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The BP Settlement is Back ON

BP Settlement BP Settlement Resumes

I am pleased to tell everyone that the  BP SETTLEMENT  will resume. When? We really don`t know, but we are a whole lot closer. The 5th circuit judges as a majority, ruled in favor of Judge Barbier`s previous decisions. I speak for many when I tell you how pleased we all are.

We Thank The 5TH Circuit for actually “Making it Right” and for Judge Barbier and Patrick Juneau for having it RIGHT the whole time. We further appreciate Judge Barbier and Patrick Juneau for sticking to their guns, and holding BP accountable.

The Fifth Circuit Judges “Made it Right” by lifting the stay for Business Economic Losses or BEL`s imposed by a previous 5TH Circuit Panel.

BP was in a no lose position

Either BP could  stall the settlement,  or get it thrown out, they stalled. As BP stalled the settlement for the last several months, you need to wonder how much money BP accrued through its holdings during that time. How much money did BP save during this period, and how much did BP make with the money they should have been paying oil spill claims with.

Barbier and Juneau had it Right from the Start

Juneau and Judge Barbier  had it right from the beginning. BP had made an agreement that showed causation through the V test and other models and they were bound by the terms of that agreement.

In reality all this is was, was another stall tactic by BP.

There is no doubt that we’ve seen this before during the GCCF days and the BP settlement era. What it comes down to is, it just takes more time for people to get paid, and some people with VALID BP Claims will just let their claims go, and let BP off the hook, , they wore them down, don`t let them.

Some BP Claims /CPA`s /Processors/Attorneys/have Quit handling BP Claims

As part of the collateral damage many groups just could not afford to process BP claims anymore, or just elected not to. It is difficult to justify a continual expenditure on BP claims that just don`t seem to get paid. By BP continually stalling it, put many groups in a tough financial position.

Other issues are that many CPA groups, specifically the smaller ones are not staffed to handle BP claims and the regular accounting load. and these guys are now heading into tax season.

If you are a a group or firm that needs help with it`s BP Claims Case load call 1-800-BP-CLAIM. We have other processors and attorney`s that would be happy to work something out with you.
The  BP claims processes was meant to to get people paid. Plain and simple, not get blocked by BP every step of the way.
BP`s strategy revealed  they would use of the Delay, Deny and Defend strategy.  This is the standard strategy by unscrupulous insurance companies and BP.

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BP Settlement now has Stuctured Settlements

bp settlement Judge Barbier recently released an order that allowed for Structured Settlements within the BP Settlement.

Before being eligible for the Structured Settlement, your claim will have to be deemed eligible by the folks that run the DeepWater Horizon Settlement.

It seems that many people will benefit from this because they will be able to defer their taxes, for people and businesses that have very large claims, this could be very beneficial.

BP Settlement Claims begin to Stream in

The BP Settlement has begun to run on all cylinders recently. We have seen BP Settlement Claims begin to receive offers on a very consistent basis. Now I can only report what we, and  groups within our network  have experienced. What we have seen lately is all types of BP Settlement Claims are getting paid.

This is what we have seen begin to trend:

  • Individual Claims have begun to see payments more consistently
  • Business Claims have been steady
  • VOO Claims receiving offers in 5 Business days
  • The BP Settlement Appeals System is going to see many more BP Claims come into the process
  • BP Appealing Claims that were made offers has become more common

We can assist you with

  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Property Claims
  • VOO Claims

We are not attorneys, but do work with them when needed, we are experienced BP Claims Processors and CPA`s, we process claims between 15%-25% of what you recieve, we don`t get paid until you get paid.


GCCF Claimants circle back to the BP Settlement

What we have also seen, is that many claimants have begun to circle back into the BP Settlement process that had given up after the GCCF debacle. Many times we can get their paperwork from the Settlement. The GCCF was a mess, it left people disheartened and disillusioned, the BP Settlement may have some issues, but it is far less arbitrary then it`s predecessor. If you have not updated your claim for the BP Settlement, you need to, and we can help.

