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The GCCF v.s. The BP Settlement

bp settlementDid all of your friends receive BP Settlement Payouts with little or no supporting documentation for their claim?

Did you work for a company where all of the other employees received compensation except for you?

Was your BP claim denied for no reason?

It is important to understand that before the Deepwater Horizon Economic Settlement came into play, there was a different group responsible for compensating businesses and individuals for losses incurred from the April 2010 oil spill. This was the GCCF, not the BP Settlement.

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility offered quick payments to individuals and businesses along the gulf coast and forced them to sign releases not to sue BP again in the future. Some people received settlements by submitting minimal to no documentation, while others that did the same job for the same company received nothing. 

Unfortunately, no one actually knows what guidelines the GCCF was using in regards to their payouts, which is probably one of the reasons they no longer exist today. At this time, anyone who signed a full and final release with GCCF may not file another claim for the same business or individual.

If you were denied by the GCCF, we may still be able to help you under the terms of the BP Settlement.

If you never updated your GCCF Claim, you need to do so to be a part of the Deeepwater Horizon Settlement.

The Deepwater Horizon Economic Settlement, which took over after the GCCF was shut down, was set up with very specific guidelines which the claims administrators follow down to the tee.

Most of the time, detailed, full documentation is now required for both business and individual claims. This is not to say that it is impossible to supply the needed documents; our office receives multiple settlement offers per week for both businesses and individuals. This just means that to present a valid claim to the settlement reviewers, you must provide the documents they are looking for. There are instances when workarounds are possible.

BP Settlement Help and our network partners work closely to prepare and file thousands of claims. We help our clients understand the process and paperwork they will need to provide to ultimately receive a payout. We know this can be a frustrating and confusing process and we work hard to help alleviate the stress that comes along with it.

We work with:

  • Business Owners
  • CPA`s
  • Individuals
  • Non-profits
  • Law Firms
  • VOO Claimants
  • and anyone else affected by the BP Oil Spill

When it comes to the help we provide for a BP Settlement, we do all that we can, including but not limited to:

  • Helping clients prepare and file valid claims
  • Responding to Incompleteness and Follow-up Incompleteness notices
  • Filing appeals to BP
  • Responding to appeals made by BP
  • Filing Medical Claims
  • Looking deeply into Denied Claims

If you or your business was truly affected by the oil spill, we can help you gather the needed documentation, process and file your claim. Please contact us today to get started.

Also for the latest news on the BP Settlement, visit our news page here.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements News

Deepwater Horizon Settlements and You

deepwater horizon settlementsDeepwater Horizon Settlements will be the mechanism for you to settle your BP Claims. The Deepwater Court Supervised Settlement Program will cover economic and medical claims associated with the BP Oil Spill.

The only reason there is a Deepwater Horizons Settlements Program, is because of the dismal failure of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

The track record of the GCCF was shameful for many as they preyed upon the fishermen, crabbers, and shrimpers of the Gulf Coast.

Many others were starved into taking Quick Pays, and the buzz around creating a Class Action for those preyed upon has been intensifying in recent weeks.

Who runs the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program

The Deepwater Horizons Settlements will be run as a court supervised program under Judge Barbier and the administrator Patrick Juneau.

The entities processing the claims will remain the same from the GCCF, this is a concern. New guidelines will of course be in place, but after the debacle of the GCCF and knowing what we do about their internal processing methods, we will be watching them like a Hawk, and letting you know how it goes.

Do You Qualify for Deepwater Horizon Settlements

If you did not take a quick pay or a final claim and can prove you were impacted by the BP Oil Spill you most likely qualify.Individuals and Businesses that took final claims that were only paid 60% still qualify for the BP Settlement. The Deep Water Horizon Settlements program was meant to do the greatest amount of good for the most amount of people.

If you did take a final or a quick pay, but worked on the V.O.O or are sick you still qualify for the BP Settlement.

