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BP Claims Settlement Concerns

BP Claims Quick Pays need to Be Addressed

BP ClaimsNow we have been an advocate for the BP Claims Settlement because we know many of you need help after the GCCF so miserably failed, but we have some concerns about settling your BP Claims and they need to be voiced. After a few weeks to digest the BP Claims Settlement this much has come to light. We have been talking to literally 1000`s of you.

BP and the GCCF had a plan from the very beginning to weed out and pay out as little as possible by dragging their feet and getting as many of you to sign Quick Pays as they could, and have no compunction of letting those who signed Quick Pays back to the table through the BP Claims Settlement, many of you are in the hardest hit industries, such as shrimping.

This is tragic, as homes went into foreclosure, and boats and cars were being repossessed, people were economically forced to take these Quick Pays, and that was all part of their plan, and finally when the BP Claims Settlement is about to take place, and it looks like you are finally going to be treated fairly, the last thing they want is this group back at the table. Shame on you BP. If you truly want to make things right treat everybody fairly.

The BP Settlement looks like a good thing for most people and Business, but for those that make a living from the Gulf, it stinks.

Nobody knows what the heck is going to happen in the years to come, we all know most catches are down across the boards, people are calling our oysters, “Oilsters”, stone crab catches are down dramatically, some shrimp catches are down by over 90%, and this is just the beginning of the fallout from the worst man made disaster in history.

As all of this is happening BP and the GCCF have been dragging their feet when it come to paying your BP Claims.

Who should Consider the BP Claims Settlement

If your Industry is not contingent upon with the Direct Health of the Gulf of Mexico and you live outside of the Areas that were most  impacted by the Oil Spill, the BP Claims Settlement is pretty much a no brainer for you.

For example if you are a Realtor in Sarasota County,  the waters of the Gulf seem to not have been affected there, strongly consider the the BP Settlement.

If you are a Shrimper out of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana we simply need more data then we currently have, and if you can economically afford it, wait it out, odds are you can`t, and many of you already took the BP Claims Quick Pays to save your houses and your boats, and you should have never had to do that, and you should at the very least, be able to be a part of the BP Claims Settlement.

As the BP Claims process has been going on, the price of gas has steadily increased, and by the time the settlement is done the gas prices will offset the penalties and the money that BP had to pay for its negligence.

The BP Claims process under Feinberg was a joke and everybody knows it, except it was a joke on Us the American people, and our President allowed it to be perpetuated. Sad but true. By the time anyone got around to doing anything about it, it will be 2 years later.

BP Claims Settlement Why?

Why do we all HAVE to settle anyway, why can`t people just get paid for what they have lost so far and a little extra for pain and suffering, wasn`t the original intent for them to pay Interim Claims, that`s right, about the time they were suppose to pay Interim Claims they hit us with the Quick Pay scam.

The fact is everybody affected right now should be getting Interim BP Claims money, but instead the Interim Claims were thwarted by the GCCF and Feinberg. We shouldn`t even be talking about about a BP Claims Settlement, we should be studying the true extent of the damage and coming up with ways to fix it.

So now they are finally going to come up with a bunch of cash before we know ALL the facts, and that`s suppose to cure everything. Tell that to our children, and our children’s children. As cancer rates begin to shoot up across the Gulf, especially with those exposed to Corexit, just as it happened in Alaska.

All of this is happening while people are dying, yes dying from the oil and the dispersant Corexit that was suppose to clean up this mess. The EPA even told BP not to use the toxic dispersant, but BP went right along and still used it, when there were several other organic alternatives available.

I  can not tell you how many people we hear from on a daily basis whose health has been RUINED by the use of Corexit during the Oil Spill Clean Up process, and there was never any remedy for that in the BP Claims process until now in the BP Claims Settlement Program. I am glad to see that those suffering from medical complications will finally see some relief, but can you really put a price on it.

The BP Settlement will help a lot of people, but why do we have to settle now, why not just give us what you owe us, and when we know the true extent, then Settle with Us, in years to come it will come to light that many settled on the cheap just like the people who took the Quick Pays did, remember it took  THREE YEARS for the true extent of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill to be felt environmentally and economically.

To this day only 15% percent of the Herring ever came back to Prince Edward Sound. So they are aiming at ending the BP Claims and BP Claims Settlement to be done in about 3 Years, don`t you think that is rather ironic. It took 3 years just to figure out what was going on the last time we had a tragedy like this, and that one pales in size and comparison.

