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BP Settlement News: Preliminary Approval a Step Closer

BP Settlement Breaking News

bp settlementJudge Barbier heard from Plaintiffs Lawyers and BP Lawyers why the BP Settlement should be approved yesterday, it is highly likely that preliminary approval will be granted. That is good news for many people and businesses that still have BP Claims that have languished at the GCCF.

People with denied claims, stalled claims, and people who have not filed yet but have valid claims should find some sense of relief. We can help you with your BP Settlement if you fill out the form to the right.

Other Attorneys addressed concerns about the BP Settlement for their constituencies such as the Shrimpers.

Jim Hood went up to bat for the people that took Quick Pays, over 200,000 people should have a second shot at BP he explained, many of them signed off due to economic duress. We all know that BP and the GCCF preyed on these people and many of them were the hardest hit by the Oil Spill the Shrimpers, Crabbers and Oystermen. They seemed to have targeted these groups from the beginning.

Mr. Hood went on to say they need to  “nullify the illegal, illegally-obtained and unconscionable” Quick Pays. Mr Hood you are a hero to us and too many. If you have taken these please fill out the form to the right we want to here from you, please specify you the quick pay in the comment section.

These people should be made whole under the BP Settlement. We had spoken to one of his aides just days before, they are taking this issue to task.

BP Settlement: Charter Fishermen and Processors

Attorneys argued that Shrimp processors needed to have a better RTP rate then a common business claim under the BP Settlement, this is pretty much a no brainer. They are directly tied to the health of the shrimping industry, this had to be had to be some sort of oversight.

In fact any Seafood processor whose down stream was affected by the Oil Spill should be given the same RTP`s as the people who supply them when they are so dramatically tied to the Health of the Gulf. This should also apply to Charter Boat Captains and anyone that makes a living from the Gulfs bounty or the lack there of and should be covered in the BP Settlement.

Our BP Settlement Help Line 1-800-BP-CLAIM

If you need assistance filing your BP Settlement or just have a few questions we will do our best to help you. We have been fielding over 200 calls a day from people affected through out the Gulf Region, we would ask that your calls come between the hours of 8 am- 7 pm e.s.t. We have been here from the beginning and we will be here till the end. The BP Settlement is not the end.

We have been at this a long time now, we advocate for one group, the people affected by the BP Oil Spill. We are here to get people paid and Strongly believe we have layed out the best network of licensed Claims Adjusters and Attorneys to do just that, get you paid. We will not tolerate Entities that don`t do their job within the network.

As always Licensed Claims Adjusters start at 15% for Standard Claims and as low as 7.5% for large loss claims over 1 million dollars.

Attorneys Charge between 20%-33.3% for standard cases.

If you ever feel that you are having issues with anyone that we forwarded your information to, and they are not being responsive, we are just a phone call a away and we will deal with it on the spot.


We will Help you with your BP Settlement

BP Claims Settlement on Monday

BP Claims Settlement should be Monday

bp claimsWell here we go again, the BP Claims

Settlement has everybody`s hopes up, just like when Feinberg opened the GCCF, it is eerily reminiscent. The BP Claims Settlement promises to be better though, more transparent, easily understood, and fair. The devil is going to be in the details, experts will comb through it for days, we do have some inkling of what it will contain, but continue to hear that terms of the settlement are changing from day to day.

BP Claims Settlement pros and cons

Your Claims are finally going to get paid, or at least we think so. There are going to be generous multipliers for people in specific zones such as zone A, along the shore, there will be larger multipliers for the ones most affected such as folks in the Seafood Harvesting and Tourist Business. What appears to be a windfall for many has some strings, it is a Settlement, you get paid and your done. The biggest draw back about settling Claims at this point continues to be the unknown Health of the Gulf. The Wall Street Journal today wrote an article all about it. see here

If you choose not to settle your BP Claims

Well if you decide to litigate your BP Claims we are looking at potentially years of litigation before you get paid. Personally I am not opposed to litigation, if you can afford to wait them out, and we have plenty of good lawyers that we are in contact with that would love to help you. Personally I don`t believe we should even be talking about a BP Claims Settlement until we know what the facts are about the health of the Gulf. That being said we have developed a system with different groups of Attorneys and Adjusters that can and will help you with your BP Claims. Different groups specialize in different sorts of Claims.