Were there people left out of the BP Settlement that should have been addressed, you bet there were, and we are are hard at work still trying to help you. If you were damaged economically, physically or if your property was damaged the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is meant to help you.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Help

It is our belief that the best thing you can do to insure that you are prepared for the Deepwater Horizon Settlements Program is to have a well documented BP Settlement Claim, and from what we have been seeing is that many of you will have multiple claims under the BP Settlement Program.

We work with licensed Claims Adjusters that have specialized in Hurricane and Tornado Claims for over 30 years, they know how to document these types of claims, and they are often called in as experts when multiple claims and issues arise in Judicial proceedings.

This is exactly what they do. They will document your claim for you. They charge 7.5%-15%.

We also work with Attorneys if they are needed, the Attorney`s we work with have a proven track record.

We will Help you with your Deepwater Horizon Settlements.


The BP Settlement and the End of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

The BP Settlement and the end of the GCCF

bp settlement  The BP Settlement should have preliminary approval on Wednesday of this week, on the whole it does do the most amount of good for the most people, however the BP Settlement could do more. It could address the people that were victimized by Quick pays, it could pay people that are upstream from the fishermen such as the processors and give them better BP Settlement multipliers. The BP Settlement under Judge Barbier could truly make it right for so many people.

This will be Patrick Juneau`s swan song, in many peoples opinion. The BP Settlement will be ran by Judge Barbier and administered by Patrick Juneau, it is called the BP Court Supervised Settlement. The BP Settlement promises transparency and quick payouts. You do not need an Attorney to be a part of the BP Settlement, though some websites out there tell you, you do, they lie.

The BP Settlement and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility will be replaced by the new BP Settlement Fund. We have heard from Managers of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility that they will be leaving their jobs on June 1st to be replaced by the new staff that will be running the BP Settlement on June 4th. The infamous days of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility are almost over, leaving Ken Feinbergs reputation ever tarnished. The Delay, Deny, and Defend tactics they used were unconscionable, forcing people to take quick pays or lowered final pay outs, just to save BP money, need to be addressed in the BP Settlement, or BP Class Actions will most definitely come into play. There are people now organizing Class Actions for people who took Quick Pays, how do I know because we are one of them.

The GCCF was an Abomination

Never in the history of a disaster such as this was an organization allowed to run rampant and to take advantage of so many. Over 200,000 people took the Quick Pays, people were promised Interim Payments, but instead got bombarded by Quick Pays. The GCCF knew that many people were starving and facing foreclosures.

I never did understand why President Obama and the leaders in the Banking Industry did not put a freeze on foreclosures in the most affected areas. Instead debts piled up and the GCCF took advantage of their own Delay tactics, and as bills piled up for many, and they moved closer to the brink, they began to break out the Quick Pay schemes. People were economically forced to take them and we ALL know this as a fact.

People were told numerous times that the GCCF had lost their paperwork, only to find that often the paperwork was simply mislabeled and put somewhere else in their file, another Delay tactic.

The GCCF went on to lie to major Attorneys in the Oil Spill litigation and told them to take in all the BP Claims they could and put them into the Bulk Upload, this allowed the Attorneys to register the clients and the heads of the GCCF said they would pay these clients even though limited paperwork was on file at the GCCF.

Many people thought there claims had been filed, indeed they were, but they were not payable, we know this because we have talked with the people processing them at Brown Greer and they were laughed at and denied. It seems the GCCF would use these people as targets for Quick Pays as well. We have often heard of people that filed with Attorneys would be approached by members of the GCCF  waving 5k or 25k in front of them. These people never even filed claims individually with the GCCF. It is our belief that the GCCF used the many clients that were entered into the Bulk Upload as a contact list, to hit people that were disadvantaged by the whole Bulk Upload scheme so they could be hit by Quick Pays.

It seems as though the GCCF would tell one group one thing, and another group something else, which lead to confusion and aggravation and fewer BP Claims getting paid. People signed off their rights to further sue BP, just for a quick infusion of cash. The BP Settlement has the opportunity to right the many wrongs of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

How can we Help you with your BP Settlement.

We have connected with Licensed Claims Adjusters that have worked in this sort of Claims arena for years, they charge 15% for your standard claims and 7.5% for large loss claims. They can help with any BP Claims you may have.

