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Top Tier CPA Firm takes on Incomplete Business Claims for 10%

BP Settlement Solutions for Business Claims

bp settlement  If you are sure your BP Business Claim fits into the BP Settlement, we have asked a CPA firm to help you with INCOMPLETE CLAIMS for 10%, as long as they don`t have to recreate your claim.

The fact is this, if a good piece of the work is done, why should you have to pay for it. This firm specializes in Business Claims, it is one of the largest in the country, and they have helped file 1000`s of claims for Attorneys and local businesses.

They have one goal in mind, and that is to help you get your BP Claims PAID.

Please fill out the form to the right, this is just for Incomplete Business Claims

Opting in or Opting Out

After reading the last progress report from the Fund, I am still seriously disappointed at the Individual Claims numbers.

I don`t understand how they can not extend the opt out date, it just has to be done. Otherwise there will be a mass exodus.

People are tired, and if you think you are owed money, and you probably are, you may want to put it in the hands of an Attorney. If you are thinking about opting out we have law firms that want to help you and will. Just fill out the form to the right and write in Opt Out in the description.

If the opt out date is not extended people will be forced to protect their rights, and BP needs to be held accountable.

Claims are getting Offers

We have seen over 8 million dollars in claims get offers in the last couple of weeks, (between our network . It was a hopeful sign, and one that we all welcomed, what we need to see is for those people to actually receive the checks now.

I believe they will, but it needs to happen sooner then latter. I think we have all waited long enough.

So what does the Future Hold

I`m trying to figure that out as I write this, the individual numbers are a sticking point for me. I am beginning to believe that they want to see these claimants represented by Attorneys so there is some sort of Class procedure that can come into play.

Business claims seem to be getting handled as do other sorts of claims. If you think about it, and you want to stimulate the economy, you put the money in the hands of business people and hopefully it all trickles down.

For many, if you do not fit into the Settlement you will need to Speak to an Attorney, they charge 25%

If your claim fits in to the Settlement and you would like to use one of our CPA`s or Adjusters the fee is 15%