BP Claims and You

The biggest thing you need to remember is that the BP Claims process was meant to make you whole, or as whole as you can get. There are a lot of people with very large losses through out the Gulf, whether it is a large business loss, the loss of your health, the loss of a job, or the loss of how you made a living for generations. In the end, how you handle your BP Claims is up to you, as a friend of mine would say Pause, Pray, and Proceed, I think it is a good time to do that.

We will help you with your BP Claims.




Denied BP Claims Flowing from the GCCF

Denied BP Claims hitting an All Time High

BP Claims

BP Claims Get Denied

If your BP Claims were recently denied you were not alone, we are seeing well documented, well organized BP Claims getting denied at the GCCF at a record rate. It seems that the GCCF is clearing out all of the BP Claims that it has been holding on to.

We can Help You if you have been denied.

At this point there will be very few claims left with the GCCF before the Fund transitions into the BP Settlement process. The Denial rate is utterly astounding, we have NEVER seen this rate of denied BP Claims come out of the GCCF since it`s inception.

Are BP Claims being forced into the Settlement Process

When you step back and look at the strategies displayed by the GCCF, you just can`t help but think that they are just making way for the upcoming BP Settlement. This is part of the Delay, Deny, and Defend tactics, and is meant to dishearten the people from pursuing their BP Claims.

They are just trying to wear down people with legitimate BP Claims. As we have told you before, this is a common tactic that has been used through out the BP Claims Process, this strategy was originated by unscrupulous insurance companies. The GCCF is making one last effort to thwart paying legitimate BP Claims, even while in transition.

Look for all of the present employees at the GCCF to be replaced in the very near future.

Do not let them make you loose heart for your economic justice. We can and will Help You.

BP Claims and the BP Settlement

We are hearing from a large number of you that are concerned that there will not be a major shift in attitude from the GCCF to the new BP Claims Settlement Fund. As I see it there will be a DRAMATIC shift and it will be coming from the top down. As I said above they are getting ready to get rid of all GCCF employees as the new regime is about to take charge, and it couldn`t be happening soon enough for many of us. Judge Barbier is running the show with Patrick Juneau, and everything I have heard about Mr. Juneau, and much of this from people that know him, all say the same thing, stand up, no nonsense guy, with a an over all concern for people. Let`s hope that carries through. Time will tell. If you would like to connect with Attorneys or Adjusters that can help you with your BP Claims for the settlement, please fill out the form to the right.

BP Claims and our Stance

We at have only had one goal in mind since this all began, to help people. We started with sites that got people to charities, and that morphed into following the BP Claims process, The BP Claims process under Feinberg and the GCCF was AWFUL, people were duped into Quick Pays when they were promised Interim payments, many took these and agreed not sue BP, and are now struggling once again with no remedies in site. We will continue to fight for these people, and will continue to organize them.

We will continue to help individuals and businesses that were denied, we are actively helping people with medical claims. When nobody wanted to take these cases we found a group that would, and I am happy to say that same Firm helped get them into the BP Claims Settlement, and they are now going to be compensated.

If you need help with Your BP Claims even if they were denied, we can and will help you, Consultants and Adjusters start at 15%, Attorneys start at 20%, Large Loss Business Claims can be handled for 7.5%.

We are not allied with any particular Firm or group, but simply will get your claims to the best possible Group that specializes in those particular claims.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Settlement Concerns

BP Claims Quick Pays need to Be Addressed

BP ClaimsNow we have been an advocate for the BP Claims Settlement because we know many of you need help after the GCCF so miserably failed, but we have some concerns about settling your BP Claims and they need to be voiced. After a few weeks to digest the BP Claims Settlement this much has come to light. We have been talking to literally 1000`s of you.