Current Issues with the BP Settlement

  • Some claimants still have not seen any progress of their claims through the claims review steps, this is unfortunate, but we have seen the process just recently begin to speed up, and I mean very recently.
  • The customer mix test is still an obstacle for many businesses that are in Zone D, that don`t qualify under the standard V-Test model.
  • Naics codes are being rumored to change or BP has asked to set aside those claims in the building field, not sure how this is going to unfold, but we are keeping a close eye on this development, again let me reiterate these are rumors at this point. automates the BP Settlement Process

We have recently undergone sweeping internal changes on how we handle claims for the BP Settlement, we have instituted a document upload center so claimants can upload the necessary documentation at their own pace. All files are now digital, and when you call for assistance, anyone in our office can check your status, and tell you right where you are at in the process. We look forward to continuing to innovate our process in order to better serve you.

We have also heard from several Accounting offices and law firms recently that they are not taking on any new BP Settlement Claimants, the Accountants have tax season in full swing, and are beginning to realize how time consuming this process can be. This process is not for the faint of heart.

If you need assiatance call 1-800-BP-Claim or go to our intake center click here.

We will help you with your BP Settlement.

BP Settlement Gets Judges Approval

Judge Barbier Approves the BP Settlement

deepwater horizon settlement  If you follow the doomsday theorists, 12/21/12 was suppose to be the end of the world, well, not really, it was the first day of the official BP Settlement. Any connection, probably not, but Judge Barbier did lay a compelling and substantive case as to why The DeepWater Horizon Settlement should move forward. You can read it for yourself here.

There are issues with the settlement, but the fact of the matter is we all just want to see people and businesses get paid, and this is what we have to work with. There was a lot of interesting information in the 125 page document. Most compelling was the Judges rebuttals of the numerous objections raised. The Judge provided his thoughts in great detail as to why he thought certain objections did not have merit, or were basically outweighed for numerous reasons, citing a variety of case law.

I still believe there are issues with the Customer Mix Test and NAICS codes, but much of that can be handled with an Appeal, and we will all see how those Appeals are handled. If David Duval who heads up the BP Settlements Appeals division can get adequate compensation for the BP Settlement Claims that deserve it, and if he is given some latitude in correcting NAICS codes and other assorted anomalies, then I think the BP Settlement is a strong substitute for litigation. We will see how this aspect of the process unfolds, and how much leeway he and his Team are given. There is a lot riding on this aspect of the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Structure.

Seafood Compensation Program (You have 30 Days)

Under the terms of the BP Settlement, people that are taking part of the Seafood Compensation Program only have 30 Days after the Judges approval to present their claim to the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund for Approval. That means the clock is ticking and if you haven`t filed yet, you need to.

BP Settlement Numbers

91,000 people had so far filed with DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund. They expect that number to hit over 1,000,000, hopefully many more will come to the table now that the Judge has formally approved the BP Settlement.

Excluded Claims Have Until January 19th to be Presented to OPA

If you were excluded from the BP Settlement you must have your claim filed by January 19th. That means you need to act now, to protect your Rights. We have people that can Help You.

These types of businesses and their employees that are for the most part Excluded from the Settlement.

  • Most Casino Type Institutions;
  • Most Fund, Trust, and Banking Entities;
  • Most Defense Contractors;
  • Most Oil & Gas Industry Entities;
  • Most Insurance Companies;
  • Bodily Injury Claims;
  • BP Shareholder Suits;
  • Moratorium Loss Claims;
  • Claims relating to Menhaden (or “pogy”) fishing, selling, processing, and harvesting;

Claims for Damages by Companies or Individuals for employment in the Financial, Insurance, Banking, Gaming, Oil & Gas, Defense Contractor industries, and Real Estate Development, as well as Entities selling or BP-branded fuel.

