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BP tries to Wiggle

deepwater horizon settlement Just for the record, I am going to say, “I told you so.”  While everyone was booing the folks that run the settlement, and some thought they were in BP`s pockets, these folks were on your side. Nothing could have proved it more than the stance the BP Settlement Leadership has taken against BP in recent weeks and months as BP tries to change the terms of the BP Settlement. I do understand many peoples’ frustrations, as BP Claims are slow to get paid. Please understand the claims are getting paid, and the people that run the program have multiple issues to deal with, such as this assault from BP.
Even the Plaintiff Steering Committee has come armed to the teeth to defend your rights under the settlement. I have read the most recent documents the PSC has presented to the court, and they are awesome. They stood up for the people, they were relentless in attacking BP`s stance, and they were right.

BP is trying to wiggle; they have realized uncapping the economic settlement was not a good idea, even with their traps, such as the Customer Mix Test, putting deadlines for people with Seafood Compensation Claims, fraudulent OPA deadlines, and the list goes on. I am not an Attorney, but this is what I believe. They cut a deal that they are trying to back out of and that is the fact.

BP is out to screw you; shocking but true. First they gave you Feinberg, who claimed himself Independent until the Judge stopped him from saying that by a court order; as they were paying him an exorbitant amount of money. At the same time he was convincing people, specifically those in the seafood industry, to accept quick pays. Unfortunately, after he starved them out, over 200,000 people took them. They should be able to come back to the table.

Then they negotiate a Settlement that they agree to, and after they realize how much they may actually have to pay, they want out. All of this on the heels of the news that they knew an explosion could be imminent days before it actually happened.

What to expect from the hearing on the 5th? Nothing. The Judge will rightfully hold BP to the settlement, BP will appeal to the 5th circuit, claims will continue to get paid, and eventually BP will have to pony up. They will not be able to wiggle out of this one.

However, if BP gets their way, construction folks, professional people and AG families will all be under fire, and probably apt not to get paid. If I fell into one of these categories I would make sure my BP Claims were filed sooner rather than later.

So all of those commercials you see on TV, the hype, the PR machine, it`s all BS and BP is proving that in court. If they were people of their word, and they are not, they would be living up to the terms they agreed to under the BP Settlement. It`s just that simple. My Grandfather always said, look at people’s actions, not their words, and he was never more right.

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