BP and the GCCF had a plan from the very beginning to weed out and pay out as little as possible by dragging their feet and getting as many of you to sign Quick Pays as they could, and have no compunction of letting those who signed Quick Pays back to the table through the BP Claims Settlement, many of you are in the hardest hit industries, such as shrimping.

This is tragic, as homes went into foreclosure, and boats and cars were being repossessed, people were economically forced to take these Quick Pays, and that was all part of their plan, and finally when the BP Claims Settlement is about to take place, and it looks like you are finally going to be treated fairly, the last thing they want is this group back at the table. Shame on you BP. If you truly want to make things right treat everybody fairly.

The BP Settlement looks like a good thing for most people and Business, but for those that make a living from the Gulf, it stinks.

Nobody knows what the heck is going to happen in the years to come, we all know most catches are down across the boards, people are calling our oysters, “Oilsters”, stone crab catches are down dramatically, some shrimp catches are down by over 90%, and this is just the beginning of the fallout from the worst man made disaster in history.

As all of this is happening BP and the GCCF have been dragging their feet when it come to paying your BP Claims.

Who should Consider the BP Claims Settlement

If your Industry is not contingent upon with the Direct Health of the Gulf of Mexico and you live outside of the Areas that were most  impacted by the Oil Spill, the BP Claims Settlement is pretty much a no brainer for you.

For example if you are a Realtor in Sarasota County,  the waters of the Gulf seem to not have been affected there, strongly consider the the BP Settlement.

If you are a Shrimper out of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana we simply need more data then we currently have, and if you can economically afford it, wait it out, odds are you can`t, and many of you already took the BP Claims Quick Pays to save your houses and your boats, and you should have never had to do that, and you should at the very least, be able to be a part of the BP Claims Settlement.

As the BP Claims process has been going on, the price of gas has steadily increased, and by the time the settlement is done the gas prices will offset the penalties and the money that BP had to pay for its negligence.

The BP Claims process under Feinberg was a joke and everybody knows it, except it was a joke on Us the American people, and our President allowed it to be perpetuated. Sad but true. By the time anyone got around to doing anything about it, it will be 2 years later.

BP Claims Settlement Why?

Why do we all HAVE to settle anyway, why can`t people just get paid for what they have lost so far and a little extra for pain and suffering, wasn`t the original intent for them to pay Interim Claims, that`s right, about the time they were suppose to pay Interim Claims they hit us with the Quick Pay scam.

The fact is everybody affected right now should be getting Interim BP Claims money, but instead the Interim Claims were thwarted by the GCCF and Feinberg. We shouldn`t even be talking about about a BP Claims Settlement, we should be studying the true extent of the damage and coming up with ways to fix it.

So now they are finally going to come up with a bunch of cash before we know ALL the facts, and that`s suppose to cure everything. Tell that to our children, and our children’s children. As cancer rates begin to shoot up across the Gulf, especially with those exposed to Corexit, just as it happened in Alaska.

All of this is happening while people are dying, yes dying from the oil and the dispersant Corexit that was suppose to clean up this mess. The EPA even told BP not to use the toxic dispersant, but BP went right along and still used it, when there were several other organic alternatives available.

I  can not tell you how many people we hear from on a daily basis whose health has been RUINED by the use of Corexit during the Oil Spill Clean Up process, and there was never any remedy for that in the BP Claims process until now in the BP Claims Settlement Program. I am glad to see that those suffering from medical complications will finally see some relief, but can you really put a price on it.

The BP Settlement will help a lot of people, but why do we have to settle now, why not just give us what you owe us, and when we know the true extent, then Settle with Us, in years to come it will come to light that many settled on the cheap just like the people who took the Quick Pays did, remember it took  THREE YEARS for the true extent of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill to be felt environmentally and economically.

To this day only 15% percent of the Herring ever came back to Prince Edward Sound. So they are aiming at ending the BP Claims and BP Claims Settlement to be done in about 3 Years, don`t you think that is rather ironic. It took 3 years just to figure out what was going on the last time we had a tragedy like this, and that one pales in size and comparison.

