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OUR SOLUTION “the BP Claims Silver Bullet”

Silver Bullet

Please Note: We are not the Deep Water Horizon Settlement

The number for them is 1-866-992-6174 for the economic settlement.

For the Medical Settlement the number is 1-877-545-5111 

If You want to read about us, and our thoughts, please read below, we are not attorneys but do process claims through a network of processors, that are getting results.

If you are an Attorney/ Processor/Claimant we have a silver bullet, one of the members of our network has distinguished themselves above all others with practically Dead On Calculations that the claims analysts at The Deep Water Horizon Settlement seem to respect and agree with.

Please understand this group specializes in business claims only in excess of 100k usually.

They also handle appeals.

As many of you know we have been in search of a Silver Bullet for some time. Well we found it, there is no guess work anymore.

It is my opinion,  it is owed to the claimants that they remain the top priority, not just a potential revenue stream for someone’s bottom line.

When BP stopped paying claims due to the Court ordered Stay, the lack of reliable and consistent revenue stream  caused many processors and Attorneys to scale down their Deepwater Horizon claims operations and to terminate employees.

The real tragedy was that some of those entities had to close their businesses or to continue with inefficient operations.

The Court ordered Stay lasted for a period of 8 months – 8 months of little to no income for the claims processing entities and 8 months of continued economic distress for the claimants.

The Stay caused claimants extreme dissatisfaction and anger and proved to be devastating to many Business Economic Loss claimants. It also caused many groups processing claims to go out of Business

Our own operation took a serious hit when BP stopped paying claims, but we never gave up and due to the nature of how we structured our network, we were blessed that one member started seeing our largest claims get settled first.

The first claim was over 4.5 million dollars.

This particular processor has had over 40 claims paid to our clients since they began paying again, and their calculations have been almost dead on.  This particular processor has a system in place that works.  Not only do they have CPA’s and analysts who thoroughly understand the claim calculations and methodology established by the Deepwater Horizon Settlement and the appeals that followed, they go one step further and direct each and every claimant to obtain an attorney to represent them with any and all legal issues/questions and appeals.

I recently met one of the attorneys who works with this processor’s claimants, and can state that she has extensive experience in every phase of the BP litigation and she has the talent to represent and assist claimants at every phase (from claim registration to post appeal issues) of the claims process.

You can move your claim

This is not meant to solicit claims away from other Attorneys or Processors, but people need to know they are not stuck with organizations that have a high level of ineptitude and a small to nonexistent success rate. The form is called an AR1 form, it`s one form and can be found here. AR1 Form

If you have a claim that you have tried to do yourself, but want to put it in experienced hands, the processor described above is  actually the BEST in our Network at complex business claims.

If  your claim is already in the system and it is reasonably put together you may be charged as little as 10 Percent of the value of the claim.

If you are an Attorney or a Processor and would like to move over your portfolio or part of your portfolio of claims they will negotiate a fair number for the work involved. They can also assist you with the processing.

If you are an Attorney/Processor/CPA Firm and need help. they can help you.

It`s time to get People Paid and there is no room for mistakes.

As I write this we have seen some of our largest claims processed and paid in the last month. Most of these claims are over a million dollars, others in the high 6 digit range. We have also seen the devastating affect that rule 495 can have on claims, and how some rulings can be successfully  appealed while others can not.

BP has just settled with the states, local and Federal government.

Claims that are currently in the Deep Water Horizon Settlement system, will have one FINAL opportunity to be paid.

There is no room for error, but as we have begun taking over claims from other Processors/Attorneys/Claimants who started doing this years ago, it is easy to see why so many of you have not been paid.

The financials that many uploaded are atrocious. Many just downloaded reams of financials thinking that would be sufficient or that they would get claims paid by just overwhelming the Deep Water Horizon Settlement with voluminous amounts of paperwork, thinking that they would let them sift through the documents so they could do the calculations.

Others just kept supplying the same paperwork and expected different answers when tasked with an incomplete notices.


And far too many of you were making huge mistakes when you put these claims together, many in the beginning just did not understand what the settlement asked for. These claims are typically 2 years or older.