Attorneys are used when needed for the BP Settlement, but there are strategic times and types of claims that they should be called upon. There are most certainly some BP Claims that demand using an Attorney, and when needed they will be. Attorneys traditionally start at 25%.


BP Claims: Yes your GCCF Claims can get Paid

Our BP Claims System is Working

BP Claims

BP Claims are getting Paid

We are very proud to announce that BP Claims are getting paid and the system we introduced and innovated is working. If you read this blog we introduced a new system where your information is gathered by BP Claims consultants, some of our consultants were formally working for the law firm the GCCF contracted to process the claims.

The claim is evaluated after an interview process with the claimant, then the claimant is given clear direction of what they need to do if they want their claim paid. If you follow these directions given by our in house experts, and allow them to package and organize your claim, they are seeing an exceptionally high success rate. Our BP Claims Team members know how to do this, because at one time they were working for the other side, and they know the in`s and out`s of the claims process, because they were the ones processing the claims.

They know why claims are denied, stalled, labeled deficient, and how to cure causation issues. Most of our in-house advisers have their Jurist Doctorates, and have extensive claims preparation knowledge.

BP Claims Recent News

The GCCF historically pays BP Claims in waves. We are very happy to tell you that in this most recent wave we have had great success in getting your BP Claims get paid. In fact many individual claims were paid within 45 days of submission, claims that we asked to be re-reviewed were paid within 7 days, and multiple business claims were paid with in 60 days of submission.

The key when you are working with our Consultants is to listen very carefully, and furnish the paperwork they ask for in a timely manner. The biggest issues many have had with processing your BP Claims has been chasing the paperwork, and not being familiar with the BP Claims process. It is up to you to furnish the paperwork we request, we will help you.

We are serious about getting your BP Claims paid, and request that the people we work with are serious too. If your claim is at the GCCF we can help you, claims that are denied or stalled can be re-reviewed and set back on track through our system.

BP Claims Business Specialists

BP Business Claims are very different from individual claims, many of the supporting documents needed to substantiate a BP Business Claim greatly impact the likelihood of your claims getting paid. Showing causation is a key factor. We have handled Business Claims from $15 million to $5,000 dollars and treated them all with the thoroughness and the due diligence they deserve. It is important to link the Oil Spill with the down turn in Business, and that can be done in a number of ways.

Other factors that need to be included are any tax records, profit and loss statements, and contracts that were cancelled due to the spill. These components can all have substantial impact and carry different degrees of weight. When these are all organized in the proper manner and calculated they are the trended.

Trending is perhaps the most misunderstood application when one is figuring their BP Claims, it is also the reason many claims are denied. If you need Help our fees start at just 15%, if we need to get an Attorney involved, your total fee will be no greater then 25%, and all fees are contingent upon you getting paid, there is no upfront cost.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Attorneys wrangle for Percentage

BP Claims put on Hold are now Unlocked

bp claims

BP Claims get Halted

BP Claims Attorneys heading up the Plaintiff Steering Committee for the MDL, want 6% of all oil spill claims paid to victims of The Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GCCF is waiting to reformulate the GCCF payments before paying ANY more GCCF claims. All oil spill claims are at a stand still. If the Attorneys who run the Plaintiff Steering Committee have their way, and according to Judge Barbier`s December 28th ruling they got it, anybody filing a BP Claim with the GCCF whether or not they use an Attorney will have to pay the 6% fee. This is bad news for 1000`s upon 1000`s of people. It is astonishing that the attorneys who are suppose to represent the people are trying to further profit at the peoples expense. For a change it is not thoroughly Ken Feinberg`s fault. After a very upsetting day for many the BP Claims process has been unlocked. Read Article

Not all BP Claims Attorneys Agree with this.