The fact is the BP Settlement is the best many of our legal minds, could to come up with. They would not have been put in this position had BP and the GCCF been fair about paying Interim Claims. There are groups of highly skilled Attorneys doing battle for Us in New Orleans as I write this, and it is appreciated, many of them work with us.

It looks like the BP Claims Settlement will be made available for many to see in the very near future. It even looks like it will help a lot of people and businesses, but it`s forgetting to address the people that were on the environmental and economic front lines, those that were making a living from the bounty of the Gulf, and did not have the savings in place to make it 2 years before the BP Claims Settlement took place.

Remember that the Gulf is a Renewable Resource what price tag  can be put on it when the word Renewable is taken out of it, I`ll tell you what it is, PRICELESS, and that`s why they want to settle within 3 years.

BP Claims Solutions

We have heard from many of you that you want to settle and yes we can help you, we have heard from many of you that you are madder then Hell, and you want to litigate, and yes we can Help you  too.

We have heard from still more of you about your frustration about being starved out, and being forced to take Quick Pays, and we are not done, nor will we ever be done Helping you, and keeping BP and others accountable.

It is our purpose through out this tragedy to assist you in any way we can, and to make sure that no matter what course of action you decide to take, you do so with eyes wide open. If you would like to speak to us about your possible options, please fill out the form to the right, or call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

So when you think about the BP Claims Settlement, please think about what I mentioned above and see where you fall into, we have been doing this for a long time now, we are not bound to any particular Law Firm or any Particular Consultant Groups.

We just want to get your BP Claims in the Best hands, so that you are truly with BP Claims Experts that can best represent your particular BP Claims, and we know who they are.

We will Help you with Your BP Claims.

BP Claims News: The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

Patrick Juneau

Patrick Juneau is an Attorney out of Lafayette Louisiana, he seems uniquely qualified to head up the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program, that will be court supervised. He seems to be a man of honor and integrity, who will be making this the swan song of his career. He is 74 years old, he is very charismatic and has a swagger. Lynn Greer of Brown Greer will head up the transition from the GCCF to the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

We at are very excited at the strong possibility of  a more fair, and more generous system under the leadership of Mr.Juneau. We will continue to evaluate his policies and the behaviors of the apparatus around him. We have only had one goal since this all began, and that was to see  people get paid, and the environment to be made whole.

Whats new in the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The new program promises to be easier and more lucrative then the the GCCF. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will be addressing may of the issues where the GCCF fell short. High on that list include:

Sick People, mostly Oil Spill Clean Up Workers but also residents and people that worked along the shore area. There are varying degrees of illness and compensation associated with this. If someone  just felt ill they get x, if you had fallen sick and had to go to a medi-tent you get y, if you had gotten sick and had to go to the hospital you get Z. Much of this is done with sworn statements and medical records.

Economic Loss for Business and Individuals, it seems as this will be calculated by industry and geographic area with a higher multiplier and future trending calculation formula, much more beneficial for the claimant. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will also rely less on causation and more on Industry and the reliance to the Gulf and proximity to the Spill.

Owners and Lease holders of property directly affected by the Oil, if there was oil on your land you will be compensated under the the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

Looking at the Settlement at this point, it should be viewed as a living, evolving document that will continue to be modified in the months to come.

How Does the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program affect You.

If you have a claim in with the GCCF and have received a final offer you can receive 60 percent of that money immediately. If you are eligible under the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program you can receive the remaining 40% or wait a few months and receive what should be a much higher award. Until the new program is fully executed claimants under the transition to the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will receive 60 percent of the money awarded.  BP Claims that come in after the transition will be figured entirely under the new program.

The new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program is suppose to be streamlined and much more generous, we advocate for this program if clients choose not to litigate and want to be made whole. If you choose to litigate and that is understandable after the duress that many had to go through with the GCCF, we have attorneys that want to speak to you. If you choose to go through the new BP Settlement Program we have consultants and Attorneys that can guide you through it with fees starting at 15% for non Attorneys and 20% with an Attorney.

We can Help you through the New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

BP Claims News: BP Settlement News

BP Settlement News and BP Claims Rumors

Clean Up Workers are Helped with the BP Settlement

Well it has been a few days since the BP Settlement hit the wires. The phone hasn`t stopped ringing, people close to the Settlement have been weighing in through out the last few days, and the good news is, if half of what we have heard today is true, and you have  legitimate  BP Claims, even if it was denied, we can help you with your BP Settlement.