This is not the time to throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks, nor was it ever, but it is what too many did in the beginning.

If your claim has NOT seen notices or questions coming from the Deep Water Horizon Settlement and you have not heard from your Attorney or Processor, you need to take matters into your own hands and check your status yourself. Go to CHECK MY STATUS you will need your claimant id number and the last 4 of your social security number.

We look forward to working with You, your Attorneys or Processors, and getting you what you deserve from BP.

We have a program in place that allows us to assist others in this business to get their clients claims paid, it`s fair, it`s flexible, and it helps you get your clients paid.

For us this was always about putting the victims first and creating a network of professionals to assist you.

We are proud to say that a certain member of our Network has distinguished themselves in our opinion as the BEST in The BP Business Claims Business, and the good news is they want to work for you and with you, and still can, but only if you let them.

We are also proud to announce that Dick Angelotti the former President of Bank of Boston, and Northern Trust, will be also picking up the phone personally to help you with complex business matters.

Call Us at 1-800-BP-CLAIM or 1-800-272-5246



BP Business Claims Halted

BP Business Claims Halted for Calculation Reviews

bp business claimThe 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans directed Judge Barbier, to halt payouts on some BP Business Claims. BP asked the court to make the halt because they believe the Deepwater Horizon Claims Administrator, Patrick Juneau, has misinterpreted the settlement agreement and has been calculating business claims incorrectly.


Until recently, BP has unsuccessfully attempted to get the settlement agreement rewritten. On October 2nd, they were finally able to get business claim payments frozen so that the accountant calculation methods can be reviewed to make sure that Juneau is closely following the language of the settlement agreement. BP believes the current calculation methods allow claimants to receive payments that are too large, and that payments are being made to businesses that were not affected by the oil spill. BP wants businesses to submit their financials on an accrual basis for BP business claims.  This is not required under the settlement at this time.  They are concerned that revenues should be reported on accrued basis and not when payment was received.


In October BP had questioned the settlement in regards to how they are processing cash based accounting claims.  Because the settlement does not specify that a certain accounting method must be used they have always accepted whatever the claimant had consistently used.  BP did not file any complaints at that time.  Again in November BP supported the final approval of the settlement guidelines and seemed to be happy with the way claims were processing.  They signed this document and should not be able to add or take away from it.  In December BP started expressing their concerns to the Administrator.  After two failed attempts to change the settlement BP has gone to the Appeals court.  On October 2nd they finally won and the settlement is being looked at again.


I believe that if we re-write the already signed and executed settlement we are opening a can of worms that could potentially cause even more delays in settlements being paid. If BP gets the chance to change the settlement then someone needs to be fighting to get the dreaded and impossible customer mix test thrown out.  If businesses are going to have to go and change their accounting from cash to accrual basis then will they still be considered contemporaneously kept documentation?   If BP gets the chance to spread income over a period of months does that mean people can take their yearly income and expenses and divide them by 12 to complete their profit and losses? Why does BP get to rewrite the settlement and retail stores and restaurants who are obviously tourist driven fall short of qualifying due to the fact they cannot account for 100% of their income by name and address?


BP has yet again figured out a way to screw the Gulf Coast residents, delay payments and earn a little extra interest on the funds that still have not been paid out to those who deserve it.  BP should be stuck with what they signed and shame on the appeals court for allowing them to weasel more time to delay payments.


BP has won this round, but in the end, the people of the Gulf who were so devastatingly affected should receive the payments they deserve.

Although this is bad news for some claimants, we believe people that were not affected by the spill should not be able to receive compensation.  As much damage as BP has caused, we know that some claimants and attorneys are working the system for all its worth.

For more information go to our Facebook Page.


What does this mean for existing BP business claims?


We don’t know yet exactly what the new calculation changes are going to be, but we do know if given the chance BP will continue to try and change things to help themselves not the Gulf Coast Residents they screwed over three years ago. We will all have to wait and see what BP, the Plantiff Steering Committee and Juneau come up with next.