GCCF Denials and Stalled Claims

If you had filed with the GCCF and been denied or been stalled, there is still hope for your claim under the BP Settlement. For all of its flaws, and it still has a few, in this writers opinion it is a whole lot better then what the GCCF was under Mr. Feinberg. It is transparent, it has a clear methodology, and it is not arbitrary. The folks that run the DeepWater Horizon Settlement want to pay you, and many claims that were shunned by the GCCF are welcomed under the terms of the BP Settlement.

Multiple Store Locations

We have seen a tremendous growth in Companies with multiple stores, in multiple locations, making BP Settlement Claims with us as of late. These claims have a different parameters to meet, as they are often located in a number of different Settlement Zones, often with a Headquarters that is not located in any of the Settlement Zones. We have seen an influx of Real Estate Companies, Restaurants, and assorted other Franchises ask us for assistance, we have a separate Division specializing in assisting these entities.

VOO Claims

We have had great success in getting VOO Claims through the system. We have even gotten them through after BP has appealed them. We have heard that BP is appealing them at a more frequent rate, and we can help you, we have gotten some through in as little as 2 weeks.

What will we See Next

Now this part is pure conjecture mixed with some facts, I am not an Attorney, but we are pretty involved in all of this, and I think we have a good read, and some inside track to what will happen next.

  • The DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund will pick up speed processing claims.
  • More Staff will be hired to necessitate the above.
  • More Individuals will begin to see their claims get Paid.
  • More Claimants will come to the Table.
  • Some Latitude will be given to the Appeals Division for NAICS code issues

The Network

I am so proud of all of the people that make up our Internal Staff, I have never met a group of people that really put the Claimants welfare at such a high paramount. It is all working as intended, and this could not be done without your continued vigilance on the claimants behalf, and the compassion that you all have displayed over the last couple of years. As we have begun to add more staff, and create different Divisions, I am sure this trend will continue.

Partners within the Network have all displayed similar characteristics, and have been working 7 days a week to meet the Claimants needs.

We process your BP Settlement Claims for as little as 15% without using Attorneys, and slightly more if they are needed.



DeepWater Horizon Settlement “The Wave”

BP Settlement and what should be next

bp settlementThere is a lot of pure conjecture going on about the BP Settlement, some based in Fact, and others are pure fiction. The BP Settlement is about to pay, and pay BIG, people that are in our circle, are getting calls on a daily basis from Brown Greer and Price WaterHouse asking for updated information. This is a good sign that the BP Settlement Claims process is going to start paying out soon.

Expect BP Settlements Soon

From what we have been hearing, expect a major wave of BP Claims to receive offers around September 10th. That seems to be the date everyone that is in the know keeps referring to. I would not be giving you all dates if I didn`t think it was about to happen myself.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Claims

So lets say you receive an offer from the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Fund, what happens next? Well first you either accept it, or decline it, or you may wish to appeal it. Lets say you accept it, first remember whatever other claims you may have, must be settled within the terms of the Deep Water Horizon Settlement. Now from what I keep on hearing BP still has the right to appeal your settlement offer but has a limited amount of time to do so.

  • If your Claim is under $250,000.00 BP has 10 days to appeal your Claim
  • If your Claim is between $250,000.00-500,000.00 they have 15 days to appeal your Claim
  • If your Claim is over $500,000.00 they have 20 days to appeal your Claim

Now mind you this is my summation of it, I am not a lawyer, I just think people need to be aware of a few things, more on the appeals process in my next blog, and how it can work for the claimant.

Updating Your GCCF Claims

If you had a claim at the GCCF it has to be updated for the BP Settlement. If you need Help and would like people that we think can help you do so they charge 15%. You need to update you BP Claims that were at the GCCF so you can get paid by the Settlement.

There are only 54,000 BP Claims at the BP Settlement as of now, expect that number to soar as soon as the money begins to hit the streets, my advice is to get on this now, not when everyone in town is sending in their paperwork at the same time.