The Facts are this, the BP Settlement is divided in two parts. There is one aspect of the BP Settlement that deals with Loss of income for Businesses and Individuals, there is another aspect that deals with Oil and Corexit exposure, for Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and people who live and work along the Gulf. There is no cap.

We have long advocated that the needs of the people who got sick needed to be addressed, and are very glad to see them in the BP Settlement. We have called for blood tests and testing for over a year. We can Help you if you are sick.

A new methodology will be put into place for factoring your BP Claims for loss of income.

BP Claims Settlement Rumors:  Final Payments may not be Final

If you took a final payment and it was not a Quick Pay you will have an opportunity to be included into the BP Settlement, this is believable, as you dissect the Oil Pollution Act, you can not take a final payout until the true extent of the damage is known.

If you took a quick pay you will not be eligible, I do expect Quick Pays to change as long as you have the documents to substantiate your claim. When Feinberg starved people out, then offered them Quick Pays it was one of the most callous moves during the process. It was awful , and one of the first things he did, as he shelved paying out Interim Claims for months.

BP Settlement and BP Claims New Leadership

Lynn Greer from Brown Greer out of Virgina will be the Interim Administrator of the fund. She is a fabulous choice, as she knows the process intimately. Many people did not know that the GCCF handed off claims to Brown Greer for processing, but that is just what they did. This will allow for seamless integration as the players are not changing, except for Mr Feinberg, but the process will be, as it will be easier to prove your claims with the new format.

Some Attorneys voice concern about the BP Settlement

A Houston-based attorney who represents people and businesses with roughly 12,000 spill claims, questioned whether the settlement will be more beneficial to his clients than the existing fund. We get calls daily from claimants whose claims were never even filed with any accompanying paperwork proving their claims, and some were never even filed. Claimants should not be victims of their Attorneys ineptitude. Anything would be better then the GCCF, oh, except if your attorney never even filed your claim. Find out your claims status is, and if your Attorneys are asking for paperwork get it to them.

The Attorneys we have connected are pro`s at filing claims, one of the Attorneys has had more claims paid then any other Attorney filing BP Claims.

BP Settlement Solutions

The Attorneys and Adjusters/Consultants that we utilize are all veterans of the Oil Spill Claims process. One of our members has recently been asked to help setup the new BP Settlement process. Many of our Affiliates are at the top of their respected fields, this has proven very beneficial. We do not advocate that one Attorney or one Adjuster fits All, we take you to the best group that fits your Claim. Fees for Adjusters/Consultants start at 15%,  Attorneys fees start at 20%. Some fees are as low as 5% for multimillion dollar claims.

We will help you with your BP Settlement.



BP Claims News: The BP Settlement is on

Details have not yet been released, we will let you know when we know. We would like to congratulate  Joe Rice and all of the members of the Plaintiff Steering Committee. We should be hearing the details in the next 24 hours. We will update the site accordingly.

Find out how much your BP Claims are Worth

How much are your BP Claims Really Worth

The BP Claims Estimator was created to help you find out just how much your BP Claims are worth, If you would like to get an approximate value of your BP Claims click here.

The information that you provide must be accurate, so it can be assessed. The BP Claims Estimator can help figure out: VOO Claims, Property Claims, Business and Individual Claims, as well as help attorneys get an idea of how strong your claim is if you got sick from the Corexit while on Oil Spill clean up duties.

BP Claims News: BP Trial is off for 1 Week

From what we have been told it looks as though the BP Settlement is still very much a reality, with just a few stumbling blocks that need to be overcome. It would be a shocking if BP did not settle out as there is overwhelming evidence that the corporate giant took short cuts, and didn`t tell it`s partners about a 2 foot pocket of gas that could have been the cause of it all. The settlement talks have evidently bared some fruit as they are now giving them an extra week, the BP Trial will begin on March 5, 2012, if there is going to be one.

BP knew of the gas pocket, and instead of alerting it`s partners about it, as they should have, they continued to drill. Had they alerted their partners, more cement would have been used to seal the well, and it would have changed how they would have proceeded, but this took time and money. In the end BP`s corporate culture shined through, and they decided to take the risk. We all know what happened after that.

BP Claims Consultants and Attorneys are ready to Help

Whatever the outcome, we have THE BEST Attorneys and Consultants to help you with your BP Claims. We have been actively involved with working a number of different groups from the beginning, and continue to bring in groups that we find are doing a great job for people. They can help you even if you claims are denied or stalled.