The BP Settlement and the End of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

The BP Settlement and the end of the GCCF

bp settlement  The BP Settlement should have preliminary approval on Wednesday of this week, on the whole it does do the most amount of good for the most people, however the BP Settlement could do more. It could address the people that were victimized by Quick pays, it could pay people that are upstream from the fishermen such as the processors and give them better BP Settlement multipliers. The BP Settlement under Judge Barbier could truly make it right for so many people.

This will be Patrick Juneau`s swan song, in many peoples opinion. The BP Settlement will be ran by Judge Barbier and administered by Patrick Juneau, it is called the BP Court Supervised Settlement. The BP Settlement promises transparency and quick payouts. You do not need an Attorney to be a part of the BP Settlement, though some websites out there tell you, you do, they lie.

The BP Settlement and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility will be replaced by the new BP Settlement Fund. We have heard from Managers of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility that they will be leaving their jobs on June 1st to be replaced by the new staff that will be running the BP Settlement on June 4th. The infamous days of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility are almost over, leaving Ken Feinbergs reputation ever tarnished. The Delay, Deny, and Defend tactics they used were unconscionable, forcing people to take quick pays or lowered final pay outs, just to save BP money, need to be addressed in the BP Settlement, or BP Class Actions will most definitely come into play. There are people now organizing Class Actions for people who took Quick Pays, how do I know because we are one of them.

The GCCF was an Abomination

Never in the history of a disaster such as this was an organization allowed to run rampant and to take advantage of so many. Over 200,000 people took the Quick Pays, people were promised Interim Payments, but instead got bombarded by Quick Pays. The GCCF knew that many people were starving and facing foreclosures.

I never did understand why President Obama and the leaders in the Banking Industry did not put a freeze on foreclosures in the most affected areas. Instead debts piled up and the GCCF took advantage of their own Delay tactics, and as bills piled up for many, and they moved closer to the brink, they began to break out the Quick Pay schemes. People were economically forced to take them and we ALL know this as a fact.

People were told numerous times that the GCCF had lost their paperwork, only to find that often the paperwork was simply mislabeled and put somewhere else in their file, another Delay tactic.

The GCCF went on to lie to major Attorneys in the Oil Spill litigation and told them to take in all the BP Claims they could and put them into the Bulk Upload, this allowed the Attorneys to register the clients and the heads of the GCCF said they would pay these clients even though limited paperwork was on file at the GCCF.

Many people thought there claims had been filed, indeed they were, but they were not payable, we know this because we have talked with the people processing them at Brown Greer and they were laughed at and denied. It seems the GCCF would use these people as targets for Quick Pays as well. We have often heard of people that filed with Attorneys would be approached by members of the GCCF  waving 5k or 25k in front of them. These people never even filed claims individually with the GCCF. It is our belief that the GCCF used the many clients that were entered into the Bulk Upload as a contact list, to hit people that were disadvantaged by the whole Bulk Upload scheme so they could be hit by Quick Pays.

It seems as though the GCCF would tell one group one thing, and another group something else, which lead to confusion and aggravation and fewer BP Claims getting paid. People signed off their rights to further sue BP, just for a quick infusion of cash. The BP Settlement has the opportunity to right the many wrongs of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

How can we Help you with your BP Settlement.

We have connected with Licensed Claims Adjusters that have worked in this sort of Claims arena for years, they charge 15% for your standard claims and 7.5% for large loss claims. They can help with any BP Claims you may have.

Attorneys are used when needed for the BP Settlement, but there are strategic times and types of claims that they should be called upon. There are most certainly some BP Claims that demand using an Attorney, and when needed they will be. Attorneys traditionally start at 25%.


Head of the New BP Settlement says you don`t need an Attorney

NO Attorney needed for the BP Settlement

bp settlement  Patrick Juneau the head of the BP Settlement has gone on the record, and has said “you do not need an Attorney for the BP Settlement.” Businesses and Individuals will be able to handle their own claims with the new BP Settlement Fund or they can have professionals help them, and then submit.