The fact is the BP Settlement is the best many of our legal minds, could to come up with. They would not have been put in this position had BP and the GCCF been fair about paying Interim Claims. There are groups of highly skilled Attorneys doing battle for Us in New Orleans as I write this, and it is appreciated, many of them work with us.

It looks like the BP Claims Settlement will be made available for many to see in the very near future. It even looks like it will help a lot of people and businesses, but it`s forgetting to address the people that were on the environmental and economic front lines, those that were making a living from the bounty of the Gulf, and did not have the savings in place to make it 2 years before the BP Claims Settlement took place.

Remember that the Gulf is a Renewable Resource what price tag  can be put on it when the word Renewable is taken out of it, I`ll tell you what it is, PRICELESS, and that`s why they want to settle within 3 years.

BP Claims Solutions

We have heard from many of you that you want to settle and yes we can help you, we have heard from many of you that you are madder then Hell, and you want to litigate, and yes we can Help you  too.

We have heard from still more of you about your frustration about being starved out, and being forced to take Quick Pays, and we are not done, nor will we ever be done Helping you, and keeping BP and others accountable.

It is our purpose through out this tragedy to assist you in any way we can, and to make sure that no matter what course of action you decide to take, you do so with eyes wide open. If you would like to speak to us about your possible options, please fill out the form to the right, or call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

So when you think about the BP Claims Settlement, please think about what I mentioned above and see where you fall into, we have been doing this for a long time now, we are not bound to any particular Law Firm or any Particular Consultant Groups.

We just want to get your BP Claims in the Best hands, so that you are truly with BP Claims Experts that can best represent your particular BP Claims, and we know who they are.

We will Help you with Your BP Claims.

BP Claims Settlement and BP Claims News

BP Claims Ready for the BP Settlement

bp claims

BP Claims Process in Transition

Many businesses and individuals already have their BP Claims information together. Most people have their tax information for 2008, 2009, and 2010, you should also get 2007 ready for your BP Settlement Claims. If you have not taken your final for your BP Claims we advise that you don`t at this time, nor should you take a quick pay.

The BP Claims Settlement promises to be much more lucrative then what the GCCF would have given most people. If your BP Claims are at the GCCF they will give you 60% of what is owed and withhold the 40% until after the BP Settlement is underway.

BP Claims and BP Settlement Updates

Many processors and attorneys are seeing many of the BP Claims they had at the GCCF being denied right now. We spoke to one processor yesterday in the Tampa area who had over 100 claims get denied for a myriad of issues. He had an 88% success rate before this occurred.

Therefore many BP Claims are just being documented right now and Consultants and Attorneys are holding off filing them until the BP Settlement process gets underway, and the actual terms are disclosed and not just rumor.

BP Claims and the BP Settlement Process

The big question here is what will be the final calculations for your BP Claims in the BP Settlement process. You may have Business Interruption Claims as well.

We have been consistently hearing of a baseline of 3 times your 2010 losses. We have also heard that you will take your 3 consecutive worst months in 2010 and then look at those same months in 2007, 2008, 2009, or double up certain years for the same months and subtract those numbers to find your loss then multiply by 3 and add future trending losses.

Mind you this is just one aspect of the BP Claims Settlement process, but to many it is the most important. The 3 times multiplier will be larger for certain Industries.

We will Help you Organize your BP Claims for the BP Settlement

We  are here to assist you with any of your BP Claims needs. Some claims will need the assistance of an Attorney, some will just need the help of a BP Claims consultant. We work with different groups of Attorneys and BP Claims Consultants because each group is uniquely qualified to handle certain aspects of the Settlement or the pending litigation. It is in your best interest to have your BP Claims with the group that can best represent your BP Claims.


