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BP Claims News: The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

Patrick Juneau

Patrick Juneau is an Attorney out of Lafayette Louisiana, he seems uniquely qualified to head up the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program, that will be court supervised. He seems to be a man of honor and integrity, who will be making this the swan song of his career. He is 74 years old, he is very charismatic and has a swagger. Lynn Greer of Brown Greer will head up the transition from the GCCF to the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

We at are very excited at the strong possibility of  a more fair, and more generous system under the leadership of Mr.Juneau. We will continue to evaluate his policies and the behaviors of the apparatus around him. We have only had one goal since this all began, and that was to see  people get paid, and the environment to be made whole.

Whats new in the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The new program promises to be easier and more lucrative then the the GCCF. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will be addressing may of the issues where the GCCF fell short. High on that list include:

Sick People, mostly Oil Spill Clean Up Workers but also residents and people that worked along the shore area. There are varying degrees of illness and compensation associated with this. If someone  just felt ill they get x, if you had fallen sick and had to go to a medi-tent you get y, if you had gotten sick and had to go to the hospital you get Z. Much of this is done with sworn statements and medical records.

Economic Loss for Business and Individuals, it seems as this will be calculated by industry and geographic area with a higher multiplier and future trending calculation formula, much more beneficial for the claimant. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will also rely less on causation and more on Industry and the reliance to the Gulf and proximity to the Spill.

Owners and Lease holders of property directly affected by the Oil, if there was oil on your land you will be compensated under the the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

Looking at the Settlement at this point, it should be viewed as a living, evolving document that will continue to be modified in the months to come.

How Does the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program affect You.

If you have a claim in with the GCCF and have received a final offer you can receive 60 percent of that money immediately. If you are eligible under the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program you can receive the remaining 40% or wait a few months and receive what should be a much higher award. Until the new program is fully executed claimants under the transition to the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will receive 60 percent of the money awarded.  BP Claims that come in after the transition will be figured entirely under the new program.

The new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program is suppose to be streamlined and much more generous, we advocate for this program if clients choose not to litigate and want to be made whole. If you choose to litigate and that is understandable after the duress that many had to go through with the GCCF, we have attorneys that want to speak to you. If you choose to go through the new BP Settlement Program we have consultants and Attorneys that can guide you through it with fees starting at 15% for non Attorneys and 20% with an Attorney.

We can Help you through the New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

BP Claims News: BP Settlement News

BP Settlement News and BP Claims Rumors

Clean Up Workers are Helped with the BP Settlement

Well it has been a few days since the BP Settlement hit the wires. The phone hasn`t stopped ringing, people close to the Settlement have been weighing in through out the last few days, and the good news is, if half of what we have heard today is true, and you have  legitimate  BP Claims, even if it was denied, we can help you with your BP Settlement.

The Facts are this, the BP Settlement is divided in two parts. There is one aspect of the BP Settlement that deals with Loss of income for Businesses and Individuals, there is another aspect that deals with Oil and Corexit exposure, for Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and people who live and work along the Gulf. There is no cap.

We have long advocated that the needs of the people who got sick needed to be addressed, and are very glad to see them in the BP Settlement. We have called for blood tests and testing for over a year. We can Help you if you are sick.

A new methodology will be put into place for factoring your BP Claims for loss of income.

BP Claims Settlement Rumors:  Final Payments may not be Final

If you took a final payment and it was not a Quick Pay you will have an opportunity to be included into the BP Settlement, this is believable, as you dissect the Oil Pollution Act, you can not take a final payout until the true extent of the damage is known.

If you took a quick pay you will not be eligible, I do expect Quick Pays to change as long as you have the documents to substantiate your claim. When Feinberg starved people out, then offered them Quick Pays it was one of the most callous moves during the process. It was awful , and one of the first things he did, as he shelved paying out Interim Claims for months.

BP Settlement and BP Claims New Leadership

Lynn Greer from Brown Greer out of Virgina will be the Interim Administrator of the fund. She is a fabulous choice, as she knows the process intimately. Many people did not know that the GCCF handed off claims to Brown Greer for processing, but that is just what they did. This will allow for seamless integration as the players are not changing, except for Mr Feinberg, but the process will be, as it will be easier to prove your claims with the new format.

Some Attorneys voice concern about the BP Settlement

A Houston-based attorney who represents people and businesses with roughly 12,000 spill claims, questioned whether the settlement will be more beneficial to his clients than the existing fund. We get calls daily from claimants whose claims were never even filed with any accompanying paperwork proving their claims, and some were never even filed. Claimants should not be victims of their Attorneys ineptitude. Anything would be better then the GCCF, oh, except if your attorney never even filed your claim. Find out your claims status is, and if your Attorneys are asking for paperwork get it to them.

The Attorneys we have connected are pro`s at filing claims, one of the Attorneys has had more claims paid then any other Attorney filing BP Claims.

BP Settlement Solutions

The Attorneys and Adjusters/Consultants that we utilize are all veterans of the Oil Spill Claims process. One of our members has recently been asked to help setup the new BP Settlement

process. Many of our Affiliates are at the top of their respected fields, this has proven very beneficial. We do not advocate that one Attorney or one Adjuster fits All, we take you to the best group that fits your Claim. Fees for Adjusters/Consultants start at 15%,  Attorneys fees start at 20%. Some fees are as low as 5% for multimillion dollar claims.

We will help you with your BP Settlement.