still qualify for the BP Settlement. The Deep Water Horizon Settlements program was meant to do the greatest amount of good for the most amount of people.

If you did take a final or a quick pay, but worked on the V.O.O or are sick you still qualify for the BP Settlement.

Were there people left out of the BP Settlement that should have been addressed, you bet there were, and we are are hard at work still trying to help you. If you were damaged economically, physically or if your property was damaged the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is meant to help you.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Help

It is our belief that the best thing you can do to insure that you are prepared for the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is to have a well documented BP Settlement Claim, and from what we have been seeing is that many of you will have multiple claims under the BP Settlement Program.

We work with licensed Claims Adjusters that have specialized in Hurricane and Tornado Claims for over 30 years, they know how to document these types of claims, and they are often called in as experts when multiple claims and issues arise in Judicial proceedings.

This is exactly what they do. They will document your claim for you. They charge 7.5%-15%.

We also work with Attorneys if they are needed, the Attorney`s we work with have a proven track record.

We will Help you with your Deepwater Horizon Settlements.