We have been receiving quite a few emails today from BP Claims Attorneys at the epicenter of the litigation today. Most are declaring neutrality on the subject of the extra 6%, and have gone on to state that this is an unusual and unfortunate circumstance. Some attorneys are just dead set against it, and we applaud them. They have also said that this is not a normal type of litigation and in most instances the members of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee usually get paid by the Attorneys that bring them the cases to get settled. Due to the nature of the BP claims process some attorneys feel that the people directly handling their own claims are benefiting by the work of the PSC Attorneys and should pay the extra 6%. Many claimants we have spoken to today are fed up with the BP claims process, and especially angry at the Attorneys involved with the PSC who are taking money out of their pockets.

BP Claims Insiders at the GCCF Report

Many of the attorneys who have filed claims with the GCCF did so without providing evidence of their clients’ claims, often this is the fault of the client for not producing the paperwork required. Now the attorneys heading up the PSC are seeking a 6 % fee for allegedly solving many of the problems in the GCCF claim process. This is absurd, especially after many of these attorneys perpetuated their clients’ problems by filing incomplete claims delaying their clients’ desperately needed rewards. The heads of the GCCF did suggest that the attorneys file all claims regardless of how complete they were, so they could potentially make offers on these claims, for the most part this has not been effective, though that could change. Individuals and businesses should have some sense of how complete their claim is, if it is incomplete they should do their best to cure their BP Claims. If the PSC is going to charge an extra 6% and if there is still 14 billion dollars to get paid out, that is over 750 Million Dollars, maybe some of that should be allocated to Claims preparers that could help people and Attorneys properly prepare their claims

Does it now cost 40% to get your BP Claims Paid: It Doesn`t have to

If the BP Claims Attorneys at the PSC are receiving 6% from the GCCF, and your BP Claims Attorney is receiving 331/3% plus other expenses for handling your BP Claims, are they in fact getting almost 40% of your BP Claims money, that seems to be the real question on everyone`s mind on our BP Claims hotline today. If your Attorney is charging you 331/3% plus other expenses, and the GCCF is deducting 6% from your BP Claims, 40% of your BP Claims money is the going to the Attorneys. Many of our Attorneys start at 25% to handle your BP Claims, and our BP Claims consultants charge 15%. That`s a savings of almost 20%-10% after the new 6% fee is factored in.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Predictions for 2012

The Future of the BP Claims Process ?

bp claims

BP Claims Predictions

What to expect in 2012 with the BP Claims Process, what you are about to read is conjecture, but if you look at our track record we have been pretty dead on when we forecast the future of the GCCF and the BP Claims process thus far. There are certain facts that are coming to light that will support the following statements regarding the future of the BP Claims process. There are many rumors surrounding the GCCF, the fate of Ken Feinberg, coinciding with developing news around the BP Claims Audit, and the strong possibility of BP personnel facing criminal charges. Mind you, these are predictions.

Predictions for BP Claims in the New Year

1. In the very near future BP Claims will begin to get paid at a very high rate, one that we have never seen before.

The reasoning for this is several reasons, the BP Claims Audit is underway, and what is going to be disclosed is not pretty, it will show dysfunction at a very high level, and an organized systematic ineptitude by the GCCF,  it will lead investigators and others at the Department of Justice to believe this was done on purpose. This will be compounded by the February 27th trial date that will lay the blame of the explosion squarely at the feet of BP, it will be disclosed that BP engineers clearly knew about a pocket of gas, and they did not alert it`s partners. As BP and the GCCF have done in the past, they will stem off the negative publicity by paying lots of claims. They may very well do this before the trial date, so that they are less likely to face the wrath of  all the Individuals and Businesses that still have BP Claims pending at the GCCF.

2. Ken Feinberg will be stepping down as the Head of the GCCF

With all of the news that is about to come out of the BP Claims Audit, BP is going to have no choice but to distance themselves from Ken Feinberg. They again are going to try to lay the blame for the failings of the GCCF on someone else. BP has had quite a history during the BP Oil Spill of blaming it`s partners, it has blamed Halliburton, it has blamed Transocean, and now it will blame Ken Feinberg and other officials at the GCCF.