The BP Settlement by it`s very nature has has evolved from a claims process to a settlement process, to be a part of the Settlement Process we think you need to have stronger advocates on your side.

Consultants vs. Claims Adjusters we recommend Licensed Claims Adjusters at this time

We have long advocated that people can and should use Consultants and Licensed Claims Adjusters. Since the advent of the BP Settlement we have stiffened up our position and Strongly Recommend Licensed Claims Adjusters that have experience with these sorts of BP Claims and Business Interruption Claims, they have been doing this for a living for a long time. They have been making a living doing this well before the BP Claims process. It is our position that they can represent you better then consultants at this time due to the nature of the BP Settlement.

The Licensed Claims Adjusters we use have Attorneys on retainer and Certified Public Accountants. They are fully armed to do battle if your BP Settlement Claim needs to be appealed. They will tell you what the value of your BP Settlement Claim is before it is presented to the BP Settlement Fund.

What we have found is this group, fully understands the complexity of the BP Claims process and has vast experience preparing them, and that is what people have needed most.

Through our experience they have done a great job getting people paid, even under the GCCF system, some attorneys have done a very good job as well.

Attorneys and the BP Settlement

Don`t get me wrong here Attorneys are needed in some instances, but this is a documentation nightmare for many of them and they just don`t have the experience of Licensed Claims Adjusters when it comes to documenting and submitting claims. The BP Settlement is all about documentation and BP Settlement Calculation.

We have heard and continue to hear horror stories from many of you who signed up with a lawyer never to hear from them again, and you were eventually forced in to taking quick pays because the Attorney was either very non responsive or just flat out unavailable.

Many of you decided to fire BP Claims Attorneys, and used a Letter of Disengagement to do so.

Some lawyers are just out there signing people up and putting Liens on their files after doing little to no work on the file. We say Shame on You. This needs to be addressed as well.

There are good solid Attorneys out there, the behavior of the few is definitely impacting the reputation of many. We have utilized these attorneys in the past and when needed will do so again, but the playing field has evolved, and as it does so will we.

We will Help you with your BP Settlement

According to Patrick Juneau it will be much easier to establish a baseline of what you should get paid, but documentation will still remain an issue. There are a number of ways to boost your BP Settlement Claims well above the baseline, through BP Settlement documentation. Adjusters can not advice you on legal matters, but they can make sure you get every nickel they owe you, it`s what they do. Also the Attorneys that they have on retainer can advise you when needed.

Here are the sorts of documentation that Licensed Claims Adjusters should be putting together for your Claim.

As always they charge 15% for the standard BP Settlement Claims and 7.5% for large loss claims. There are many other remedies under the BP Settlement for documentation, but this what the Adjusters we work with suggest.

We have been getting many inquiries from Attorney`s, and yes we can help you put together your clients BP claims as well.


  1. A.    Claim Documentation


  1.  Claim Form – must include:


  1. Compensation Periodwill provided the analysis necessary to project the time period utilized in the report for projecting loss revenues for clients BP Settlement.


  1. Business Compensation Framework – the economic loss claim process by providing the BP Settlement Program with all the reports and documentation necessary


  1. Benchmark Period –will conduct the analysis, of over eighty possible historical time periods, to establish the historical time period that generates the highest possible growth trend, to be utilized in the projection of loss revenues during the compensation time period.


  1. Supporting Compensation and Benchmark Documentswill assure that all historical and projected time period calculation are supported with the necessary documents to adhere to the BP Settlement Program requirements.


  1. Ownership Documentswill satisfy the BP Settlement Program requirements that prove ownership and structure of the business.


  1. Tax Returns – for each benchmark and project time frames, will include the Federal returns for each period.


  1. Profit and Loss Statements – for each benchmark and project time frames, the income statements for the businesses will be segregated between recoverable expenses and noted with variance from Tax returns.


  1. Specific Business Documents – Retailers, Lodgings, Restaurants, and other business entities will be required to provide specific claim documents to the BP Settlement Program. Assure that industry specific documentation is presented in the proper manner to expedite the BP settlement payments.