The consultants we use are all accredited, the Attorneys we have connected with are all at the top of their fields for that specific Oil Spill related niche. Many of them are members of the Plaintiff Steering Committee, or on various sub-committees. Consultants fees are 15%, while  attorneys fees start at 25%.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims Predictions for 2012

The Future of the BP Claims Process ?

bp claims

BP Claims Predictions

What to expect in 2012 with the BP Claims Process, what you are about to read is conjecture, but if you look at our track record we have been pretty dead on when we forecast the future of the GCCF and the BP Claims process thus far. There are certain facts that are coming to light that will support the following statements regarding the future of the BP Claims process. There are many rumors surrounding the GCCF, the fate of Ken Feinberg, coinciding with developing news around the BP Claims Audit, and the strong possibility of BP personnel facing criminal charges. Mind you, these are predictions.

Predictions for BP Claims in the New Year

1. In the very near future BP Claims will begin to get paid at a very high rate, one that we have never seen before.

The reasoning for this is several reasons, the BP Claims Audit is underway, and what is going to be disclosed is not pretty, it will show dysfunction at a very high level, and an organized systematic ineptitude by the GCCF,  it will lead investigators and others at the Department of Justice to believe this was done on purpose. This will be compounded by the February 27th trial date that will lay the blame of the explosion squarely at the feet of BP, it will be disclosed that BP engineers clearly knew about a pocket of gas, and they did not alert it`s partners. As BP and the GCCF have done in the past, they will stem off the negative publicity by paying lots of claims. They may very well do this before the trial date, so that they are less likely to face the wrath of  all the Individuals and Businesses that still have BP Claims pending at the GCCF.

2. Ken Feinberg will be stepping down as the Head of the GCCF

With all of the news that is about to come out of the BP Claims Audit, BP is going to have no choice but to distance themselves from Ken Feinberg. They again are going to try to lay the blame for the failings of the GCCF on someone else. BP has had quite a history during the BP Oil Spill of blaming it`s partners, it has blamed Halliburton, it has blamed Transocean, and now it will blame Ken Feinberg and other officials at the GCCF.

3. A new Apparatus to pay BP Claims will replace the GCCF, at the very least there will be major changes at the GCCF

After it is discovered by BDO the new consulting group engaged by the Department of Justice to audit the BP Claims process and the GCCF, it will come to fruition that  a new mechanism to pay all of the BP Claims will have to be established. At the very least a complete overhaul of the GCCF, and it`s hierarchy will be constituted. Eric Holder at the urging of Jim Bonner and Senators Wicker and Rubio are seeking justice for all of those betrayed by the GCCF.  The audit will be completed no later then March of this year, on the heels of the February trial that will find BP as the most responsible party for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

4. Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and others will continue to get sick, Nalco and the EPA will come under fire

It will be confirmed that those exposed to Corexit and the the oil that spewed from the the Deep Water Horizon, are indeed sick and getting sicker. It will be further verified from evidence from the Exxon Valdez that a spike of certain cancers will start showing up in those exposed. As we have seen, blood tests will become increasingly more used to determine the levels of contamination in people. Volatile active compounds in the blood will be directly traced to the Gulf Oil Spill and the dispersant Corexit 9500. Lawsuits will be instituted against Nalco the maker of Corexit and the EPA for letting them use it, while other alternatives were readily available.

5. Areas of the Gulf will be in complete collapse.

It will become increasingly clear that certain species in the Gulf and bayous will enter a severe state of decline, as noted this year the catches were way down for shrimp, crab and other fish both pelagic and reef dwellers. There are just so many signs that things are not right in the Gulf of Mexico, it will become most evident at the end of 2012 that the Gulf will need decades to recover. Twenty plus years after the Valdez oil spill only 15% of the Herring have ever returned. With all of the Oil and Corexit sitting on the Gulf floor killing things at the molecular level, it will be understood how this bio accumulates in the  different animals that call the Gulf of Mexico home, and how it will affect the food chain. This will drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico`s economy and the Gulf Seafood Industry.

BP Claims Solutions found Here

Whether you need an Attorney or a seasoned Claims Consultant, all you have to do is fill out the form to the right. We are not allied with one particular attorney, or one particular consulting group, we insist on matching potential claimants with the group or firm that will best serve them. The results speak for themselves, we have had clients recently paid in 16 days and large business claims paid within 60 days. We will help you with your BP Claims even if you have been denied or your claim is stalled. If you would like to call us directly please call 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

We can help you with your BP Claims.