3. A new Apparatus to pay BP Claims will replace the GCCF, at the very least there will be major changes at the GCCF

After it is discovered by BDO the new consulting group engaged by the Department of Justice to audit the BP Claims process and the GCCF, it will come to fruition that  a new mechanism to pay all of the BP Claims will have to be established. At the very least a complete overhaul of the GCCF, and it`s hierarchy will be constituted. Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Bonner and Senators Wicker and Rubio are seeking justice for all of those betrayed by the GCCF.  The audit will be completed no later then March of this year, on the heels of the February trial that will find BP as the most responsible party for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

4. Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and others will continue to get sick, Nalco and the EPA will come under fire

It will be confirmed that those exposed to Corexit and the the oil that spewed from the the Deep Water Horizon, are indeed sick and getting sicker. It will be further verified from evidence from the Exxon Valdez that a spike of certain cancers will start showing up in those exposed. As we have seen, blood tests will become increasingly more used to determine the levels of contamination in people. Volatile active compounds in the blood will be directly traced to the Gulf Oil Spill and the dispersant Corexit 9500. Lawsuits will be instituted against Nalco the maker of Corexit and the EPA for letting them use it, while other alternatives were readily available.

5. Areas of the Gulf will be in complete collapse.

It will become increasingly clear that certain species in the Gulf and bayous will enter a severe state of decline, as noted this year the catches were way down for shrimp, crab and other fish both pelagic and reef dwellers. There are just so many signs that things are not right in the Gulf of Mexico, it will become most evident at the end of 2012 that the Gulf will need decades to recover. Twenty plus years after the Valdez oil spill only 15% of the Herring have ever returned. With all of the Oil and Corexit sitting on the Gulf floor killing things at the molecular level, it will be understood how this bio accumulates in the  different animals that call the Gulf of Mexico home, and how it will affect the food chain. This will drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico`s economy and the Gulf Seafood Industry.

BP Claims Solutions found Here

Whether you need an Attorney or a seasoned Claims Consultant, all you have to do is fill out the form to the right. We are not allied with one particular attorney, or one particular consulting group, we insist on matching potential claimants with the group or firm that will best serve them. The results speak for themselves, we have had clients recently paid in 16 days and large business claims paid within 60 days. We will help you with your BP Claims even if you have been denied or your claim is stalled. If you would like to call us directly please call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We can help you with your BP Claims.



Article: BP Claims and what to Expect in 2012
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


BP Claims Audit is On

The BP Claims Audit Starts NOW

bp claims audit

The BP Claims Audit Begins

The BP Claims audit is underway according to the Justice Department, they have selected BDO consulting a New York based consulting firm. Representative Jo Bonner had asked Attorney General Eric Holder for an audit back in June. Marc Rubio and Joe Wicker two Gulf Coast Senators pushed through language in appropriation bills last month calling for an audit. The 20 Billion dollar fund run by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility under Ken Feinberg has been difficult for many to get much needed relief from. The fact is though some areas and sectors have rebounded after the BP Oil Spill, the health of the Gulf of Mexico remains uncertain and the seafood  industry has been devastated.

What to Expect from the BP Claims Audit

The BP Claims audit will go one of two ways, it will uncover the true level of inconsistency and overall systematic errors in the BP Claims process, or it will gloss over the whole BP Claims process, and we will have more of the same. This is pure conjecture on my part, but after covering this for over a year and a half, you get to know the players and the overall  landscape. A new player entering the equation is a hopeful sign though. U.S. Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli said that he would like to see the audit completed in March of 2012. If indeed the audit is successful, it is quite possible we could be dealing with a completely different BP Claims process, this has been mentioned several times in the last month.

How should you proceed with your BP Claims

Many BP Claims that have been filed by individuals, accountant groups, attorneys and some consulting groups are not complete. It is very important that all the information that is needed to file your BP Claims be present, organized and calculated correctly. If your BP claims preparer is asking you for more documentation it is very important that you give it to them in a timely fashion.

