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The table is tilted for the GCCF

GCCF Strategies

The final review process has been set up to favor the GCCF and BP in every imaginable way.” This is a quote I read about a bartender going through the GCCF process recently, this is why I stress the importance of at the very least, of getting an Attorneys opinion. The GCCF was designed to serve the purposes of BP and Mr.Feinberg. This is their structure, not ours, this was not created by the government to help people, but by BP`s Mr Feinberg to administer claims. Think about it who built the GCCF, think about who runs the GCCF, do you really trust the GCCF to be impartial about your claim.

The GCCF is Delaying

In a nutshell this is what has happened and is happening, the GCCF is using a delay, deny, defend strategy. They promised to start interim and final claims after the emergency claims period was over, November 23. Which basically meant if your claim for interim or final was made Nov 23 you could expect it 90 days later. Didn`t happen, what did happen was the GCCF in their infinite wisdom created the Quick Pay system. They waited for people to get desperate while waiting for their claims and as foreclosure loomed, repossessions mounted, they low balled people with 5k offers for individuals, and 25k for business`s. Almost 100,000 people took them.

GCCF & The Future

This period is just coming to an end, now people are beginning to see the interim offers come in. These Interim offers are often accompanied by Final Offers, they want to close this out as fast as possible in order to limit their liability. Nobody and I mean Nobody knows what the future holds. Hurricanes lobbing balls of Corexit and oil at the shore, devastated oyster beds, shrimp and fish populations decimated, If the lessons from the Valdez hold true the fish populations will not show the effects for a few years to come. Will the tourists come back, all what if`s. My thought is to take the GCCF interim claims until the true extent of the damage is known.

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