BP Claims and the BP Settlement

The BP Settlement and your BP Claims

BP Settlement and BP Claims

Everything that needs to happen before the BP Settlement can take place is happening, there are a few things that have needed to transpire in order for the settlement to take place, and it looks like they are. It looks like more of a reality each day, news has leaked that they are developing a matrix to help calculate BP Claims for your final BP Settlement. Ken Feinberg`s days look numbered.

The Restore Act is getting closer to passing, the Gulf States would then receive approximately 80% of the money from the settlement. Everyone agrees this must be done before the BP Settlement.

BP is still cutting deals with partners, and the people in the know, say they know. The fact is we will see. Though at this time I don`t think it is a good idea to take any final BP Claims payouts, we are just too close to the trial date, and the high likelihood of a BP Settlement.

Denied BP Claims and BP Claims with Offers

If your BP Claims were denied, been made offers, or or have languished at the GCCF, now is the time to act. Get your claims information together and get it to one of our accredited Consultants, or one of the Law Firms that we have connected with that have proven track records. They will only charge you on the New money they get for you. We have been in this process for a long time now, and we know who talks the talk, and walks the walk. I think we all have had enough of those who talk.
Our network extends from Houston to Key West, and they all know how to get people paid. The new BP Claims matrix will be in place soon and it looks something like this.

The matrix will have different Industry categories to it, with different payouts per geographical area.

Here is an example.
A Fishermen in Louisiana will get 4 x their 2010 loss, while one in the Florida Keys will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Waiter in New Orleans will get 3 x their 2010 loss while a Waiter in Fort Meyers will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
A Marina in Mississippi will get 4 x their 2010 loss while a Marina in Tampa will get 2 x their 2010 loss.
These are just examples, we don`t know the matrix yet, but aspects have been leaked.

If you are sick from the dispersant Corexit Please contact Us.

It looks like the end for Mr.Feinberg and his role in the BP Claims Process

Mr. Feinberg, you have on the whole failed, you starved out people, and gave them Quick Pays, people lost their houses, their cars, and their families as they waited, and waited, and waited, whole towns were destroyed as you laid in bed with BP. Generations of livelihoods were crushed. You told us in the beginning that you were independent, when you took over the process on November 23rd, 2010, many people had high hopes for you, you promised much, but delivered little, you saved BP a lot of money, you got a raise while others starved. In the end Judge Barbier had to stop you from telling folks you were independent. You created a complex GCCF Methodology that was cloaked in secrecy, and people with master degrees couldn`t decipher. Thank God our people did. Transparency of the BP Claims process was what you promised, but instead did the exact opposite. An audit had to be performed. You made promises Sir, you made lots of promises most of them left un-kept. In the end your legacy will be tainted with oil, it really is a shame, we all wanted you to be for the people, and to help save our ways of life, when in fact all you did was save BP money.

We will help You with your BP Claims and your BP Settlements, Consultants start at 15% and Attorneys at 25%, and they only get paid when they recover your BP Claims money.

BP Claims News: It`a called the BP Global Settlement

BP Claims News and the BP Settlement

BP Claims Settlement

If the BP Settlement for all BP Claims is to take place, it should be called the BP Global Settlement. What is a Global Settlement,  it is a settlement that encompasses all civil claims and criminal charges, and in this case government claims, and occurs over multiple districts. These settlements are used to stem off negative publicity, and to reduce final payouts.

It is a fact that BP is currently negotiating with the Department of Justice, we have been hearing for weeks now that settlement will come in two phases, one for the government, and another for individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill.  Recently we have been hearing from individuals with ties to the GCCF that it will in fact be a Global Settlement and it will take into account all BP Claims, and Government Claims.

The BP Claims process is far from over as we continue to see it evolve. Now is the time to make sure your BP Claims are properly documented and in order, if you are experiencing phone calls from your Attorney telling you to get your paperwork in, now is the time. We have connected with Law Firms that are getting BP Claims paid, and we have in house consultants that are also getting claims paid. If you have not yet filed a claim, or need help with the one you have, we can help you with your BP Claims.