  1. Operating Licenses – will research and assure that all documentation is support of licensing, as required by the Settlement Program, will be supplied and supported.


  1. Causation Proximity – will document the businesses’ and individuals’ economic Zone and assure the financial reporting requirements are met for Zone acceptance by the Settlement Program.


  1. Variable Profit and Margins – will verify and document the variable and fixed expense during both the Benchmark period and the Compensation period.


  1. General Adjustment Factor – will assure all claim reports include the allowed 2% growth trend included during the Compensation period and added to the BP settlement payments.


  1. Claim-Specific Factor –  will maintain databases and supporting documents to prove that improvements in local economic conditions are included in the claim reports to deliver addition funds at the time of the BP settlement payment.


We will Help you with your BP Settlement

BP Settlement Center Information..The BP Settlement has been sent to the Judge

BP Settlement Center to be Announced on Wednesday

bp settlement centerWe are your source for BP Settlement Center Information. We have been following the BP Settlement, and have been made aware of many of the new changes. The BP Settlement  will be signed of by Judge Barbier, Monday April 16, 2012. The BP Settlement Center will be open for business in mid-May. in the mean time our staff can help you prepare your BP Settlement Claims. On average our Claims Adjusters charge 15%, but as little as 7.5% for large loss claims. If needed Attorneys will step in.

BP Settlement Center hits a Bump called Pam Bondi

The BP Settlement has been in talks for months, some politicians such as Pam Bondi the Attorney General from Florida would like to keep the BP Settlement from the public, so she can have more time to negotiate the finer points with BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee. Any further delay in paying people, is not acceptable, even if it is well intentioned. It is my belief that the sooner the BP Settlement is made public to the General Public, if aspects of it need to be adjusted the Settlement should just be amended.

As we digest the Information from the BP Settlement Center, we will take the opportunity to prepare a true overview for you, and speak with our clients and get their perspective. Even though parts of the BP Settlement have been leaked various time over the past month, we understand that the Settlement has changed several times.

The New BP Settlement Center

The BP Settlement Center will attempt to fix the wrongs the GCCF created, it is overseen directly by Judge Barbier who has placed Patrick Juneau in charge of paying out your BP Claims. BP will not be involved as it was with the GCCF. The BP Settlement Center was created to alleviate the issues that Ken Feinberg and the GCCF created, but it does not look like it will cure the past injustices doled out by the GCCF.

We can help you figure out EXACTLY what you will be owed by the New BP Settlement Center. Our Adjusters have vast experience working under similar guidelines, they are very proficient with Business Interruption Claims and Individual Claims, They will be building and presenting files directly to the BP Settlement Center. If needed they will be handing off well built files to Teams of Attorneys that specialize in your types of BP Claims.

We can Help you with The BP Settlement Center.

Denied BP Claims Flowing from the GCCF

Denied BP Claims hitting an All Time High

BP Claims

BP Claims Get Denied

If your BP Claims were recently denied you were not alone, we are seeing well documented, well organized BP Claims getting denied at the GCCF at a record rate. It seems that the GCCF is clearing out all of the BP Claims that it has been holding on to.

We can Help You if you have been denied.

At this point there will be very few claims left with the GCCF before the Fund transitions into the BP Settlement process. The Denial rate is utterly astounding, we have NEVER seen this rate of denied BP Claims come out of the GCCF since it`s inception.

Are BP Claims being forced into the Settlement Process

When you step back and look at the strategies displayed by the GCCF, you just can`t help but think that they are just making way for the upcoming BP Settlement. This is part of the Delay, Deny, and Defend tactics, and is meant to dishearten the people from pursuing their BP Claims.

They are just trying to wear down people with legitimate BP Claims. As we have told you before, this is a common tactic that has been used through out the BP Claims Process, this strategy was originated by unscrupulous insurance companies. The GCCF is making one last effort to thwart paying legitimate BP Claims, even while in transition.

Look for all of the present employees at the GCCF to be replaced in the very near future.

Do not let them make you loose heart for your economic justice. We can and will Help You.