We have seen this before, for example when the GCCF finally started paying out, waiters and waitresses were some of the first to get checks, then came all of their friends, and I mean lots of friends. The same thing is going to happen when the Settlement fund begins to pay.

If you need Assistance from what I feel are some of the Best Adjusters, and CPA`s in the country handling this process please fill out the form to the right. They have a proven track record of collecting from BP and their fees start at just 15%.

If you need the Assistance of an Attorney their fees are usually around 25%.

Best of Luck to All,

We will Help you with Your BP Settlement,

BP Claims: Yes your GCCF Claims can get Paid

Our BP Claims System is Working

BP Claims

BP Claims are getting Paid

We are very proud to announce that BP Claims are getting paid and the system we introduced and innovated is working. If you read this blog we introduced a new system where your information is gathered by BP Claims consultants, some of our consultants were formally working for the law firm the GCCF contracted to process the claims.

The claim is evaluated after an interview process with the claimant, then the claimant is given clear direction of what they need to do if they want their claim paid. If you follow these directions given by our in house experts, and allow them to package and organize your claim, they are seeing an exceptionally high success rate. Our BP Claims Team members know how to do this, because at one time they were working for the other side, and they know the in`s and out`s of the claims process, because they were the ones processing the claims.

They know why claims are denied, stalled, labeled deficient, and how to cure causation issues. Most of our in-house advisers have their Jurist Doctorates, and have extensive claims preparation knowledge.

BP Claims Recent News

The GCCF historically pays BP Claims in waves. We are very happy to tell you that in this most recent wave we have had great success in getting your BP Claims get paid. In fact many individual claims were paid within 45 days of submission, claims that we asked to be re-reviewed were paid within 7 days, and multiple business claims were paid with in 60 days of submission.

The key when you are working with our Consultants is to listen very carefully, and furnish the paperwork they ask for in a timely manner. The biggest issues many have had with processing your BP Claims has been chasing the paperwork, and not being familiar with the BP Claims process. It is up to you to furnish the paperwork we request, we will help you.

We are serious about getting your BP Claims paid, and request that the people we work with are serious too. If your claim is at the GCCF we can help you, claims that are denied or stalled can be re-reviewed and set back on track through our system.

BP Claims Business Specialists

BP Business Claims are very different from individual claims, many of the supporting documents needed to substantiate a BP Business Claim greatly impact the likelihood of your claims getting paid. Showing causation is a key factor. We have handled Business Claims from $15 million to $5,000 dollars and treated them all with the thoroughness and the due diligence they deserve. It is important to link the Oil Spill with the down turn in Business, and that can be done in a number of ways.

Other factors that need to be included are any tax records, profit and loss statements, and contracts that were cancelled due to the spill. These components can all have substantial impact and carry different degrees of weight. When these are all organized in the proper manner and calculated they are the trended.

Trending is perhaps the most misunderstood application when one is figuring their BP Claims, it is also the reason many claims are denied. If you need Help our fees start at just 15%, if we need to get an Attorney involved, your total fee will be no greater then 25%, and all fees are contingent upon you getting paid, there is no upfront cost.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Attorneys wrangle for Percentage

BP Claims put on Hold are now Unlocked

bp claims

BP Claims get Halted

BP Claims Attorneys heading up the Plaintiff Steering Committee for the MDL, want 6% of all oil spill claims paid to victims of The Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GCCF is waiting to reformulate the GCCF payments before paying ANY more GCCF claims. All oil spill claims are at a stand still. If the Attorneys who run the Plaintiff Steering Committee have their way, and according to Judge Barbier`s December 28th ruling they got it, anybody filing a BP Claim with the GCCF whether or not they use an Attorney will have to pay the 6% fee. This is bad news for 1000`s upon 1000`s of people. It is astonishing that the attorneys who are suppose to represent the people are trying to further profit at the peoples expense. For a change it is not thoroughly Ken Feinberg`s fault. After a very upsetting day for many the BP Claims process has been unlocked. Read Article

Not all BP Claims Attorneys Agree with this.