We have recently been working with an Individual that worked directly for Brown Greer, the Law firm that processed the BP Claims for the GCCF. He worked for the other side and now he works with us, and can work for you. He is here to help you, even if you want to handle the claim yourself. His understanding of the BP Claims process is far reaching. If you would like to engage him, and handle your claim yourself or to assist your accountant or attorney, he will advise you how to present and calculate your claim to optimize the chances for payment, due to the nature of the claims process and the size of claims, his fee is based on a sliding scale. An initial consultation is free. He is a legally trained claims reviewer with a J.D. from Ave Maria School of Law. If for whatever reason you decide you would like us to handle your claim after your consultation, your consultation fees will be rebated back to you, when you are paid by the GCCF.

If you would like us to handle your claim directly we can do so for the 15%, of the final award from the GCCF. If you need the assistance of an Attorney we have been working for sometime with what we consider the best in the business, and can suggest several.

We will Help you with Your BP Claims.


Article: BP Claims Audit is On
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack





The BP Claims Deadline and other GCCF News

BP Claims Deadline is August 2013

BP Claims

BP Claims

Eventually you just have enough of something and need to shout it from the Roof Tops. If I see one more ad on T.V. saying you are about to run out of time to file your BP Claims I am going to scream. Some Attorneys and others, are distorting the truth, and trying to create a false sense of urgency when it comes to filing your BP Claims. The Deadline to file your BP Claims is August 2013, and in my opinion it should be extended. The fact is we did not know the effects from the Valdez Disaster for 3 years, so to create a BP Claims Deadline that ends in 3 years of the original disaster is ludicrous. The GCCF has now admitted that certain claims should  receive payouts up to 4 times the 2010 losses, we are just beginning to understand the long term effects.

BP Claims Update: More GCCF Offices to Close

That`s right the GCCF is getting ready to close more offices, the GCCF in it`s ultimate wisdom is closing more offices in the near future. They have been laying of staff for some time now and condensing their operations. The GCCF is pairing down their operations as BP Claims are not coming in, in the numbers they once did. The BP Claims Intake process is winding down, but expect the process to evolve. Mind you there are hundreds of thousands that still need to be helped that have been declared deficient, denied or stalled at the GCCF, and something needs to be done with them. I have heard several possible scenarios of what is to come, but it is still to early to tell.

You Choose how your BP Claims are processed

At the choice of how your claims are processed are yours . We don`t recommend just one attorney, but several, we don`t recommend just one BP Claims Consultant there are several. Any claims preparer that we recommend has been thoroughly screened. They get people and Businesses results, and if there are ever any issues with any of them you can always call us directly and we will straighten it out for you. BP Claims Consultants start at just 15% and BP Claims Attorneys start at 25%. We have Experts that WILL call you back to help you with your BP Claims.

We will Help You with your BP Claims.

Article: The BP Claims Deadline and other GCCF News
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida

BP Claims Group gets client paid in 3 weeks.

bp claims

BP Claims

The client came into one of our BP Claims Team members offices on November 16th, she is a nail technician in an area with a high rate of tourism. She lost a tremendous amount of business due to the lack of tourism. She had all of her paperwork prepared, and the file was calculated, and needed paperwork was added. Her BP Claim was submitted days later.

On Tuesday of last week she received an Interim offer of $22,500, and a final offer of $22,500. Her claim was clearly out of the area directly impacted by the Spill, but did suffer do to the lack of tourism, a stigma from the spill. She was also part of a new group of claims that were submitted after creating a new processing program, this should ensure a much higher rate of success. We will keep you updated. We will continue to innovate and create new relationships to better serve.

BP Claims are getting paid by the GCCF

The GCCF will often pay your BP Claims if they are valid, and put together in a way that is understandable to the people processing the claims, the key here is to format your BP Claims in such away that they are easily understood. We have been told by the people that are actually processing your BP Claims exactly how to do this. One of our consultant groups we work with now has it`s own representative in the offices Brown Greer, the law firm that is actually processing your BP Claims. This new relationship with an Insider at Brown Greer has proved most useful.

There is a strict set of criteria that the claims must meet, these include financial tests, show causation, proper trending, and the calculations to substantiate the claims. We have also learned that about 75% of the claims that are submitted, fail one or more of these prerequisites, these are not just claims submitted by Individuals and Businesses, but by Attorneys, Accountants, and other Claims Groups. If the BP Claims process was more transparent this would not be the case.

