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The BP Claims Deadline and other GCCF News

BP Claims Deadline is August 2013

BP Claims

BP Claims

Eventually you just have enough of something and need to shout it from the Roof Tops. If I see one more ad on T.V. saying you are about to run out of time to file your BP Claims I am going to scream. Some Attorneys and others, are distorting the truth, and trying to create a false sense of urgency when it comes to filing your BP Claims. The Deadline to file your BP Claims is August 2013, and in my opinion it should be extended. The fact is we did not know the effects from the Valdez Disaster for 3 years, so to create a BP Claims Deadline that ends in 3 years of the original disaster is ludicrous. The GCCF has now admitted that certain claims should  receive payouts up to 4 times the 2010 losses, we are just beginning to understand the long term effects.

BP Claims Update: More GCCF Offices to Close

That`s right the GCCF is getting ready to close more offices, the GCCF in it`s ultimate wisdom is closing more offices in the near future. They have been laying of staff for some time now and condensing their operations. The GCCF is pairing down their operations as BP Claims are not coming in, in the numbers they once did. The BP Claims Intake process is winding down, but expect the process to evolve. Mind you there are hundreds of thousands that still need to be helped that have been declared deficient, denied or stalled at the GCCF, and something needs to be done with them. I have heard several possible scenarios of what is to come, but it is still to early to tell.

You Choose how your BP Claims are processed

At the choice of how your claims are processed are yours . We don`t recommend just one attorney, but several, we don`t recommend just one BP Claims Consultant there are several. Any claims preparer that we recommend has been thoroughly screened. They get people and Businesses results, and if there are ever any issues with any of them you can always call us directly and we will straighten it out for you. BP Claims Consultants start at just 15% and BP Claims Attorneys start at 25%. We have Experts that WILL call you back to help you with your BP Claims.

We will Help You with your BP Claims.

Article: The BP Claims Deadline and other GCCF News
Article Source: BP Claims
Author: William Bohack



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