We have been receiving quite a few emails today from BP Claims Attorneys at the epicenter of the litigation today. Most are declaring neutrality on the subject of the extra 6%, and have gone on to state that this is an unusual and unfortunate circumstance. Some attorneys are just dead set against it, and we applaud them. They have also said that this is not a normal type of litigation and in most instances the members of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee usually get paid by the Attorneys that bring them the cases to get settled. Due to the nature of the BP claims process some attorneys feel that the people directly handling their own claims are benefiting by the work of the PSC Attorneys and should pay the extra 6%. Many claimants we have spoken to today are fed up with the BP claims process, and especially angry at the Attorneys involved with the PSC who are taking money out of their pockets.

BP Claims Insiders at the GCCF Report

Many of the attorneys who have filed claims with the GCCF did so without providing evidence of their clients’ claims, often this is the fault of the client for not producing the paperwork required. Now the attorneys heading up the PSC are seeking a 6 % fee for allegedly solving many of the problems in the GCCF claim process. This is absurd, especially after many of these attorneys perpetuated their clients’ problems by filing incomplete claims delaying their clients’ desperately needed rewards. The heads of the GCCF did suggest that the attorneys file all claims regardless of how complete they were, so they could potentially make offers on these claims, for the most part this has not been effective, though that could change. Individuals and businesses should have some sense of how complete their claim is, if it is incomplete they should do their best to cure their BP Claims. If the PSC is going to charge an extra 6% and if there is still 14 billion dollars to get paid out, that is over 750 Million Dollars, maybe some of that should be allocated to Claims preparers that could help people and Attorneys properly prepare their claims

Does it now cost 40% to get your BP Claims Paid: It Doesn`t have to

If the BP Claims Attorneys at the PSC are receiving 6% from the GCCF, and your BP Claims Attorney is receiving 331/3% plus other expenses for handling your BP Claims, are they in fact getting almost 40% of your BP Claims money, that seems to be the real question on everyone`s mind on our BP Claims hotline today. If your Attorney is charging you 331/3% plus other expenses, and the GCCF is deducting 6% from your BP Claims, 40% of your BP Claims money is the going to the Attorneys. Many of our Attorneys start at 25% to handle your BP Claims, and our BP Claims consultants charge 15%. That`s a savings of almost 20%-10% after the new 6% fee is factored in.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Audit is On

The BP Claims Audit Starts NOW

bp claims audit

The BP Claims Audit Begins

The BP Claims audit is underway according to the Justice Department, they have selected BDO consulting a New York based consulting firm. Representative Jo Bonner had asked Attorney General Eric Holder for an audit back in June. Marc Rubio and Joe Wicker two Gulf Coast Senators pushed through language in appropriation bills last month calling for an audit. The 20 Billion dollar fund run by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility under Ken Feinberg has been difficult for many to get much needed relief from. The fact is though some areas and sectors have rebounded after the BP Oil Spill, the health of the Gulf of Mexico remains uncertain and the seafood  industry has been devastated.

What to Expect from the BP Claims Audit

The BP Claims audit will go one of two ways, it will uncover the true level of inconsistency and overall systematic errors in the BP Claims process, or it will gloss over the whole BP Claims process, and we will have more of the same. This is pure conjecture on my part, but after covering this for over a year and a half, you get to know the players and the overall  landscape. A new player entering the equation is a hopeful sign though. U.S. Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli said that he would like to see the audit completed in March of 2012. If indeed the audit is successful, it is quite possible we could be dealing with a completely different BP Claims process, this has been mentioned several times in the last month.

How should you proceed with your BP Claims

Many BP Claims that have been filed by individuals, accountant groups, attorneys and some consulting groups are not complete. It is very important that all the information that is needed to file your BP Claims be present, organized and calculated correctly. If your BP claims preparer is asking you for more documentation it is very important that you give it to them in a timely fashion.