Article: BP Claims and what to Expect in 2012
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack


BP Claims and Sick People

Feinberg is evading BP Claims for Illness

BP Claims and Sick People

A few months a go Feinberg said he had not seen any BP Claims for illness related from the BP Oil Spill. Then Mr. Feinberg said he had only heard of a few hundred BP Claims resulting from the the Oil Spill. The folks that worked on oil spill clean up, and the bathed in the water, or lived close to the coast and breathed in airborne Corexit are sick. We have received numerous calls from people who filed BP Claims going over their illness all with very similar stories and none getting relief from the BP Claims process.

BP Claims Process and Illness Claims

Feinberg is under heavy fire for not taking action within the BP Claims process for illness claims. His record supporting people that have illness claims in the past regarding agent orange and 9/11 is strong. Knowing that these sorts of claims were going to be raised again in the BP Claims process should have been taken into consideration. It took years to act upon the Agent Orange and 9/11 claims, and we should have all learned from that. Feinbergs excuse is that it is going to take time to know the true extent of the damages as it did in prior cases. The fact is people affected by the Corexit and oil don`t have that much time, and need help now, and not just monetary help but Medical Care, though some ongoing financial help in the form of BP Claims would help.

BP Claims vs. Litigation for Sick People

As it stands the only recourse as I understand it, is for people to sue BP for exposure to Corexit and oil. We have been forwarding your information to Attorneys that are taking action on the behalf of people that have gotten sick, and many of these people have found solace that they are being represented by one of the best Law Firms in the country. The BP Claims process is broken in so many places, and the inability for the process to take into consideration the people who have gotten sick from BP`s carelessness is a testament to it`s inadequacies. I call on Mr. Feinberg to fix, evolve, do so something for these people, other then making them part of a study, because people are dying here, this is about medical help now, and some sort of money that can help them as they can`t work, this needs to be figured into the BP Claims process. This process need to evolve so they can be considered into the BP Claims Process




Corexit, Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and Blood Tests

Oil Spill Clean Up

As many of you know we follow Oil Spill Clean Up Workers and the challenges they face. I received a phone call last week from a knowledgeable lady who gave us all kinds of great information about testing for Corexit and other Oil Spill toxins in your Blood. The test that seems to be used the most is called a Volatile Solvents Profile.  The test runs about $300.00 and is available up throughout the Gulf  Region.

Oil Spill Toxins

In speaking with clinicians this morning at a variety of locations I kept hearing the same thing. Those who were tested, all had dangerous levels of toxins in their bodies, and some were well above FDA guidelines. Literally one practitioner had 100% of those tests come back positive for elevated toxins, 3- methylpentane and 2-methylpentane. Ethyl Benzene, m-p xylene and Hexane were also detected.

It seems as though the majority of people that they have been testing all have Bronchial and Respiratory conditions, that are not responding to normal care. According to one nurse I spoke to this morning, they have never seen anything else like it. They are recommending kelation, in conjunction with drinks, meant to help you detoxify your body. If you would like more information about this, or to find the Doctor nearest you, please fill out the form to the right and  mention Corexit Tests in the description.



BP Oil Spill Clean Up Crews and Vessels of Opportunity

BP Oil Spill Clean up

Good news finally for BP Oil Spill Cleanup Workers:If you became ill by working on the BP Oil Spill Clean up, were a member of the V.O.O. program, you have rights.
If you were promised work, or received your Hazwopper cerification and were subsequently let go, Attorneys want to hear from you. It seems as thought there is good news to report that your cases are going to be taken more seriously. Many Attorneys did not want to take these cases until recently.

BP Oil Spill Breach

People were made promises of work for a year or more by BP and it`s subcontractors, then suddenly let go. Much of the work that was promised was handled by breaking up the plumes with large trawlers out at sea, while on some beaches the Oil just got buried.Hence the force that was once thought to be needed was not, but promises were made, and Attorneys believe this was a breach of contract.

Health Risks & the BP Oil Spill

The health risks that many did not understand, because they were not explained or not equipped, were and are many. Corexit the dispersant used, rips through the body attacking liver and kidney functions, along with bronchial and other associated ailments.I am very happy to hear that these cases are being taken seriously.
If you were affected, or know someone who was by the BP Oil Spill please fill out this form.