Shrimpers and Crabbers get a second shot for their BP claims

BP Claims Process Evolves

Crabbers and Shrimpers and those involved with processing, that signed the covenant not to sue BP before November 30th have been determined to get a second shot at receiving 4 times their 2010 losses. This is great news for many involved in those industries and something we will most likely see more of as the true effects of the oil spill are disclosed. We saw Feinberg do this as the true effects of 9/11 were finally understood for first responders and those impacted by the fall of the towers when he ran that fund. The BP Claims process is far from over and in many ways very similar to the 9/11 fund. We can Help you get paid.

We want to help you even if you took a QuickPay

Though the process does not YET allow for people in the industry who have taken quick pays to address the issue and circle back for money, we believe that is more of a paperwork issue, as many quick pays given to crabbers and shrimpers did not have to have all their paperwork together. If you took the quick pay and are in the shrimping/crabbing/wholesale industry and need help putting your paperwork together we want to help you. It is our belief you deserve a second shot as well. If the GCCF really wants to true up this matter, all should be included.

BP Claims Team Members Helping others in the Industry

We are very pleased that we have been helping other Attorneys and processors, learn the in`s and out`s of assembling and processing BP Claims that will pass muster with the GCCF and get paid. We have been involved with the BP Claims process since the beginning,  we have been honored to work with Attorneys and Consultants, and over time took the best practices we learned, shared them with others, and brought them in house, and created what we think is one of the best BP Claims preparation services there is, we have established relationships BP Claims Attorneys and BP Claims Consultants stretches from Key West to Houston.

If you need help with your BP Claims we will help you, if you would like the help of a consultant fees start at just 15%, if you need the help of an Attorney their fees start at just 25%.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

BP Settlement

BP Settlement

Looks Like we May See a BP Settlement

BP Settlement: Looks like BP may be ready to settle

BP Settlement News: As the February 27th trial against BP looms in the near future, BP Settlement rumors are flowing into the news. BP is looking to settle and the BP settlement amount is looking to be between 20-25 billion. This is on top of the $20 billion dollars that was used to set up the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to pay BP Claims. BP was responsible for the April 20th, 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil-rig explosion that killed 11 men and dumped enormous amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

If there is no BP Settlement, Judge Barbier will be hearing the case and without a jury to help, BP’s fate lies on his shoulders. This news comes after the new charges that claimants now look at, because Barbier decided that every claimant should pay 6% out of their BP settlement check to be put in escrow for the attorneys spending time on the multi district litigation. This initially meant that even people who are not involved in the multi district litigation will be lining the pockets of attorneys who are not representing their cases. This has since changed. Only cases at the MDL will be charged the 6%. This has taken some pressure off Judge Barbier. With the new talk of a possible 20-25 billion dollar BP settlement, people may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. A BP Settlement could be settled out before the trial, but just because they are trying to settle out does not mean that people have to settle. This will be the first of many lawsuits BP will face in the future.

Will the BP Settlement Come in Before the Trial?

If the US government and BP do not reach a BP Settlement for BP Claims then BP should prepare for court.  The trial will take place in court room C268 in New Orleans, and Judge Barbier will make the decision that will affect BP’s entire future. The court room can hold around 200 people, and on February 27th it will be busting at the seams. The multi-district litigation will include the majority of claims against BP, Haliburton and Transocean. It will also include state governments, individuals and businesses who show a loss as a result of the spill, and claims between the three companies on trial. Transocean was the owner and operator of the Deepwater Horizon rig, and Haliburton was the contractor that provided the cement that was supposed to seal the well. There are 533 separate cases rolled into one big trial, and there will be more cases added before the trial date. Lawyers are still taking cases and boosting their advertisements to get as many cases in this trial as possible. A commercial fisherman from Louisiana has put in a claim of $4 million from losses from the oil spill. The GCCF did what they have done for many claims and offered out only $25,000 to George Barisich. He has refused to settle and is one of the many cases that has joined the multi-district litigation hoping to collect from the BP Settlement. Many BP Claims have gone unpaid.  A BP Settlement is in BP’s best interest.