We have recently been working with an Individual that worked directly for Brown Greer, the Law firm that processed the BP Claims for the GCCF. He worked for the other side and now he works with us, and can work for you. He is here to help you, even if you want to handle the claim yourself. His understanding of the BP Claims process is far reaching. If you would like to engage him, and handle your claim yourself or to assist your accountant or attorney, he will advise you how to present and calculate your claim to optimize the chances for payment, due to the nature of the claims process and the size of claims, his fee is based on a sliding scale. An initial consultation is free. He is a legally trained claims reviewer with a J.D. from Ave Maria School of Law. If for whatever reason you decide you would like us to handle your claim after your consultation, your consultation fees will be rebated back to you, when you are paid by the GCCF.

If you would like us to handle your claim directly we can do so for the 15%, of the final award from the GCCF. If you need the assistance of an Attorney we have been working for sometime with what we consider the best in the business, and can suggest several.

We will Help you with Your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims Audit is On
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack





BP Claims get Paid

BP Claims Expert get Claims Paid

BP Claims

BP Claims

In an effort to get your BP Claims Paid, will continue to innovate, and create relationships with Claims Professionals and Attorneys that are passionate about getting BP claims paid from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The main goal has always been, and will always be, to help as many people as possible. This has led us to share information about the BP Claims Process that we have gathered with numerous groups. About 2 months ago we began a relationship with one such Group. Last week Mark Schwartz and his group, got numerous claims paid by the GCCF , and we at are very proud of him. Mark listened, he learned, and he got people paid. Mark`s dedication to people hurt by the spill, and his tenacity for getting people paid ALL they are owed,,, awesome.

” You have Multiple avenues to settle your BP Claims”

We at believe that you should have multiple options for settling your BP Claims. Many people don`t want to litigate their BP Claims, they just want to get paid. We have selected different groups of BP Claims Adjusters and Consultants to help you achieve just that. We also have fantastic attorneys such as Brent Coon if you choose the services of an Attorney. Mark Schwartz the gentlemen I just wrote about, specializes in waiter/waitress claims and charges anywhere from 10-15% of what he recovers, it all depends upon the work involved, on several occasions Mark has done peoples claims for free. We are also helping several different Claims Groups across the Gulf Region get a better understanding of the BP Claims process, so they may better serve you.

BP Claims Pioneers

As I write this I am up in the panhandle meeting with some folks that have been getting people their BP Claims Paid since the beginning, they are the true pioneers of BP Claims Consultants.  It has been my privilege to get to know these guys and to work with them. They have consistently had one of the best records of ANYONE getting BP Claims paid. These guys get Claims Paid.  They have helped many of the businesses in the Panhandle area get what they deserve from BP and the GCCF. In the last few days we have shared ideas, talked about trends we are seeing, and what should be considered as a future course of action.

The GCCF and BP has had numerous opportunities to “make this right”, the pledge BP used in the beginning, we don`t hear that ad on  TV anymore because they decided not to “Make this Right.” We can help you make this right, just fill out the form on the right and someone will contact you.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Get Paid
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims Attorney Brent Coon to Meet with the GCCF

BP Claims Expert Meets With GCCF Officials in NYC:

Update will be given Tuesday Nov. 1 by Mr. Coon

BP Claims

BP Claims Expert Attorney Brent Coon

Brent Coon an Attorney that specializes in BP Claims and BP Claims litigation will be meeting with Mike Rozen and other GCCF officials to settle a number of BP Claims, on Thursday October 27th. They will be discussing settling a number of oil spill claims. Brent`s team has been preparing for this meeting for some time. We personally met with Brent and his Team last week in Beaumont and Houston. We have been forwarding them your information from the Free Case Review form for over a year now. Brent is in our opinion the BEST ATTORNEY to handle people and business that were affected by the BP Oil Spill. There are over 17 other firms that have aligned themselves with Brent to help him get the money you deserve for your BP Claims these firms are known as JV`s. These firms were chosen by Brent and his Team to aid him, to reach all the people affected by the Oil Spill.

