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Understanding GCCF Strategies


The GCCF or Gulf Coast Claims Facility is employing a “Delay, Deny, and Defend Strategy”. This is commonly used by insurance companies that are trying to wear down claimants. The BP/GCCF Claims process has also become more adversarial as they are beginning to make interim and final claim offers. The keyword is offers. If you think you have all your paperwork together and can follow the GCCF methodology, you may want to try to work it out with GCCF yourself, from what I have seen don`t expect what you asked for, as a matter of fact I would not  have any expectations at all. Personally I like accountability, and believe that professionals are better left off handling such complex matters. What I am currently observing is that Feinberg is paying claims that have attorney representation. Attorneys that have a large group of clients, often with similar claims are being settled in bulk. The claims that are settled are then graded and given a corresponding amount based on the grade. This is how claims administrators such as Mr.Feineberg have been settling cases for years. Does this mean that they won`t work with you and your individual claim, absolutely not. From what I have seen, and at this point in the process, people are better off when they have an Attorney who brings in forensic accountants and whatever other resources are needed to figure out your claim.

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