With over five hundred cases the court documents add up to more than 72 million pages. There are 303 video depositions and over 7700 exhibits in evidence. Ninety firms have worked over 230,000 hours on this case, and these are just the private sector attorneys. The Pre trial hearings are getting very interesting. The U.S .claims that BP, Transocean and Anadarko Petroleum are all accountable under the Clean Water Act. This would penalize them anywhere from 1100 per barrel split to 4300 if the spill was a result of gross negligence or willful misconduct. The US government does not feel they will have any problem proving willful misconduct from Transocean at the least. As of right now BP and Anadarko are pointing fingers at Transocean and in turn, Transocean is pointing the finger right back. If the judge awards the maximum amount, these penalties could reach 20 billion alone.  BP would be better off to go ahead and agree to a BP Settlement.  Regardless of the verdicts, there will be appeals and BP will not be out of the woods for a long time to come.

Morgan Stanley believes there is anywhere from a 70 to 80 percent chance of a BP Settlement, and they will pay between 20-25 billion dollars to compensate all federal claims including possible criminal penalties.  This leaves a good chance that we will see a BP Settlement, and people will start getting their compensation.  BP, Transocean, Haliburton, Ken Feinberg, and the GCCF are under severe scrutiny in regards to negligence that caused the oil spill, and negligence and misconduct in paying claims out to the people who suffered from the BP Oil spill. The GCCF is still being audited, and criminal charges are a great possibility. Criminal charges have not been filed as of yet but the investigations into criminal negligence will likely cause a BP Settlement as quickly as possible. The government and BP both are willing to reach an agreement on the BP Settlement, its just a numbers game at this time. BP is going to have to offer a fair BP Settlement in order for people to be happy. If they offer an unfair amount, people are going to continue to fight.

BP Settlement: GCCF Still Denying Claims

Just this week BP has denied the 11.8 million dollar claim from Gulfport. The city put a claim in for lost sales tax, over $1 million in property taxes and over $6 million in community damages. BP stated that Gulfport has not given adequate documentation of sales or property tax losses from the time of the Oil spill. BP has already tried to settle out for $76,000 with Gulfport, but the offer was rejected. The city is still hoping that the claim can be settled without having to go to court but does not understand how a bp claim was worth $76,000 and now it is not worth anything.

BP Settlement: What we can do for you

Do you qualify for a BP Settlement: Again it is important to remember that just because BP settles out does not mean you have to settle on the amount.  The BP Settlement between BP and the U.S. does not mean you have to settle for a less than you deserve.  BP and the GCCF have a history of giving low ball offers, and not paying people what they truly lost as a result of the oil spill. BP will have no choice but to settle out. Do not be the one who settled for less than what was deserved. We have BP claims consultants and have connected with attorneys who will help you get the compensation that is owed to you and will fight the GCCF, BP, and Ken Feinberg. We are not standing down, and are still fighting to help as many people as possible get their BP Settlement.

BP Claims Settlement

BP Claims Settlement News

BP Claims Settlement and The D.O.J

BP Claims Settlement news hit the wire according to a recent report. BP may settle all oil spill claims for 25 Billion Dollars according to Morgan Stanley. Analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that the Department of Justice and BP will come to terms before the February 27th trial date. It appears that it will be announced before February 7th when BP is suppose to release it`s fourth quarter results.

This is very significant for everyone that was affected by the BP Oil Spill. Please note this is just the beginning of this hitting the news, we predicted it would be 30 Billion back in late September. BP is trying to avoid the trial in February, it is obvious that for a number of reasons things will not bode well for BP, if in fact they go to trial. BP personnel are now facing criminal charges. If you look at all the news surrounding BP and the GCCF, the audit the GCCF is currently undergoing, the upcoming trial date for BP, and now the criminal charges, the best thing for BP is to prepare for a BP Claims Settlement.

