BP Denied Claims

There are options to look at if your BP Claim has been denied by BP or by the the Gulf Coast Claims Fund.

If your claim was denied by BP, your best option would be to contact an oil spill attorney and have them look at your claim to see if they would be interested in taking your BP Claim to a potential lawsuit against BP.

If the oil spill attorney takes your case it would mean they would agree to represent you in your BP claim and they would receive part of your claims payment as payment for their work.

Normally a fee of 20-25% of your final winning would be their fee to take your case. If you do go with an oil spill attorney you would know that they would protect you and work to get your claim paid so they will get paid.

You could also file your own BP Claim lawsuit, in any court in this country. You your can represent yourself with your claim against BP. Its called “Pro Se”, or representing yourself in the court against BP.

You can pick up all the paperwork and forms from the courthouse to file your own lawsuit against BP for the oil spill and the damage you have suffered because of the oil spill. This is one way to get around a BP claim that was denied.

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