The problem here is that the GCCF has never been completely transparent on how the claims processors need the claim formatted, so it can be understood in a clear and concise manner then processed. Many people believe that the more information one puts in the claim the better. This only allows for more errors while processing. BP Claims need to be put together in a simple and concise format.

The GCCF has been difficult from the beginning, it is our goal to ease these issues, and get to the root of the matter, which is getting your BP Claims paid. If this proves to be an impossible task, more litigious avenues will be utilized.

BP Claims Free Review.

Many of the team members will review your BP Claims for free. If you have received an offer that you think is too low, or if you claim has been denied, found deficient, or is still stalled at the GCCF, the BP Claims Experts that we have connected with will review your BP Claims at no charge. If they can get you more then the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has offered you, they will only charge you for the extra money received. That charge is 15% if you use a consultant, and 25%-33.3% if you need the services of an Attorney.

We will help you with your BP Claims.

Article: BP Claims Success Story…Clearwater Florida
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less

GCCF Helps the Crabbers and Shrimpers Finally

GCCF Victim

GCCF Finally Helps

GCCF pay Czar Ken Feinberg changed the rules once again, for some it was a plus and others a definitive minus. The Shrimpers and the Crabbers were given a better deal, Finally. Here is the meat of the new GCCF Deal for the shrimpers and crabbers affected. The question is, and this is the big question, will the GCCF finally pay their BP Claims.
1) Four times each claimant’s 2010 Actual Documented Losses (except for claimants with 2010 losses in excess of $500,000); or
2) The total actual documented losses through the date of the determination of the Final Claim.

GCCF makes it more difficult for Others

On September 3 we told you the GCCF was going to make some changes in November. They Did

Individuals and Business`s that live along the Gulf of Mexico, but were not in the direct path of the spill, will find it harder to prove damages. Primarily these areas lie to the West and the South of the direct path of where the oil spill washed ashore. Documentation for Individual and Business Claimants, even if on the Florida Peninsula Gulf Shoreline, will have to prove a causal link between the Spill and their loss of income. This new rule is immediately effective, as of 11/30/11 and will be retroactively applied to all claims that are, as you know the phrase, ‘still under review.
The issue with this is that there is some evidence that these areas did rebound, as did some areas that were directly affected by the Spill. The problem with this is that many individuals and businesses suffered catastrophic losses in 2010 or their business did not grow as expected and they suffered serious setbacks, and this needs to be accounted for, and now further explained to the GCCF. Furthermore, there are many individuals and businesses who did not file a claim for losses in 2010 because, though they realized a loss caused by the Spill, they made the false assumption they could not file because oil did not touch Florida Peninsula Gulf beaches. As you know, the whole Florida Peninsula still bared the stigma of BP’s extreme negligence. Tourists did not come here, because of the Spill; seafood industry harvesters and processors could not work, because of the Spill.
The increased difficulty for you to prove your claim against BP is unjust, without cause, without warning, proper notice and is a discriminatory practice of justice. It’s another scheme to allow BP to skate by without honoring its obligations to us. Which is why, we are here, because we will hold BP accountable.

The GCCF Giveth and the GCCF Taketh Away

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility is getting some great press for giving the shrimpers and crabbers a higher payout. What you’re not hearing about, is how they are going to take the money from one group and give it to another, which is basically what they are doing. In the end the money they are trying to withhold from groups in the Florida Peninsula and Texas will eclipse the money that they are going to be giving to the Crabbers and Shrimpers for their BP claims. Do you really believe the BP propaganda commercials? Did you get paid fairly? No? What’s the matter, still ‘under review?’ Do you really believe all is well? Did you have a booming season? What? No? BP disagrees and is content on telling you otherwise. Are you going to stand for it?

Didn’t think so.

Want Help, fill out the form to the right Consultants can help you for just 15% of what you receive, Attorneys start at 25%

We can Help You with the GCCF


Article: GCCF Gives Shrimpers and Crabbers more, Others Less
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack