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What Excluded Groups and Opt Outs need to Know

Excluded Claims and Opt Outs need to get Ready Now.

deepwater horizon settlement  Get your OPA Presentment Claims Ready, and or get your Claims into Attorneys/Processors that will prepare your Claims for both Litigation and OPA Presentment.

If you Opted Out of The BP Settlement or if your Industry/livelihood was excluded from the DeepWater Horizon Settlement there are certain dates you need to pay attention to.

The time is Now.

January 20th the information for your claim must be presented for OPA presentment.

This must be in 90 days before the door for OPA relief closes which is 3 years from the 4/20/10.

Who was Excluded from The DeepWater Horizon Settlement

Who was Excluded from The DeepWater Horizon Settlement

These types of businesses and their employees are for the most part not included in the Settlement.

  • Most Casino Type Institutions;
  • Most Fund, Trust, and Banking Entities;
  • Most Defense Contractors;
  • Most Oil & Gas Industry Entities;
  • Most Insurance Companies;
  • Bodily Injury Claims;
  • BP Shareholder Suits;
  • Moratorium Loss Claims;
  • Claims relating to Menhaden (or “pogy”) fishing, selling, processing, and harvesting;

Claims for Damages by Companies or Individuals for employment in the Financial, Insurance, Banking, Gaming, Oil & Gas, Defense Contractor industries, and Real Estate Development, as well as Entities selling or BP-branded fuel.

If you need Assistance getting to the proper Attorney/Processor to handle these types of cases please fill out the form to the Right, certain cases are best handled by Attorneys/Processors specializing in certain types of Excluded Claims and Opt Out Claims.

Assistance starts at 20%-25%, it is based on a contingency basis.

If you are an Attorney or Processor and you would like to connect with Attorneys who have a history handling these types of claims,  please contact Roman at 1-800-BP-CLAIM.

DeepWater Horizon Settlement Customer Mix Test

Many Business Claims that do not satisfy the standard V-Trend Test are being asked to pass the DeepWater Horizon Settlement Customer Mixed Test. This has proven about impossible for many of you, and it needs to be addressed sooner rather then later. It would really help if the credit card companies were more cooperative, or some work around was created for these people. This issue has just recently popped up for many processors and Attorneys, had they known of this earlier they may have suggested that their clients opted out.

If you are having issues with this we would like to hear from you.