BP Claims and the BP Settlement

We are hearing from a large number of you that are concerned that there will not be a major shift in attitude from the GCCF to the new BP Claims Settlement Fund. As I see it there will be a DRAMATIC shift and it will be coming from the top down. As I said above they are getting ready to get rid of all GCCF employees as the new regime is about to take charge, and it couldn`t be happening soon enough for many of us. Judge Barbier is running the show with Patrick Juneau, and everything I have heard about Mr. Juneau, and much of this from people that know him, all say the same thing, stand up, no nonsense guy, with a an over all concern for people. Let`s hope that carries through. Time will tell. If you would like to connect with Attorneys or Adjusters that can help you with your BP Claims for the settlement, please fill out the form to the right.

BP Claims and our Stance

We at have only had one goal in mind since this all began, to help people. We started with sites that got people to charities, and that morphed into following the BP Claims process, The BP Claims process under Feinberg and the GCCF was AWFUL, people were duped into Quick Pays when they were promised Interim payments, many took these and agreed not sue BP, and are now struggling once again with no remedies in site. We will continue to fight for these people, and will continue to organize them.

We will continue to help individuals and businesses that were denied, we are actively helping people with medical claims. When nobody wanted to take these cases we found a group that would, and I am happy to say that same Firm helped get them into the BP Claims Settlement, and they are now going to be compensated.

If you need help with Your BP Claims even if they were denied, we can and will help you, Consultants and Adjusters start at 15%, Attorneys start at 20%, Large Loss Business Claims can be handled for 7.5%.

We are not allied with any particular Firm or group, but simply will get your claims to the best possible Group that specializes in those particular claims.

We will Help you with your BP Claims.

BP Claims News: The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

Patrick Juneau

Patrick Juneau is an Attorney out of Lafayette Louisiana, he seems uniquely qualified to head up the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program, that will be court supervised. He seems to be a man of honor and integrity, who will be making this the swan song of his career. He is 74 years old, he is very charismatic and has a swagger. Lynn Greer of Brown Greer will head up the transition from the GCCF to the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

We at are very excited at the strong possibility of  a more fair, and more generous system under the leadership of Mr.Juneau. We will continue to evaluate his policies and the behaviors of the apparatus around him. We have only had one goal since this all began, and that was to see  people get paid, and the environment to be made whole.

Whats new in the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program

The new program promises to be easier and more lucrative then the the GCCF. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will be addressing may of the issues where the GCCF fell short. High on that list include:

Sick People, mostly Oil Spill Clean Up Workers but also residents and people that worked along the shore area. There are varying degrees of illness and compensation associated with this. If someone  just felt ill they get x, if you had fallen sick and had to go to a medi-tent you get y, if you had gotten sick and had to go to the hospital you get Z. Much of this is done with sworn statements and medical records.

Economic Loss for Business and Individuals, it seems as this will be calculated by industry and geographic area with a higher multiplier and future trending calculation formula, much more beneficial for the claimant. The BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will also rely less on causation and more on Industry and the reliance to the Gulf and proximity to the Spill.

Owners and Lease holders of property directly affected by the Oil, if there was oil on your land you will be compensated under the the new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.

Looking at the Settlement at this point, it should be viewed as a living, evolving document that will continue to be modified in the months to come.

How Does the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program affect You.

If you have a claim in with the GCCF and have received a final offer you can receive 60 percent of that money immediately. If you are eligible under the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program you can receive the remaining 40% or wait a few months and receive what should be a much higher award. Until the new program is fully executed claimants under the transition to the BP Oil Spill Settlement Program will receive 60 percent of the money awarded.  BP Claims that come in after the transition will be figured entirely under the new program.

The new BP Oil Spill Settlement Program is suppose to be streamlined and much more generous, we advocate for this program if clients choose not to litigate and want to be made whole. If you choose to litigate and that is understandable after the duress that many had to go through with the GCCF, we have attorneys that want to speak to you. If you choose to go through the new BP Settlement Program we have consultants and Attorneys that can guide you through it with fees starting at 15% for non Attorneys and 20% with an Attorney.

We can Help you through the New BP Oil Spill Settlement Program.