BP Claims Settlement and What to do Next

If you have had issues with the GCCF, or if you have not put forth your BP claim and want to be a part of the BP Claims Settlement, now is the time to cure any and all deficiencies in your claims, and if you are having difficulty, call us at 1-800-BP-Claim. The initial consultation is free, even if you want to try to do it yourself.

We have had one goal from the very beginning, and that still holds true today, We just want to help as many people as possible. We have true BP Claims Experts to help you, they have Juris Doctrates, we have a great track record of getting people and businesses paid. We even have folks that worked for the Firm contracted by the GCCF to process your claims working for Us now, and they know exactly what needs to be done to get your BP Claims Paid. We do all of this for 15%, half of what many attorneys charge, if you need the help of an Attorney we have them too, and your total fee will be no more then 25%-33.3%. We can Help you prepare for a BP Claims Settlement.

How will the BP Claims Settlement take place

We have heard rumors around a BP Claims Settlement for months, in the last few weeks they have been more abundant. It seems that there are several different formats that your BP Claims will get paid out. One rumor is that the GCCF will stay in place, but with a new methodology and new oversight, the other possibility is it will be setup as they do after a Hurricane with some sort of tribunal format, and another is that people will get paid through one of several court methods, possibly even set up at the local level. What do all of these have in common, you will need to have your claims properly organized and calculated, and that`s what we specialize in. So if you want to get ready for the BP Settlement make sure you are prepared, if you need help. We will help you with your BP Claims Settlement.

BP Claims: Yes your GCCF Claims can get Paid

Our BP Claims System is Working

BP Claims

BP Claims are getting Paid

We are very proud to announce that BP Claims are getting paid and the system we introduced and innovated is working. If you read this blog we introduced a new system where your information is gathered by BP Claims consultants, some of our consultants were formally working for the law firm the GCCF contracted to process the claims.

The claim is evaluated after an interview process with the claimant, then the claimant is given clear direction of what they need to do if they want their claim paid. If you follow these directions given by our in house experts, and allow them to package and organize your claim, they are seeing an exceptionally high success rate. Our BP Claims Team members know how to do this, because at one time they were working for the other side, and they know the in`s and out`s of the claims process, because they were the ones processing the claims.

They know why claims are denied, stalled, labeled deficient, and how to cure causation issues. Most of our in-house advisers have their Jurist Doctorates, and have extensive claims preparation knowledge.

BP Claims Recent News

The GCCF historically pays BP Claims in waves. We are very happy to tell you that in this most recent wave we have had great success in getting your BP Claims get paid. In fact many individual claims were paid within 45 days of submission, claims that we asked to be re-reviewed were paid within 7 days, and multiple business claims were paid with in 60 days of submission.

The key when you are working with our Consultants is to listen very carefully, and furnish the paperwork they ask for in a timely manner. The biggest issues many have had with processing your BP Claims has been chasing the paperwork, and not being familiar with the BP Claims process. It is up to you to furnish the paperwork we request, we will help you.

We are serious about getting your BP Claims paid, and request that the people we work with are serious too. If your claim is at the GCCF we can help you, claims that are denied or stalled can be re-reviewed and set back on track through our system.

BP Claims Business Specialists

BP Business Claims are very different from individual claims, many of the supporting documents needed to substantiate a BP Business Claim greatly impact the likelihood of your claims getting paid. Showing causation is a key factor. We have handled Business Claims from $15 million to $5,000 dollars and treated them all with the thoroughness and the due diligence they deserve. It is important to link the Oil Spill with the down turn in Business, and that can be done in a number of ways.

Other factors that need to be included are any tax records, profit and loss statements, and contracts that were cancelled due to the spill. These components can all have substantial impact and carry different degrees of weight. When these are all organized in the proper manner and calculated they are the trended.

Trending is perhaps the most misunderstood application when one is figuring their BP Claims, it is also the reason many claims are denied. If you need Help our fees start at just 15%, if we need to get an Attorney involved, your total fee will be no greater then 25%, and all fees are contingent upon you getting paid, there is no upfront cost.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.