 BP Claims Barometer

What do we expect out of this meeting? We expect that Brent will do his best to maximize your BP Claims, and that the leadership of the GCCF will look at this as an opportunity to make things as right for as many as they can. This should be looked at as a barometer for the level of Integrity that the GCCF will handle BP Claims that are properly prepared, and presented by the most respected Oil Spill Attorney on the Planet. If he walks away from this empty handed, WAR should be declared, and an investigation at the highest levels should be immediately initiated, forget about waiting for the audit.

Why Brent Coon and Associates are members of Our BP Claims Dream Team

BCA is one of only a handful of law firms in the country that have direct access to Ken Feinberg and Mike Rozen (heads of the GCCF), BCA will be meeting monthly with Mike Rozen to negotiate direct settlements on large blocks of cases, regardless of their claim status with the GCCF.  This means more claims should be settled faster and usually for more money. There is NO RISK.  BCA does not get paid unless they are able to settle your claim through their direct negotiations along with the clout of going through the court system. Furthermore Brent`s past experience with the BP Texas City Explosion and receiving the largest award for a client ever from BP made him a natural choice.

To check out Brent`s site go to

To get in touch with Brent or other members of the BP Claims Dream, please fill out the form to the right.

We can Help you with your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims Attorney Brent Coon to Meet with the GCCF
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

BP Claims Attorney Brent Coon to Meet with the GCCF

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GCCF Delays and BP Claims

GCCF is still up to it`s Dirty Tricks

The GCCF most often stalls claims by mislabeling documents inside your claim, often people are given deficiency letters for documents the Gulf Coast Claims Facility already has. They have been doing this for some time.  The GCCF has also been making ridiculous Quick Pay offers to many businesses that suffered much more substantial losses. GCCF Denied Claims are also on the rise.

GCCF Stall Tactics


GCCF Tactics

While the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and BP are supposed to be making everything right it also seems they are in the business of trying to frustrate people who have legitimate BP Claims, and hoping they will just go away. This is a tactic that is used by unscrupulous insurance companies and it does work. The GCCF often mislabels documents within their file for your claim, then you are given a letter of deficiency and many find themselves sending in the same paperwork they all ready have sent to cure the deficiency. The GCCF is also slow to process claims, they have a history of telling people that your claim has gone to the next level, and saying everything looks good for it, but when it goes up the chain, you are asked to wait for more determinations, we have also heard of GCCF Claims that have gone to the accounting department and claimants are told the check is forthcoming, only to get denied or asked for more information. For many it is like being a hamster in a wheel, running fast to go nowhere.

GCCF Quick Pays are Preying on the Desperate

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been making ridiculous offers for BP Business Claims, and the 25k offers that many are seeing from the GCCF are often just a fraction of what is owed to the claimants. One of our BP Claims Adjusters recently had an offered increased by over 1500%, that`s right 1500%, it was a battle with the GCCF, and it got paid. This is an important point, you need a firm that will FIGHT for your money, not let the GCCF tell them what you should be paid. If you have a received a Quick Pay offer members of the BP Claims Team will check it out at no charge, and tell you what you are actually owed.

The BP Claims Team is getting GCCF Claims Paid

Members of the Team are fighting for your BP Claims money and they are doing a great job. If the Gulf Coast Claims Facility makes you an offer, get it checked out , members of the Team will do it at no charge. If they can get you more they will, and they have. Many Claims are settled for 15% of what Team members receive for you from the GCCF. If your claim was denied or if you have not filed one we can help you.


Article Source: BP Claims
Article: GCCF Delays and BP Claims
Author: William Bohack

GCCF Delays and BP Claims